The most wonderful and popular gift for any occasion or event is a bouquet. It takes a lot of energy and time to browse through all the stores on special occasions in search of the ideal bouquet. 

Thankfully, there is an on-demand delivery software solution for everything these days thanks to technological advancements, and flower delivery software is one of them.

As consumer lifestyles change constantly, more and more people are using flowers for a variety of purposes, including conferences, activities, personal use, and gifting. It is obvious to see that the floriculture market has grown in line with the rise in demand for flowers.

Gifting plants and flowers is also a new trend, as people recognize the value of plants and want to send them as gifts. This increases the demand for a revolution in the on-demand delivery business. Delivering flowers as a surprise at odd hours has boosted the popularity of mid-night delivery services.

This convenience has provided many florists like you with the opportunity to develop on-demand flower delivery apps like Floward.

Floward is one of the most popular and demanding flower and gifting apps that empowers customers to send their love and appreciation in the form of flowers without any struggle of visiting the market, just need to browse the attractive category and choose the best.

Creating an on-demand flower delivery mobile app like Floward is a great way to get a piece of this burgeoning industry. If you own a flower shop and don’t have a flower delivery app, you’re throwing money away.

Take a deep look into the blog and Discover how to create an on-demand flower delivery app like Floward, how it will benefit your business, what must-have features to include in your flower delivery solution, and how to develop it.

Flower delivery mobile app market size and growth

Online flower delivery software is the sweetest startup because it is easy on the wallet and very affordable for florist startup businesses. The flower and plant delivery business has experienced rapid growth, as evidenced by the following statistics:

The online floral gifting industry is thriving. According to Arizton, the floral gifting market in the United States is worth $11.91 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $17.02 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 6.13%.

According to a report by the International Mass Retailers Association (IMRA), men spend more money on flowers than women. Men spend approximately $95 on flower gifts, while women spend $60. The trend is upward with

How does the Floward app work?

One of the on-demand digital solutions for the florist is the creation of flower delivery apps, which allow customers to order the flowers of their choice and have them delivered right to their doorsteps without having to fumble around different flower shops.

The steps involved in the workflow of a demanding online flower delivery app like Floward are as follows:

Order selection

Your customers can use the on-demand flower delivery mobile app to log in or register using their credentials or social media. Customers can then select their preferred flowers, plants, and bouquets. They can add customization requests based on demand, as well as notes to be delivered with their orders.

Florist app owner receives order

The owner of the flower shop receives the order request via the mobile app or web panel and follows the order instructions. When the order is ready, the customer will be notified.

Order dispatch and delivery

The florist can then ship the order to the customer’s specified address. The delivery driver will be notified and will be able to use the flower delivery route optimization system to speed up the delivery process.

Order delivered and payment received.

The consumer can choose between offline payment options like COD or online payment options like credit/debit card payments, mobile wallets, internet banking, and digital payment apps after the delivery drivers place the order at their doorstep.

Flower Delivery App Business Models to Consider

There are two types of business models for flower delivery apps:

Dedicated to a brand

In this model, a dedicated app has been created for a specific flower company brand to help them expand their business. It includes all operations from receiving orders to delivering orders under their brand name. This platform sells its brand and makes money from its marketplace

Aggregator model

In the aggregator business model, the app owner does not own any services. This allows for the consolidation of all florists onto a single page. In this case, the customer has the option of reviewing all of the flower and plant service providers who offer their services and choosing the one that best suits their needs. All of the listed florists receive a commission when a customer uses their services

Process for creating an on-demand flower delivery app like Floward

When developing an on-demand flower delivery app for your business, you should consider the following simple yet effective steps for smoother flower delivery service operations:

Research, Brainstorming, and planning

The planning phase is the most crucial part of developing your app because it establishes the essential functions. With a well-managed plan, you can determine the app’s objectives and create insightful competitor analysis and marketing strategies for your app.

Conduct research on your proposal to better comprehend and define the concept of your app, the audience you are targeting, the technical viability, and the features of apps that are similar to yours.

Market Trends and competitor analysis

The most important aspect of your app development process is to understand your competitors and their marketing strategies. It will assist you in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and identifying them as a point of comparison with your business. To maximize customer engagement and interest in your flower delivery software, your analysis should also include the most recent market trends.

Recognize your targeted audience.

Filter your targeted audience using extensive research and analysis to imply better marketing planning and strategies. Your target audience should be segmented based on their preferences, interests, cultural values, age groups, and so on.

UI and UX design

The user interface should be simpler and more user-friendly. The fit ratio of your flower delivery app is defined by UI/UX. Create your app from the user’s point of view and test it from start to finish. It should always be convenient and simple to use for your customers.

