How much does it cost to develop NFT marketplace?

How much does it cost to develop NFT marketplace?

In these recent years, the NFT(Non-fungible Tokens) have emerged with newer opportunities. The investors, creators, and people are involved in the purchasing and selling of digital assets in the form of NFT. NFT marketplace development has started creating immense opportunities for the world. The scope of NFT tokenization is spread for virtual lands, game assets, trading cards.

The immense growth of NFT has started benefitting the NFT owners. Due to the pandemic, the museums and galleries have closed. The sales of physical art have dropped dramatically. These token-based art sales have increased up to $8.2 million in Dec 2020 as compared to the corresponding figure of $2.6 million.

What is an NFT marketplace?

NFT is a distinct and unique digital asset which offers a digital certification of a product. An NFT marketplace is an online marketplace where creators sell their non-fungible virtual producers and the buyers utilize it by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether. The marketplace charges a transaction amount when an NFT is purchased.

The buyer gets a token that contains the proof of ownership and gains information about authenticity.

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    How to develop an NFT marketplace?

    Define Niche

    The user must aware of the current market and understand the vertical market than the horizontal market. The supplier sells the products which meet the requirements of a specific type of target audience.

    Select the user role

    Buyers, creators, and administrators are generally three types of user roles in the NFT marketplace platforms.

    Development Stage

    The user decides the type of framework which works best for the project. A dedicated SDK( Software development kit) can be utilized to ensure fast platform, operation, reliability, and great performance.

    How to implement token generators?

    Small contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms and conditions between the seller and buyer in the form of code lines. The code and agreement exist across a distributed and decentralized blockchain network. This step is related to implement logic to the web page.

    Testing and Execution

    This stage requires testing the NFT software product to identify bugs and fix them. It ensures that the tested software product offers security, reliability, and great performance. It meets the requirements of the intended project. Intense testing offers protection from project failure, bug-free transactions, and amazing performance.

    The non-fungible tokens are a concrete unit and each non-divisible token has different values and cannot be swapped with other NFT. It represents unique data that is transparently available on the blockchain. The blockchain development company utilizes NFT to represent any object considering that it will stay unique.

    These Virtual gaming assets are the innovative enticers for hardcore internet gamers. Gamers can utilize virtual assets, weapons, and certain characters outside the game.

    Features required for an NFT marketplace development

    Auction proves to be great

    These NFTs can be sold to prospective investors through the Live auction option. It contains information like the seller, selective payment methods to be utilized, a photo, the number of bids made by other buyers, and the time left for bidding.

    Certain NFTs with useful insights like average price, name of the seller, total supply, and trading volume must be shared with interested investors so that they can be sold at a great price.

    Payment methods are an advantage

    The availability of various popular crypto wallets MetaMask, Myetherwallet, browser-native wallets such as Brave, and the acceptance of various payment options like credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers from buyers makes it a hassle-free process for users.

     24*7 customer support

    High retention rate can be achieved by offering 24*7 technical support to content creators and investors. It ensures that payment processing and trading are resolved.


    It offers users every information related to the article like details, owner, bidding, price history.

    Search Function

    Every user must find it easy to look for the collectibles that they are willing to buy, hence the platform must support an easy search functionality to make them look for collectibles they are willing to buy.


    This platform must be used to create listings where they can add in their NFT details. 

    NFT Marketplace development characteristics

    NFTs tokens have become the latest talk of the town as these are leveraging varied industries with different abilities offering great help to the blockchain development services across the globe. It is always better to understand the NFT marketplace and gain in-depth knowledge of NFT and its characteristics. 

    Following are some of the prominent characteristics associated with NFT:

    Unique Metadata 

    Each NFT is unique and contains unique information hence the metadata of each NFT is different and cannot be altered. The uniqueness of metadata offers authentic ownership.

    Cost ownership

    The scarcity and its demand play an important role in determining the price. Hence, when you hire an NFT developer, the token development into NFTs is done keeping the cost regulation in mind.


    The NFT development company owns the account containing NFT. The creators can transfer NFT to any account to facilitate complete control over the assets.

    Transparent ownership

    All information related to the token transfer can be easily verified. The buyers can easily verify the information and check the authenticity of the NFT.


    Since the features and characteristics of the NFT make it unique, hence NFT cannot be divided into parts.

    Steps to building an NFT marketplace

    An NFT marketplace develops a crypto collectible selling platform in few weeks. 

    The development of the NFT marketplace includes :

    1. A detailed business analysis 
    2. Market study 
    3. UI/UX design
    4. Deploying the smart contract on the blockchain network
    5. Required features in the front-end and back-end.
    6. Testing its performance and security
    7. Digital marketing campaigns
    8. Software upgrades, maintenance
    9. digital marketing campaigns
    10. Testing, bug fixing
    11. Maintenance and technical support
    12. Deployment services

    The complete cost of creating a modern NFT marketplace development depends upon features like the overall level of customization, payment to developers on an hourly basis, time is taken for development and third-party integration. In case, if the user decides to purchase a white-label marketplace, the cost will be less. On the other hand, the user decides to build anything from scratch, it would cost more than the white label NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace development services would be extremely expensive than an ordinary development house.

    It applies to platform functionality. If the platform is more complex, then the cost will be. The NFT marketplace requires an experienced development team and a proper understanding of NFT platforms.

    The cost is dependent upon the geography and the team quality of a Non-fungible token development company. It costs around $20,000-$30,000.

    The NFT marketplace development cost depends on the features required in your app.

    The Conclusion

    These NFT have gained maximum attention, hence it has become crucial to understand the NFT marketplace. It enhances the chances of increasing the chances of creating a great platform. Hence it is required to get in contact with an expert team that has years of experience in the field of the NFT marketplace.

    Why DxMinds? 

    DxMinds the mobile app development company has been creating user-friendly platforms. Our team follows the latest marketplace trends and developments. The experts have gained valuable experience in dealing with blockchain concepts utilizing the best technology stack. 

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