Tricks to Reduce Android App Size During App Development Lifecycle

About 70 percent of smartphone users are backed by the Android operating system. Out of the 3 billion mobile application that exists in different app stores, approximately 3 million belongs to the play store. This is a clear indication of how popular Android smartphones and mobile applications are. The tech giant Google-owned Android operating system has gained huge traction from the global community because of the features it facilitates. The count of Android smartphone users is still heading like a rocket and it is yet to bring out the most.

When asked about the major challenges faced by Android smartphone users, one will always point out the memory consumed by the mobile applications installed on it. And it is true at times. A major chunk of smartphone memory is consumed by mobile applications installed on it. Even though cloud memory is available, reduced RAM can make the phone run slow. Studies have proved that the larger the size of a mobile application, the lesser will be its conversion chance. In a nutshell, based on the analysis, we can conclude that the size of the mobile application plays a major role in determining its success.

Factors that enhance the size of a mobile application

Over time, a large number of technologies and experiments were introduced in the area of the mobile application development process. And as a result, the size of the application got increased gradually. Let us see in detail what are the factors that increase the size of a mobile application.

· Features and Technologies

Increasing demand for attaining perfection has resulted in app development companies integrating the latest features and technologies into the frameworks of mobile app development. This has been a factor in enhancing the size of a mobile application.


As user interface and user experience play a major role in gaining user traction, the expectation from the same also started growing. Hence the size of the app.

· Customization

Now a day, Smartphone comes in different sizes and dimensions. For the mobile application to get compatible with the dimensions, it needs to be customized in a better way. It also increases the size of the mobile application.

· Media                                                        

The media files involved in the mobile application can increase the size of the mobile application, say experts. The media files can be of any type. It can be images, videos, or even soundtracks. This is capable of increasing the app size.

Advantages of having a mobile application with less size

· Less memory consumption

· Increased downloads

· Reduced uninstallation rates

· Improved user engagement

· Better user experience

· Simple yet powerful

How to reduce the app size during its development cycle

We have already seen the fact that enhanced app size will do no good and have a lot of disadvantages as well. Now let us see in detail, what extra can be done to make a mobile application with less size and more efficiency. Following this procedure will help Android app developers out there in coming up with a fully-fledged, ideal mobile application. So let us dive deep into it.

· Best usage of APK analyzer

APK analyzer is a powerful tool that comes along with the Android studio. Leveraging the tool, one can scan the .apk file to have a detailed understanding of the performance of its various components. Fix it at the earliest to downsize the mobile application.

· Reduce image size

Compressing the image size without losing its resolution and quality will reduce the size of a mobile application. One can convert JPEG and PNG TO WEBP images to experience the same without compromising a bit on its quality. There are several other tools available in the markets that are exclusively designed for the same purpose. Some popular tools among them are GUETZLI, PNGCRUSH, etc.

· Eliminating repetitive codes

Over the process of developing an Android mobile application, some codes will be generated automatically and that’s part of the process and the code gets repetitive gradually. A developer has to keenly focus on identifying such codes and has to stay on top of eliminating the same. This will help them in reducing the size of the mobile application to a certain extent.

· Lint for removing inactive resources

One more offering from the Android Studio to reduce the size of the mobile application is called Lint, a static code analyzer. The Lint tool is capable of searching and finding out resources that are inactive and used rarely. The reason why it is less used may be because it doesn’t play a major role. One has to remove those kinds of inactive codes to reduce the app size.

· Reduced usage of external libraries

A wide range of external libraries is available to enhance the app development process. Using these libraries can also increase the app size. But it can’t be completely avoided as they are highly resourceful. Minimizing the usage of these external libraries can help one in minimizing the size of the mobile application.

· Limited screen size customization

A large number of smartphones with different dimensions and screen sizes are available in the market. As n app developer one needs to figure out the popularity of each smartphone and matches the app with the same. This will help the app use fewer resources and result in less consumption of memory.

· More vector graphics

Appreciate the usage of vector graphics for creating high-end animations and effects. Using any other features will have to include a bitmap file which in turn increases the size of the application drastically.

· Proper debugging and compilation

Make use of proper debugging tools to eliminate debugging symbols. Android Studio offers exemplary services in eliminating bugs. Go for a compilation right after that.

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