List your must-have features.

Make a detailed list of the features that must be included in your on-demand flower delivery software and prioritize them based on their functionality. Arrange all of the features and plan to include them in your app at any cost. This will assist you in developing your business’s MVP.

Begin actual development

After you have completed all of the preceding steps, you are ready to begin the actual development of your app. Choose the best based on their expertise and experience to meet your requirements and specifications.

Now that we’ve grasped the various steps and business models applicable to on-demand flower delivery software solutions, we must concentrate on the features that must be included. With the help of a robust and feature-rich system, you can create a technically superior and commercially viable on-demand flower delivery app software that can assist you in delivering your blooming flowers online with ease.

Features to Consider in Develop On-demand flower delivery apps like Floward

According to their convenience, safety, and quality of services, the features of your flower delivery app should be divided into panels for customers, vendors, admins, and drivers. We offer the following features that an on-demand flower delivery app ought to have:

Customer app Features

Your on-demand flower delivery solution should include the following innovative features for your customers, allowing them to easily select, personalize, and send flowers and plants to their loved ones with a few clicks or taps on their smartphones.

  • Scheduled delivery

When sending fresh flowers or plants, on-time delivery should be the top priority. Allowing your customers to schedule order delivery and gifting times can be a game changer in your floral business.

  • Recommendations based on location

The on-demand flower delivery software should include features for filtering and searching flower shop options based on geo-locations.

This saves your customers time and assists them in developing preferences for nearby options.

  • Personalization and customized notes in gifting

This feature allows your customers to write personalized notes along with ordered flowers and placing them with gifted flowers or bouquets will be an innovative feature that the receiver will love and feel good about. Personalization is heartfelt gifting that not only gives your customers a special feeling but also strengthens your on-demand delivery business opportunities.

  • Real-time tracking and alerts

This feature facilitates your customers to provide an accurate picture of the order’s delivery location. This will assist your customers in estimating the delivery time and route for their orders using real-time GPS. Customers would benefit from timely order alerts and updates.

  • Place an order and view your order history

Your customers should be able to easily select an order from a variety of categories, and there should be an option to add to a cart and conveniently place their orders. Users should be able to access their previous orders via the order history feature.

  • Multiple payment methods

The integration of multi-payment options in flower delivery software within the app allows your users to choose fast, secure, and hassle-free payments. There should be options for both online and offline payment. Allow customers to choose between cash on delivery (COD) and online payment methods such as mobile wallets, credit/debit cards, and so on.

  • Discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs:

Various offers and discounts, particularly for specific days such as Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Thanksgiving, and so on, can be timely updated and notifying your customers can increase your sales. These special offers and discounts assist online flower ordering services in retaining existing customers and attracting new users.

  • Giving a tip to the driver

 As part of their appreciation, customers should be able to give a tip to the delivery driver. This makes both the delivery partner and the customer happy.

 Vendor’s app features

A list of the features that will make it easier for your vendors to use your SaaS-based flower delivery app and potentially increase ROI is provided below:

  • Product details and description

Your customer will be able to choose and shop with ease if you give a thorough description of your floral arrangements, plant-based products, and gift items. This also helps your customers understand what features of your product set it apart from those of your rivals.

The product description for flower delivery software must contain high-quality images and videos. Your customers might want to see your product from different perspectives.

  • Multi-drop deliveries to your drivers

This feature enables your drivers to make multiple deliveries at the same time, reducing the number of additional delivery runs and, as a result, increasing your revenue and sales. To save time and effort, a flower delivery route optimization system allows you to create, manage, and drive optimized routes.

  • Dynamic Pricing Options

Your on-demand flower delivery software should enable your vendors to take their partnership with other flower shop owners to the next level by charging dynamic delivery rates based on the order’s value and location.

  • Preferred area selection

Delivering fresh flowers and plants should be highly recommended by every vendor to satisfy their clients. Vendors can allow their drivers to select their preferred location or area for assigned orders, allowing them to make quick and efficient deliveries to their customers.

  • Notify and broadcast pending orders

 Your registered vendors should receive alerts or notifications about their pending orders as per scheduled delivery. If your delivery partner is unavailable for a specific location or time, the other nearby delivery partners should be able to fulfill the pending order.

  • Faster payouts for drivers

With faster options like mobile wallet payments and other online payment methods, vendors can easily store and share the commission with their delivery partners.

Driver’s app features

To provide a comprehensive platform for your flower delivery app, the driver panel should include the following critical features.

  • Multiple order acceptance

Drivers should be able to accept multiple orders based on their location. It will save the driver time and effort, and customers will receive their deliveries on time as well.

