Education is an inevitable part of life. It helps people to achieve their goals and accomplish their dream of becoming expert professionals. In this tech-savvy world, even the field of education has got influenced. To make the learning and teaching process more effective, some mobile applications are available in the market.

India with the largest school-going population, technology is the only cost-efficient way to resolve the issues of equity and scale in education. These online learning portals enable access to the high-quality content created in one part of the country by a great team of professionals to every part of the corner.

Online learning brings the habit of self-learning to the students. These online portals have the potential to make learning interactive. As in fact, if you make a student love to learn then have to learn, this attitude makes the students start learning on their own, understand the concept clearly to prepare themselves for competitive exams.

To meet all the requirements, there is just a single name called Byjus which offers a gamut of services ranging from online education to advanced education. Byju’s initiated the technical advancement of education to a greater level which helps students to learn in a customized manner at their convenience.

If you think of Byju as a big firm consisting of many entrepreneurs, then you are mistaken, as Byju’s online class is a success story of Byju Raveendran. He can be called a” one-man army” for all the academy accomplishments.

He is basically from Azhikode, a town that initiated his career as a designer in a UK-based dispatching organization. At the time of working, he started helping his colleagues to clear IIM tests by helping them learn his innovative alternative ways. Even he did the test with 100 percentile, but he didn’t join any of the IIMs.

Byju initiated with little gatherings of understudies, afterwards he graduated to start instructions from enormous amphitheaters and arenas. Gradually the number of students increased from 1200 to 27,000. Then he starts moving to different cities to tutor students. In the year 2009, he utilized VSAT to make videos of his lectures and was able to tutor students from different cities.

In the year of 2011, the company Thinks and Learn was founded with the implementation of an idea to form a team given by his students only. The plan to create video content helped students to clear their concepts. From the year 2011 to 2015, the team focused on creating high-quality comprehensive video content for students from classes 6 to 12 covering various languages.

Then finally he launched Byju’s – The e- Learning App in the year 2015.

Goals and vision

Mr. Raveendran Byju always aimed at improving the conceptual understanding of subjects by teaching students right from the basics. Byju’s business model focused on connecting the students to help them practice and apply their concepts.

He always wanted to make changes in the education system. Byju’s platform offers the teaching material which removes the monotonous schedule of school teaching.

The teaching material is not quizzes, games, and interesting exercises. These materials help students to focus on the subject interactively without compromising the learning aspect.

As an additional benefit, he launched a basic model where some content dealt with basic and was available for free. This facilitates the students to understand the quality of the teaching offered by Byju.

These free educational models attracted a higher number of students for their premium teaching services. Byju’s business model gained further to expand its operations on an international basis.

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    Challenges by Byju’s Business Model

    Challenges are something that cannot be avoided in the path of development of a successful platform and Byju’s business model is one of these.

    Byju Raveendran faces several challenges before developing a successful education online platform. The following factors proved to be pitfalls for Byju’s business model:

    1. In the year 2015, Byju’s academy faced a lot of competition with other education online portals which worked in the same domain. But all thanks to Byju’s educational platform which always trust in its services offered on their platform.

    2. Raveendran Byju was always confident in the potential of his material and presentation which affects millions and gains their attention.

    The Successful reasons behind Byju’s Business Model

    The Successful reasons behind Byju's Business Model

    Have you ever given a thought about the catalyst behind Byju’s Business model? Yes, there are several reasons behind Byju’s success like the quality of teaching and its presentation. But if we keep a close eye upon the Byju’s success is the connection that it creates with the students.

    Since the customers are students only, they viewed this online educational platform not just for studying. The students have developed a liking for the subject to be understandable in an interactive manner.

    Videos play the magic

    Before the launch of this online educational portal, the students found it boring to study it from books. The explanatory videos helped students to understand every topic in a great manner. Moreover, the mathematical theorem or science laws were explained in a 3D view to enhance its view and rating.

    Captivating content

    The classroom notes have always been a pivotal role in a child’s life. The concepts explained in the class explained by the teacher always help students to gain a clear idea about the subject. Here the Byju’s online educational app took the help of teaching content in the form of captivating formats such as quizzes, live-action, and animation-based learning to make the concepts more understandable.

    Language-based learning

    Byju’s online educational portal always focused on offering learning according to the consumer base in India, hence it used to create videos in different languages to expand its consumer base. Currently, the app offers videos in Hindi and English language. However, they are working on creating content in different regional languages as well.


    Byju’s business model helped to personalize the teaching material for every student. Hence every student is given a specific pattern of training. According to the grasping power of the students, the content is curated according to the requirements.

    This kind of learning assists students to prepare for their competitive examinations and helps students give themselves a profound revision.

    When it started passing successful milestones, in the year 2017, Byju’s -The e-Learning App and Byju’s -Parent Connect App. The Parent Connect App helps the parent to attract their kids’ learning and progress.

