How Much Does an App like TaskRabbit Cost?

A home service-based app like TaskRabbit has developed to become one of the most beneficial apps in the on-demand market. It isn’t only the end-users who have been demonstrating an interest in the app yet also business visionaries who are searching for a high-productivity model.

In this blog, we are going to investigate the market that TaskRabbit has made while offering you the answer to How Much It Costs to Develop an App like TaskRabbit.

About TaskRabbit

Tackle your day-to-day activities with TaskRabbit. The app interfaces you with talented Taskers to help with anything from home services to tasks around town. Prevalent services incorporate cleaning, mounting, furniture gathering, moving, and many more.

Perceived to be more advantageous for individuals with more cash than time, it empowers individuals to redistribute small jobs and undertakings to others in their locale. Their motivation is to assist individuals with reclaiming their lives, be their very own director, help individuals out, and gain more profit.

TaskRabbit is divided into Two Segment:


TaskPosters are the individuals who post their job on the platform, the app interfaces them to qualified and proficient taskers who are accessible to help. The stage additionally enables them to pay for an app once the activity is finished.


TaskDoers are the individuals who are jobless, or underemployed or individuals who need to make some additional cash can join the app. Turn into a tasker your experience, will be checked and interviewed with some tests. Taskers will be doled out a job consequently, and they can either acknowledge it or reject it.

Working Model of TaskRabbit

  • Task Posters post a job, TaskRabbit proposes three contractual workers, alongside their hourly rates, who represent a scope of prices and experience levels.
  • A Tasker can accept or reject the task according to his benefit and accessibility.
  • Once the job is finished by a tasker instantly, the payment is processed through the app.
  •  All the taskers in TaskRabbit’s database are completely capable and verified after an exhaustive record verification. After the task is finished TaskPosters can audit and rate the service.

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    Basic Functionalities of TaskRabbit Like Clone Apps

    Market Place:

    The foremost solid feature that must be available in your on-service-based app like TaskRabbit is Market Center. In the opening screen itself, you should give the users a rundown of services to browse. This feature ought to be a stage where you show what services you have on offer. After tapping on the individual categories, users would be directed toward separate classification pages itemizing all the diverse services alternatives users would get.

    Reviews and Ratings:

    The rating and review feature plays a major role in making the app successful. It goes like this more the reviews/stars, the greater would be the service bookings from your app.


    This feature should be available for both the users and service providers. Booking feature for end-users: The users would utilize the feature to book a service or schedule it for some other time. They will likewise have the option to reschedule the service in case they are not accessible in the time period.

    In-App Chat

    The in-app chat feature enables users and service providers to interact with each other in real time. The thing you should make a note of is that you should provide a safe and secure platform where your users have trust in the app.

    App Payment

    While you can generally give the users the alternative to pay for the services from home, nothing stacks up to the solace of the comfort of giving an in-app payment feature. By giving your users a safe platform to pay for the service, you give them one more motivation to engage in with the application.

    Tracking Service Providers

    Your app users should be given the feature to track the service provider, by which they can get a clear idea of time, where, and when to reach.

    Push Notification

    App engagement remains incomplete without the push notification feature. Directly from updating the stakeholders about their booking status to winning back the users who are not cooperating with the application any longer, the push notification feature has various advantages in the application world.

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      How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like TaskRabbit?

      The cost to develop an app like TaskRabbit will depend on various factors, but the most obvious ones are app platform, app size, add-on technology, and app design

      The manner in which we convey, contribute, and expend these assets has changed every aspect. Proceeding onward, you can see characterizing new highlights. Also, this would urge existing players to further develop their base and new players to concoct advanced technologies to change the game until the end of time.

      However, the cost to develop an app like TaskRabbit will differ from $15k-$50K. Get in touch with  DxMinds, the best Mobile app development company in Bangalore to realize the TaskRabbit-like On-Demand Home Services App Development Cost in Bangalore.

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