  • Order confirmation and a list of all deliveries

All scheduled deliveries should be listed in the driver’s app, along with the customer’s address and order value. It enables drivers to plan deliveries based on the location and priority of the scheduled time. They will receive the confirmed delivery order from their vendors and can also keep track of the canceled order with the order confirmation feature.

  • Choose the broadcasting order delivery

Delivery partners or drivers can select the broadcasting order to make the most of their capabilities and resources while earning good rewards.

  • Online communication options:

 It enables your drivers to communicate with your customers to understand geolocations if necessary via chats or call options to deliver at the precise location and on time.

  • In-app credit payment options

Your on-demand delivery system should allow delivery orders on credit and allow drivers to collect payment from customers for future deliveries.

  • Seamless navigation options

Your delivery partners should have a flower delivery route optimization system feature to effortlessly navigate the orders with absolute delivery route information to make quick deliveries.

Admin Panel Features

To run the business smoothly and efficiently, the admin panel for flower delivery app development solutions like Floward should include the following features. The enhanced features and effective dashboards assist owners in keeping track of their business in a more organized manner.

  • Better order management

This feature allows the admin to keep track of delivery orders, manage flower delivery by checking the exact status of drivers, and manage idle hours to make the process run more smoothly.

  • Route management and live order tracking

Admin can track, analyze, and manage the delivery staff’s routes at any time.

  • Smart vendor management

Admin can easily manage their vendors, add new vendors, and supervise them to resolve any issues encountered by drivers or customers.

  • Payment settlements: 

The administrator can make payments to their vendors and drivers. They can keep track of and know the amount of money exchanged between their vendors and drivers.

  • Analytics reports

Admin will receive detailed reports and analyses on their vendors, customers, and drivers. Reports on orders delivered, requested, and canceled can be tracked and used for business projections and planning.

Technology stack required to build a flower delivery app like Floward

Based on our expert research and analysis, the following technologies will be best suited for the development of your on-demand flower delivery mobile app:

Mobile programming languageiOS: React Native, Android: React Native
Web FrameworksAngular
Cloud Server PlatformsAWS
Real-time dataGoogle Maps, Google Places, Google Directions
Payment gateways Paypal, e-wallet, Net banking
NavigationGoogle Maps, Google places, Google Directions

What is the cost to build a flower delivery app like Floward?

The cost of developing your flower delivery app like Floward is determined by technical stacks and other factors. The following are some important factors that may influence the cost of developing your flower delivery apps:

The chosen software development framework

Design of UI / UX

Frontend and backend development

Types and features of integrated features

Third-party integrations

Number of development hours

Besides the cost factors listed above, the physical location of the development company is an important factor that influences development costs.

LocationCost per hour
Eastern Europe$60-$150

According to the above-mentioned rate card, developing a flower delivery mobile application like floward with basic features could cost anywhere between $12,000 and $50,000.


On-demand flower delivery is becoming a billion-dollar industry with a massive potential customer base. Customers’ behavior has shifted dramatically in recent years, and they are increasingly reliant on online ordering systems. With an online flower delivery app, you can reach a larger audience and increase your sales significantly.

Flower and plant delivery apps are a recent trend. As a flower shop owner, you must work extra hard and smartly to make it online in order to stand out in this competitive market. DxMinds is a reputable and client-winning e-commerce app development company that provides you with an exceptional online presence as well as features in your app to help your flower online business succeed.

We simplify all of your requirements so that you can build, run, and scale your on-demand flower delivery app for iOS, Android, and the web. Now is the time to go digital and be available 24/7 with a large client database for your florist shops.


1) How can an on-demand flower delivery mobile app development company benefit your company?

For a variety of reasons, a strong app development partner is required to create an on-demand flower delivery app.

· App development necessitates technological knowledge and expertise.

· Application delivery on time, with the integration of required in-app modules

· Cost-effectiveness and a higher return on development investment

· Application maintenance and real-time support to ensure smooth operations

· Including security features in the application and payment methods.

2) What is the cost of developing an on-demand flower delivery app like Floward?

The cost of developing a floward-like app will depend on the platform, functionalities, and technology used. An on-demand flower delivery app’s basic version typically costs between $15,000 and $50,000 to develop.

3) Why do you need to have a flower delivery clone app like Floward?

A market study predicts that the flower market will increase from $9,206.39 million in 2021 to $12,771.94 million in 2028. Flowers and gifts will always be popular items due to very obvious reasons.

Your floral business will undoubtedly advance as Floward’s did by integrating such a high-demand item with the on-demand mobile delivery application. Working with an experienced app development partner like DxMinds can help your application stand out and grow your business.

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