How Much Does an Online Shopping App like Lazada Cost?

After E-commerce, marketplace apps doing the same to produce the right products and services to demanding customers. Furthermore, there are so many apps in the same segments, such as the investment marketplace, business app marketplace, etc. But in this article, we will discuss the cost and specialties of products/services based on the marketplace. With 600 million active users, Amazon and Flipkart are ruling in India in terms of e-marketplace service. Around 1,00,000 new sellers join Amazon every month. The development and development company has taken a big revolution in the world. Lazada which is the greatest E-business stage in Southeast Asia has made a one of a kind internet shopping centers that interfaces buyers with dealers and allows transactions for the item’s individuals need to purchase. Lazada offers numerous sorts of items, from decorations and apparel to purchaser hardware and brandishing gear. For spreading your company’s profit and create form a helpful and profitable relationship with an e-commerce platform, consider us. You need to understand how to make an application like Lazada and how much does it cost to develop an app like Lazada?

People never get bored from shopping, with the help of social media platforms, people can do the shopping at any time and any place. The value of e-commerce has become strong. Hence, I can say that e-commerce has created a new waved in the field of purchase the kinds of stuff and online shopping.

One of the biggest and most liked apps from the user in most south Asia is Lazada. An app that makes an internet shopping center that interfaces buyers with dealers and purchaser. Online shopping is at its peak these days. Due to the growing demand for online shopping, various retailers or start-ups consider developing their marketplace apps like Lazada. Since you are reading this article and It might you are also one of them. Here we will discuss some important aspects that will help you to build an app similar to Lazada.

We will be clear your most of the questions like..

How much cost to develop an E-commerce app like Lazada?


How to build an e-commerce app like Lazada?

How to get on-board on Lazada? etc.

How Do Sellers Get Register with Lazada?

Here I will be explaining to you that how do sellers get register with Lazada?

the list has been updated below along with Steps in Becoming a Lazada Seller.


  • Fill the Lazada registration form.
  •  Upload Your Relevant following ID.
  •  Read and accept the seller terms agreement.

2. Complete the Onboarding Training

  •  Complete your online training and survey.
  •  Verify your seller center account.

3. Add Your Items in Catalog and Start Selling

  •  Add your items to your seller center account.
  •  Accept and confirm your orders.
  •  Real-time customer chat support in the seller center.

How does an E-commerce app like Lazada Works?

E-commerce apps will be two types of it could be for the B2B customer base or B2C customer base market place. Where the vendor can buy then sell the good on their website. E-commerce app like Lazada offer to deliver some of the categories listed below.

  • Health and beauty
  • Fashions
  • Groceries
  • Home and living
  • Many more.

To provide a seamless closure on any products thought e-marketplaces like Flipkart or amazon apps, Lazada is also a similar app that will provide you the business model payment or improvements on online shopping. Therefore, wholesalers only have to focus on providing relevant goods to the most relevant customer demographics. Consumers can choose to shop either on Lazada mobile app or Lazada e-commerce web portals. Even there are categories LazMall shop like Paytm mall which allows your products of all divisions that are verified for their legitimacy to avoid fake or poor products to the customers.

What is the Business and Revenue model of E-commerce or marketplace apps like Lazada?

Same as another e-commerce app like Flipkart, eBay, Lazada e-marketplace also sells different categories of the product on Lazada apps and websites. Lazada also takes care of payment and delivery processes. Even the merchants also very supportive of who is helping to increase sales. Therefore, Lazada e-marketplace mobile app has launched multiple initiatives endeavoring at improving its wholesaler’s business such as Lazada University and Super businesses. Once a sale is made, the Lazada Marketplace app will take a percentage depending on the product category. Categories have been listed out below.

  • LazMalls
  • Top Up or eStore
  • Grocery Delivery via RedMart
  • Live Up Program

Top alternatives to Lazada e-commerce or marketplace app

I have come -across a few more similar apps like Lazada which has been listed below. Every app has a unique marketing plan and target customer which leads to relevant product categories.  The cost of an e-commerce app like Lazada will be changed based on the feature. platform & UI/UX design.

  • Newegg
  • Reverb
  • Daraz
  • Zalora
  • Carousell
  • Dhgate
  • Prestomall
  • Reverb

What are the features necessary for e-commerce or marketplace apps like Lazada?

E-marketplace apps like Lazada is a multi-vendor place when a business leader must understand that the e-commerce duplication script that is going to use supports multiple sellers. There are also many other must-have specialties and features for marketplace apps like Lazada so that your Lazada similar app succeeds in the market.

  • Extensible Catalog administration tools:
  • Money circulation system
  • Built-in marketing tools:
  • Responsive Design and mobile application
  • Built-in payment and shipping methods
  • Vendor subscription plans
  • Search box
  • Result page
  • Pictures and the services
  • Push Notifications
  • Excellent customer support

Benefits of building an e-commerce app like Lazada

The main advantage of creating an e-commerce app like Lazada is to create a showcase vast category of products in one place. There is no matter iOS or android development company before building the app like a Lazada, you have to understand why you want to create an e-commerce app like Lazada. Here I am listing out below some amazing benefits which will help you understand why you want to build an e-marketplace app like Lazada.

  • Simple, easy and comfort
  • Sorting the products with a price
  • Customer Can purchase from anywhere for anyone
  • Best Customer support
Simple, easy and comfort

Shopping in an online-store can much easier and comfortable than going to a physical store. Just you need to open the e-commerce app on your phone and start tapping on the product.

Sorting the products with a price

Lazada provides a very nominal cost to the customer and better deal compare to another physical store.

Customer Can purchase from anywhere for anyone

Using this app, the user can buy anything for anyone from any place. The Lazada app has an option of gift wrapping. This is one of the best ways to deliver the order to any customer.

Best Customer support

Lazada online e-commerce app provides customer assistance for any questions or feedback at any time within 24 hours.


We have a brief you better, hope you understand now the advantage of creating an e-commerce app like Lazada. Now you can mark yourself in an online e-marketplace business segment by building an app like Lazada.

Here will be a basic rough figure cost of developing the cost of an e-commerce app like Lazada. Development Cost of Creating app like Lazada maybe change based on feature-to-feature & depending on platform choice from business owners.

Department Wise Cost Structure:

Wireframe: $8000-$10000`

Front-end & Back-end Development: $9000-$12000

UX/UI Design: $2000-$3000

QA & Testing: $4000-$5000

Moreover, you cannot run the Lazada like the app on a single platform. It’s best if this type of app runs on many platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Web. You should go for these platforms if the pocket allows. Hire us as your mobile app development partner to build your E-commerce applications like Lazada. If you want to develop an e-marketplace app like Lazada, then you have to work on it from scratch. Developing a customizable app may be expensive but has several benefits. The basic cost would come around $10000-$20000. To request a quote Kindly visit our Contact us page.

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