How much does it Cost To Develop an App Like Sharekaro?

Sharing and sending files is presently a major aspect of our advanced digital-based world where businesses and different operation at work, in school and in practically in everyone’s life is immersed by the Internet and computers.

While these innovations caused a huge increase in productivity compared to how things were done previously, the decreasing patience of every user somehow needs the best solution!

This has formed a way to wireless data transfer that was first discovered wide acceptance in mobile devices using infrared then Bluetooth and now, with Android, Apple and other mobile operating platforms that has already got millions if not billions of users around the globe, another way in transferring files and documents which exploits benefit of the wireless network know as WiFi is as of now already gained huge acceptance

Off course, it won’t work without utilizing popular apps which are called Sharekaro, Indian alternative of Chinese banned apps such as SHAREit and Xender

File sharing applications like Sharekaro and Share it boosted trust among users for secure data transfer, that is the reason individuals love to use this application.

In actuality, business visionaries, investors and startups think there is a tremendous opportunity in the file-sharing application industry and considering to build an app like Sharekaro or alternative SHAREit app can be an advantageous idea

The most asked and preferred queries are:

How much does it cost to create an app like Sharekaro

How much does it cost to develop an Indian sharing app like SHAREit

How to develop a share it alternative Indian app?

How to create an Indian file sharing app?

How to develop an Indian sharing app like Sharekaro?

What are the features of the Sharekaro app?

What is the Cost to develop an app like Sharekaro

How much does it cost to develop an app like Shareit?

DxMinds the top file-sharing app development company in Bangalore has great experience in building a successful quality best file sharing apps by using advanced technologies and trends

About ShareKaro

ShareKaro is the top Indian sharing App among thousands of share applications. It is additionally the substitute application of SHAREit and Xender. ShareKaro have file transfer and share features and functionalities

Made only for Indian people. Like jioswitch, you can utilize ShareKaro to share files, share applications, share videos without data use. You can share a wide range of files with unlimited size.

Why creating an app like Sharekaro or SHAREit is a Profitable idea?

The convectional file-sharing technique for example Bluetooth isn’t convenient and quicker compared with the latest technologies.

File transfer and sharing applications like ShareKaro work on IR beam innovation that utilizes WiFi. However, Bluetooth can be utilized for file sharing it requires high time to share huge files. Apps like Sharekaro can transfer files up to 20Mbps speed with no issue.


Files can be transferred and shared 200x speedier than you would through some other existing file platform or Bluetooth.

Various kind of files including videos, pictures, audio clips, and considerably different applications downloaded on your phone can be shared utilizing SHAREKaro

Share and transfer files Phone to phone to PC

No UCB, No internet, No data usage only wifi

Share group files up to 4 devices

The new age of file transferring and sharing applications empower smoother and quicker processes; additionally, these apps offer numerous functionalities that Bluetooth doesn’t.
That is the reason individuals these days depend on apps like Sharekaro/Shareit to transfer in a few seconds. However, making an app like Sharekaro or Shareit is probably a product as well as a profitable concept

Working of Sharekaro, SHAREit | How Does Sharekaro, SHAREit app works?

A file-sharing app like SHAREit or Sharekaro is the app that aims for sharing or transferring files starting from one device to another. 

The idea is based on networking, where there are one sender and a receiver. Both of the devices have their IP address. One of the devices must start or make a WiFi hotspot while the other must be connected to that hotspot. 

When the two devices built up a connection, transferring files should be possible. The sending device will pick the file/files, while the receiver simply needs to wait for the files to be transferred totally. SHAREit doesn’t utilize any internet or Wi-Fi routers that will

Features Features of File Sharing Mobile app like Sharekaro

Upload Files 

A choice to upload files or documents by indicating a specific category for it. 

Manage Files       

Secure file management feature where users can view and search for files by including explicit filters. 

Encrypt Files 

File encryption techniques that enable users to keep their files securely store and encrypted. An SSL layer is utilized for it. 

