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Top Mobile game development company in Dubai

Since entertainment has always been an essential part of human life and the mobile has become the one-stop solution for essentials. From e-shopping to check the new houses, mobile apps have a necessity. Hence it’s no wonder that mobile game development company in Dubai can be a great idea. Since mobile phones are something which a person always prefers to go through when he is free for any kind of entertainment. States prove that smartphone is expected to take over than half of the total video game market.

Mobile game development companies in Dubai account for 51% of the global gaming industry in UAE revenues, followed by console and PC games. There are several reasons for the increased demand in mobile gaming such as revenue generation, brand awareness, and wide reach.

But only every game becomes the biggest hit on the play store. It is necessary to understand the basic ideas before implementing the ideas into a completely functional product by the mobile game company Dubai. You need to approach the right team who can understand your game ideas and implement them into a full- functional enthralling game that can hit the play store and hit millions.

Most people play matches to kill time, but some play it as a hobby. In general, there are several categories of applications that cater to a wide audience. These games have prompted many enterprises to dive into the mobile app development industry and create a mobile application.

Important stages of mobile game development company Dubai

To develop a quality game that can hit the play store, you need to the following :

  • Study the market, come up with an idea.
  • Choose the category of the future game.
  • Make it addictive
Important Stages Of Mobile Game Development Company Dubai


Initiate the mobile game development Dubai process by thinking about your ideas, as these ideas define future success. Select a game genre: arcade, simulation, action, strategy, or RPG. Make sure that your niche audience gets attracted to the game. Ask the following questions:

  • Which kind of age group are you selecting?
  • What kind of games they like?
  • Which category of games is played?

Hyper Casual is a game category that can be presented without a storyline with simple controls. The reason behind these simple game mechanics and their short duration make it addictive.

Midcore games are more complex games than casual ones. It requires strategic thinking and usually includes ranking other uses. Clash of Cans is an example of a popular.

Hardcore is the kind of game which are mostly liked by players who have a strong interest in certain genres and like to invest time in playing difficult games. Most games are built of mid-core which keeps developers doing this for months.

Make it addictive

If you want to stick on to your game development Dubai for long, then simplicity is the only factor which keeps most of the user engaged. You can gradually increase the difficulty level. To keep the users interested, you must follow some tactics, for instance, you can add various bonuses, secret items, freebies, play short level with plenty of unlockable content, and a lot more.

Platform selection

Selecting the platform for developing the games is one of the prior most tasks that you must do. Developing a mobile game for Android is easy, but the mobile game development company in Dubai in iOS platform will be difficult. A hybrid model could be a more convenient choice, but it will lead to extra costs. The selection of platforms is done based on the target market. Focus on the operating system that players will utilize. If the additional costs are not a problem, then support for both operating systems will be a great choice.

Amazing design

The mobile game’s appearance matters a lot hence during the process of game development the game developer should be aware of both the technical and non-technical aspects. The mobile game development companies in Dubai develops the application based on the type, graphical specs, and other aspects according to the model of the mobile.

Game company monetization

Every year around 108 thousand apps get launched on the play store, but only 3% are paid. The freemium monetization model dominates the market today. These apps can be easily downloaded for free, but the entire variety of content and features can be easily unlocked only when you pay. Let’s discuss some of how monetization can be done:

a. In-game advertising

Most mobile games utilize advertising as their primary monetization strategy which turns out to be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Many hyper-casual games have received low ratings because of annoying ads. Players believe that the mobile game development company in Dubai focuses on making money on advertising which ends in bad results.

b. Rewards for viewing ads

It is a more attractive and enthusiastic approach as it allows users to view ads in exchange for getting rewards, for example -in-game currency or an extra file.

c. Monthly subscription

It is one of the most relevant ways to monetize games in most genres. The functioning follows this way such as upon a subscription, a small amount is deducted every month from the user's bank card linked to the account on the store. It is convenient for players that they will not get any disturbance to watch ads at all. The only thing they need to do is to pay a little every month and enjoy the games with bonuses available by subscription.

d. In-app purchases

Most enthusiast games utilize this kind of monetization. This avoids annoying and intrusive ads which provide players with the ability to use the in-game currency for different purposes.

Development of order of a mobile game

The last step is directly developing in-house or outsourcing a mobile game development company in Dubai. The team requires a team of experienced programmers who have the necessary skills and qualifications to turn your idea into a profitable business.

Creation of mobile games engines

The mobile game development companies in Dubai has several powerful engines for mobile game development such as Unity, Unreal Engine, AppGameKit, MonoGame.