    How does Byju Make money?

    How does Byju Make money?

    Byju’s business model is called Freemium. It refers to the business model where some of the content is available for free, whereas the advanced content requires the customer to require a subscription. This business model attracts many students.

    This business model lets many students understand their requirements, their content and when they feel it is relevant for them, then they automatically subscribe to the paid services.

    This freemium model of online educational app operates similarly to the concept of Sample Sales. In this model, the students can watch a sample video, in case they liked the video, they can purchase all videos in a bulk via subscription.

    Byju’s earned Rs. Four hundred ninety crores, and in the fiscal year of 2019, it earned Rs. One thousand three hundred forty – crores as the revenue.

    During the time of the pandemic, the Byju’s became the best platform for students. It has enhanced Byju’s growth estimates to over 200% in 2020. With the increase in demand for online education apps among the students to continue learning and the entire tech sector, the Byju’s saw momentous growth.

    No wonder, Byju’s clocked Rs 375 crore in revenue in May and crossed Rs.500 crore in June. Moreover, they offered personalized online coaching by introducing live classes.

    which helps students to solve their doubts and get one-to-one guidance.

    1. As an additional benefit, they started offering teaching on new subjects such as history, civics, geography.
    2. Byju’s has started working to launch lessons in vernacular languages and offer the learning materials in more than two languages.
    3. After the acquisition of WhiteHatJr, by the Byju’s, it has started offering coding classes.

    The business model of Byju’s

    Even Zoom also functions on Premium. Byju ‘s business model platform is a paid app from Day 1, for instance, if you have registered on Byju’s you can get a 15-day free trial.

    The revenue model of Byju’s

    • Subscription model- after the free trial gets over, the subscription model starts functioning.
    • Tablet model- When the student has his/her tablet, so that they can learn the subject offline using the internet
    • Offline courses – Byju’s offline courses at famous locations like Delhi. The business model is simple.

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      International Expansion of Byju’s Business Model

      Byju has become a part of markets in India and the Middle East. In the coming future, it plans to be a part of the European, American, African, and other commonwealth markets. In the year 2019, Byju has acquired OSMO, a US-based education game creator for 120 million dollars.

      By utilizing OSMO’S existing customer base and resources, it aims at beginning its journey in the American market to assist US students.

      As an additional advantage, Byju has collaborated with Disney for the promotion of the services in the age group of 6-8 years. To teach young students mathematics and science, Byju pays for acquiring licenses of Disney characters. This investment by Disney is a smart investment as it can help to increase the customer base of Byju, by making it an enticing and interactive way to make students learn.

      Is Byju’s Business model profitable?

      After going through the blog, you could gain ideas about the successful milestones of Byju’s, that it is profitable.

      In the years 18-19, it had a revenue of Rs 1306 cr with a Net Profit of Rs 20.16. In the year 2019-20, the profits had almost tripled with a Net Profit of Rs 3000 crore. In the coming year, this count is going to increase than the previous year.

      Byjus was able to accomplish it by launching new products like Byju’s Online Tutoring in addition to introducing learning programs in Indian regional languages.

      The success story of the Business Model of Byju’s

      Let’s dive into the Business Model of Byju’s and get the details about the success story of Byju’s: After its successful launch in the year 2015,

      2016- Raised $75 million in Series C round drove by Sequoia Capital and Sofina

      • It also secured Series D $50 million from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
      • Adds series E round of $15 million by International Finance Corporation.
      • 2017- Acquired Vidyartha to support its customized learning items.
      • Represented the innovative teaching methods at Harvard Business School
      • Acquired TutorVista and Edurite from Pearson to speed up its development.
      • Gained a profit of $670 million by getting associated with TutorVista by including US, China, Australia, UK, and so forth.
      • Earned INR 260 crore in incomes and is going to enhance productivity
      • Shahrukh Khan joined as a brand ambassador.
      • 2020
      • Acquired White Hat jr. to help students learn coding in a hassle-free manner.

      The Bottom Line

      With internet adoption became a hassle-free task for every Indian after the launch of Jio, still there is a long way for online education portals like Byju’s. The business model of Byju’s is going to be enhanced with the increase of children getting accustomed to online education.  It has become the one-stop solution for the students to gain conceptual knowledge on several topics which was not possible. With conceptual learning through attractive images and understandable languages, students like to learn a lot rather than simply reading it without understanding the concepts. Moreover, with the recent acquisition of Whitehat Jr, Byju is trying to dominate the sector of online education. In the last years, it has successfully faced several challenges and made a big headstart in the terms of funding and market share.

      The dark side of this business model of Byju’s is in the future, it is going to face tough competition from freelancing websites like YouTube since they offer an extensive range of professors and learning materials for free and supports ad-free promotions.

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