How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App Like Shadowfax?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App Like Shadowfax?

Mobile App Development Cost Like Shadowfax?

Logistics app development spreading its root in the digital world with gifted speed, It has become the thunder of the crowd in a wink. Working up the interest and enthusiasm of an enormous part of business visionaries who were on tenterhooks for something that can make them stick out, logistics app development has filled the need. It keeps the localized, network-based business dynamic alive.

One of India’s most trusted logistics networks Shadowfax became the tech-enabled demanding app, intending to associate million small scale business entrepreneurs and suppliers in logistics

DxMinds the top mobile app development company in Bangalore explained in detail about Shadowfax, its features, and app development cost.

About Shadowfax                                                                                                 

Shadowfax is India’s biggest crowdsourced delivery stage with a presence crosswise over 200+ urban cities founded in 2015 by Abhishek Bansal and Vaibhav Khandelwal. A Unique app empowers the delivery of food, pharmacy, and e-commerce for businesses and causes them to create user delight using technology.

Key App Features 

  • Join to convey packages in your city and profit in your free time.
  • Drive at whatever point you need – Shadowfax offers an adaptable, simple approach to earning money on terms
  • Deliver anything you desire – The app offer from an enormous variety of choices (Food/Grocery/E-trade/Medicines)
  • Raise your queries using the help section the app will resolve them
  • Check your daily payouts
  • Earn through the training platform GuruKul

The App is divided into 2 Categories 

·        Join as Delivery Partner 

Shadowfax provides opportunities for people to earn money, by being the delivery partner who is prepared to take FOOD, GROCERY, MEDICINES, and E-COMMERCE delivery to the next level. Do deliveries with incredible Payout, Bonus, Insurance, Flexible work timing, and Promotion.

-Earn Money

-Track and deliver the orders

·        Join as a Merchant 

Business people who are in Food, Grocery, Medicine, and e-commerce businesses can partner with the app by joining as a merchant and can deliver their products.

Shadowfax Services 

From food to medicines, packages to pallets, and luxury make-up to consistently basic groceries, the app delivers everything. Get quick, flexible, moderate, and dependable delivery benefits in India with Shadowfax. Associate with your customers in the city or any place in India through Shadowfax-powered logistics solution.

·        Hyperlocal Delivery Services

Shadowfax is one of India’s quickest delivery platforms offering instant deliveries of food, pharma, and Grocery going between 30 to 90 mins. The tech-empowered live tracking framework causes them to improve routes for the delivery partner to make hyperlocal deliveries fast, smooth, and effective.

·        Intracity Delivery Services

For orders within the same urban cities, trust Shadowfax for quick-paced deliveries. Regardless of whether it is an inverted shipment or express grocery delivery.

·        Express intercity Delivery Services

In our quick-moving economy, speed is crucial. This is the place where the app Next day services rise as a champion. Tackling the intensity of innovation, a regularly extending partner system, and air/ surface connectivity, the app has a large group of services to ensure your orders arrive at their goal in the shortest conceivable time.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Shadowfax?

The app development cost of an app like Shadowfax varies depending on various factors such as:

·        App Platform

The cost to build a logistics app like Shadowfax changes as per the chosen platform. Andriod platform cost somewhat expensive than the iOS due to testing functionalities

·        App design 

A wide scope of designs available over the internet impeccably fits into logistics app development. Empowering appropriate UI makes the application perfect for different devices.

·        Content Strategy 

Content is a ruler in the advanced platform. Include different content such as blog entries, infographics, and galleries for the extravagant display of the app.

·        Application Launch Screen 

Regardless of whether the online delivery app work in an iOS or Android medium, guarantee that the mobile delivery application fits well into all sizes of screen.

·        App Developer

The cost to make Shadowfax ios or Android exclusively depends upon the premise of the developer. The statistic and ability of a developer have a huge impact on deciding the cost.

· Advanced and External Features

The features of the Shadowfax mobile app cost differ like data sync, hosting, design deterioration, push notification OTP assessment, and so forth.

Anyhow the overall cost range may differ from $10k-$50K as per the above-mentioned features and chosen delivery/logistics app development company

DxMinds have achieved success in the development of different applications as indicated by the need of our clients/customers and made them dynamic in their methodology. To continue in the demanded market, logistics/delivery apps like Shadowfax utilize new techniques to amaze users.

Each web service business is looking for building up a logistics/delivery app like Shadowfax and some taste triumph by making their Shadowfax clone, Shadowfax content intuition to work a business simply like Shadowfax. 

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