Location Sharing 

Numerous users can share their present location and effectively own access to the files they share in a private and secure condition.

Fast Share 

Quick and timely sharing choices where various files can be sent and received between two or more people

Send Documents 

Send documents to your contact list or different recipients without utilizing some other sharing alternative or app. 

View Documents 

The application will contain its document viewer where all the stored files can be seen in their specific formats, for example, Doc, PDF, or PPT. 

Activity Status 

A history page for user activity including old and current details about the number of files shared and received by the user

Importance to Build an app like Shareit and Sharekaro

A cross-platform file sharing and transfer application like Shareit and Sharekaro is a free application that offers more than basic sharing options. You can share much more than files and documents as the application has enveloped all the sharing needs of people, which incorporate sharing images, photos, audios, videos, and music files with no deferrals.

Speedy Transfer 

Rapidly transfer files from one device to another with a speed significantly quicker than Bluetooth.

Sort Of Files 

No restriction in transferring various kinds of files, for example, photos, videos, audio files, and music. 

View Offline 

The application has an option to view documents and play videos in offline mode with no compromise in original quality

Play Videos 


The application can even be utilized as a video player with no time consumed on buffering the video content.

Play Music 

Users can utilize the application as a music player and access trending music around the world. 


Trending music in the entertainment industry can be gotten to in the music section so users get updated with the latest music in real-time

Digital Media 

Along with sharing and transferring options, the application has a particular section for downloading images and wallpapers

Cost Analysis of Shareit, ShareKaro app | how much does it cost to develop an app like Shareit, Sharekaro? The cost to create an app like Shareit, Sharekaro depends on some quality factors such as

App Design

Mobile app design is the main factor that is liable for grabbing customers therefore, you ought to know about the Shareit UI design. The filesharing app like Shareit and Sharekaro offers a simple to use, and user-friendly UI for sending files. 

Application Prototype Design 

Application UI UX Design 

Color, Shading, and Appearance 

The above three areas impact the Shareit app development cost. One should hire front end app developers from app development companies to make the best out of it.

DxMinds dedicated frontend developers have the abundant mastery to make amazement yet successful UI for file sharing application 

Suitable App Platform

Picking a perfect app platform for your fantasy app is an intense task since you need to research your target audience and their device. Android app development is the best since it has the most elevated number of users. Making an iOS app additionally makes you best yet it costs higher than another app platform

iOS or iPhone

It's everything up to you, either pick Android for a target audience to reach or pick the iOS platform for premium functionalities. We suggest building your desired file sharing application in multiplatform with our cost-effective solutions

Feature Integration

File transfer and sharing apps development costs can be differed according to the type of features integrated. An app like SHAREit or Sharekaro contains essential features as well as cutting edge features as indicated by their business requirement. 

Quick Devices Connectivity
Smooth and safe connectivity Search nearby devices Quick connection via QR code
Multimedia Interactive Functions
View videos in Offline Mode In-app Video and Music player Empower High-Resolution Videos
Share files in any format
Quick and fast file transfer Upload, Transfer, and Share files PDF, Multimedia and files

By considering the above facts the cost to develop a file-sharing app like Shareit or Sharekaro ranges from $15K-$90K.

Hire DxMinds the leading mobile app development company in Bangalore having great expertise in developing end to end file sharing applications by leveraging advanced technologies

Frequently Asked Question

Initially, you need to go through and research SHAREit and Sharekaro feature, app design, app platform, revenue model, and app development cost. Connect a top mobile app development company in Bangalore India I,e DxMinds for result-driven,scalable and cost-effective file sharing app development

According to DxMinds file sharing app development cost of Shareit or Sharekaro varies from $10K-$90K depending on features, functionalities, app platforms, and development technologies 

Just contact top File sharing app Development Company in Bangalore India and research on their client reviews, portfolio, cost, app design, and more.DxMinds holds this fact and considered to be #1 app developers in Bangalore India 

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