An integrated development environment that forms multiplatform game creation tools. This game engine includes a large number of pre-installed models, textures, various functions, and documentation. Let us dive into some of the advantages of developing enthralling mobile games with Unity:

  • Development of various objects and adding various components to them.
  • Functional graphics editor.
  • Support fast debugging for the play-in mode.
  • Supports multiple platforms, APIs, and technologies.
Unreal engine

Unreal engine

It is one of the most popular mobile game development engines. The popular games developed by using this tool are ARC Squadron Redux, Batman, and Blade. It has several amazing features such as improved dynamic lightning which enhances the graphics quality of the games. A game is characterized by its new amazing characters which can enhance the storyline of the game.

One of the additional advantages of this language is that it supports most platforms. It can be designed to meet the requirements of giant and small game projects.



CryEngine is the best language that can help you create pretty and realistic game visuals with this artist-level programming. It comes up with the most powerful audio too, Fmod, which is the icing on the top.

Marmalade SDK

Marmalade SDK

It stands out from other game development languages as it works on the principle – writes once, runs anywhere. It includes libraries, code examples, and tools to simplify programming, testing, and application deployment. Its advantages include:

  • Utilize android optimization in the source code.
  • Graphics rendering using open GL or Marmalade Studio.
  • High performance
  • Open architecture and core components.


A mobile game development company Dubai cannot skip this language for game development since it is suitable for any independent game development. Its advantages include:

  • Fast compilation
  • Cross-platform solution
  • Ready-made solutions available for easy development
  • Built-in monetization tools

Different Mobile game development Dubai categories

A successful game development company in Dubai delivers mobile games which have the right blend of fact and fantasy which are focused on the best graphics, great story, and replay value.

Mobile game development companies in Dubai offers video games that are mostly played on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and the like. These can be easily downloaded from stores such as google play store or the Apple App Store.

Detective Games: These games make the player solve a mystery and catch the criminal by following various clues to help them find.

Strategy Game

The decision-making skills are required to win in the case of strategy games.

Simulation Games

These include games that offer realistic interpretations and operations based upon real-life activities. These are used for training purposes.

Educational Games

These educational games are based upon educational value. Most educational games are based upon spelling-based, color identification-based, treasure-based games.

Sports games

This includes playing any traditional games like football, cricket, car races, under this category.

Adventure games

These games where you need to explore new places, new gifts which require a considerable amount of fantasy.

Puzzle games

These logic-oriented games in which the player is required to solve puzzles and mysteries which can help you move on to the next level.

Where to get mobile games developed

Game development company in Dubai team has experienced and skilled mobile game developers in Dubai who initiate the process with a clear understanding of game specifications, their ideas, and then strive to release the mobile games. They work on all components and types of games:

  1. Writing and modifying a game engine (2D, 3D)
  2. Game core development
  3. Creating game assets
  4. Blend of technology and creativity
  5. Educational apps in a game format
  6. Full integration of advanced gaming features
  7. Games on social networks, integration of social networks.
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    How much does it cost to develop a mobile game development Dubai?

    More than just two people like the game designer and a full-stack developer for the successful mobile game development companies in Dubai. The team consists of a qualified team of specialists including the mobile game developers Dubai:

    • Game designer
    • Screenwriter
    • Level and map designer
    • Animator
    • Back end developer
    • Front- end developer
    • Audio engineers
    • QA and testers
    • Storyline creator
    • Developer
    Why DxMinds For Game Development

    The stages of creating a mobile game always include the following:

    DxMinds is the best App development company having offices in various cities across India, USA, UAE, Peru, and Australia and delivers unimpeachable services all across the globe. Our 100+ engineers across multiple innovation Lab build awesome mobile app products for start-ups, SMEs and Large corporates. Hiring DxMinds as your digital transformation partner lets your business independent, free as a bird, having no worries.

    1. Idea completion- from 20 hours.
    2. Game design (gameplay, mechanics) — from 35 hours.
    3. Writing a script, dialogues, and interface texts — from 20 hours.
    4. Level and map design — from 30 hours.
    5. Drawing arts, sprites, textures, and decorations — from 25 hours.
    6. Creating models, animation, kinematics, and special effects — from 25 hours.
    7. Back-end development — over 55 hours.
    8. Front-end development — over 40 hours.
    9. Sound effects and accompaniment recording, sound mixing — from 20 hours.
    10. Testing — about 30 hours, depending on the number of platforms and functionality.
    The stages of creating a mobile game always include the following

    Based on this given data, the cost of developing a mobile game starts at $10,000. After the project is finished, the game development company in Dubai must be supported with the proper fixing of bugs, refine and implement new functions.

    Have an idea in mind? You can come in contact with DxMinds, the reliable  game development company in Dubai to have a detailed regarding the game idea, the storyline, its design, and the complete functioning of the game.

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