The frequent change in technologies and rapidly changing business demand have bagged up almost the commercial world to make a higher demand for skilled software developers to innovate the most enthralling transformations in the business world. The IT sector has created a hotbed for developers, raising the beam of creativity and entrepreneurial revolutions with the most fascinating software-driven solutions. The market of software development has taken a big leap with countless career opportunities and also a plethora of developers with a wide variety of software development skills. Right development assistance can help your business ramp up to success, whereas a wrong choice may drag you down. Finding opt assistance was ever the biggest challenge for all entrepreneurs, and the level of challenge doubles up when it is to a start-up.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur and willing to give life to your innovative business ideas, then you needed to hire the best software developer with apt skills. The team size required for software development depends on your requirement moreover can scale it up anytime. But here, the question is how to find or reach out to the right resources to vitalize your business ideas. If you can find the solution to this question, then perhaps you won half of the battle. If you are still seeking an answer for the same, then have a glance at small but crucial tips that route you to the right team.

Tips that gear you up to hire the top software developers for your business:

Leverage your network:

Strong networking works in the business world. Most of the top and renowned brands of the IT world are the results of a strong partnership between a technical and a non-technical co-founder. Before you step out to find a professional and open up your brilliant business, search your close network, and try to plan out a better idea with more technological relevance. Choosing a techy co-founder will not rescue you from the hiring of top software programmers but it will at least help you in developing the MVP to determine the feasibility of your business idea without any expenses.

What is MVP and why it is important for a start-up?

MVP stands for the minimum viable product which is being developed with the minimum and most crucial attributes that reflects the major objective of the software. While developing the MVP, software programmers only emphasize the features that can serve the key benefits of the apps and ignore all the fancy features that are incorporated to add attraction to it.

Team augmentation:

If you already have professionals who are deep-rooted with software development skills but are not enough to develop a complete app for your business, or if it is taking too long to develop it with a few resources then definitely you must think of team augmentation. Implementing the right sum of resources is crucial for the start-up to make their exclusive business idea live when it is hot in the market to gain maximum out of it. The number of resources required for a specific project development may change based on its size and you must scale your team also based on it.

Scaling up and down your native team may be a difficult task; hence you can take the assistance of software development outsourcing companies in India facilitating you to scale your team whenever required most affordably without wasting much time and capital on it. With such an option you can hire software developers for the short term or the long term too. Resource outsourcing companies allow the developers to work from your premises making them a part of your native team for the duration you want to and helping you to set easy coordination with them.

Outsourcing software development:

If you have a software development idea that is complex to deal with and is also a massive one to develop with a native team then you must hire a software development agency in India to outsource your app development. There you will get a wide variety of expertise and skills in various app development technologies. Taking assistance with software development will rescue you from the responsibility of app development. Another advantage of a software development agency is that they allow you to keep better track of your app development by coordinating well with the team.

Hiring an offshore software developer:

Hiring an offshore software developer

Offshore software developers from India are thriving throughout the world with the most prolific app development solutions. For a start-up, investment capital makes the biggest change in the success rate and it can be controlled by making small changes in the business plan along with the team recruitment. India is one of the leading countries having a talent pool of techies well-equipped with the latest technologies. Hiring offshore software programmers from India can be very affordable. Along with the cost reduction, other benefits that you can avail from these developers are swift development, enhanced development process, and liberty to choose team size, members, and technology based on your requirement.

Find the right fit for your software development:

Hiring the best software developers can be a time-consuming task but if streamlined properly it can be summarised within three steps, and those are:

Make a list of locations where to find the perfect fit for your requirement based on the rending technologies over those places, pay scales, and quality of work they offer.

Filter out the platforms from where can get the most potential and dedicated software developers and contact them to understand their professional and personal skills.

Inspect the terms and conditions offered by each of those software developers before hiring any and entering into any agreement.

Using these tips you will be able to simplify your hiring procedure and get the best resources to fabricate your business ideas and bring them into the vital market and skyrocket your start-up. Now you might be clear with the hiring options and procedure too, but now one question must be bothering you “What to look for in a software developer before hiring?” So, here is the answer to your doubts.

Tips for conducting a deep assessment before hiring software developers:

While hiring software programmers from India you will get a huge talent pool with mastery in various technologies and other specifications. Most entrepreneurs get confused about what to look for in the software developer to get the best solution from them. A software developer has to deal with the technology, complex coding and must possess innovative ideas too. But to analyse the candidates based on their skills you must be well aware of the skills that you require to build an app. If you are a non-technical professional then you must first learn to vet an aspirant based on technological attributes.

Choice of technology can create a huge difference in your success rate. Before hiring any professional you must be clear with the technology and the platform on which you are willing to cast your business idea. If countless technologies are juggling in your mind then you can also take the assistance of app development consultants to find the best technology having a great scope in the future and facilitate you to scale your app with the changing market trends.

Most entrepreneurs look for the coding ability or the previously developed applications by the aspirant. Instead, you must opt for an option that can serve you with an effective and out-of-the-box solution for a real-life problem based on your business. This will allow you to access the ability of software programmers based on intact knowledge of technology, pressure handling, innovative ideas, solutions for each problem, and many more.

Other attributes possessed by the best software developers are:


      • A data-driven attitude

      • Perseverance

      • Self-reliance

      • Risk-taking

      • A self-improvement spirit

      • Passion for the work done

      • Open-mindedness

      • Adaptability

    Incorporation of these approaches in your hiring procedure will serve you with a prolific team based on your requirements fulfilling all your required skill sets and other app development vertexes. 


    Hiring the best software developers is a need of all organizations, either big or small to achieve its objective. When it comes to a tech start-up, the team holds the potential to decide whether the business idea will flourish or will be wrapped up at the initial stage. Hence, while hiring a software development team for a start-up, one must pay detailed eye attention to various aspects. To get the best fit for your organization, first, you must check your network and then must expand the team with the help of various resource outsourcing and offshore software development companies.

    Once you are done with the platform selection you must look for every detail that you need in your app development. To simplify your team development procedure we have listed three basic steps that mention a checklist of the location from where you are willing to hire developers, the technology you are willing to cast the business idea, and of course, the terms and conditions to be agreed upon by both parties. DxMinds will also help you with mobile app development companies in Dubai and other places.


    Outsourcing software development process or hiring an offshore developer, which is a better option?

    Outsourcing app development and choosing offshore app developers both have been weighed equally by the worldwide entrepreneurs only the difference is in your requirement. If you are willing to have a team that must serve you as a native one with which you can coordinate the entire app development process at an affordable price, then you must choose offshore software programmers. But if you need to be free from the app development responsibilities and finally willing to get a complete bug-free solution then you can opt to outsource your app development.

    Is it safe to hire offshore app developers in terms of the privacy of business ideas?

     Hiring software developers from offshore agencies is completely secure as they sign a non-disclosure agreement while collaborating with any organization. The NDA duly signed by such agencies strictly mentions the norms in which any developer working for your project will not disclose any information about your project, during or post-development of the project.

    Is there any fixed price to hire your resources or it can be customized?

    DxMinds, being one of the best offshore software developer providers facilitates our clients to hire our resources with customized packages completely based on their requirements. Whether you talk about technology or the size of a team; we serve you with a wide array to select from.

    Is there any extra remuneration that will be charged apart from the provided package?

    We serve you with a completely customizable package and we keep all the charges transparent while preparing the customized package for our valuable clients. There are further hidden charges unless any change in the pre-decided app development procedure has been demanded by the client.

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