Gone are those days where we used to stand in long queues to get the movie tickets of our all-time favorite superstars. As technology is heading at a huge pace, unparallel services are offered at our fingertips. Mobile applications like jusTicket brought more convenience in movie ticket reservations and it was made smooth. This blog is for those people who are vigorously in search and want to know how much does it cost to develop an app like jusTicket.

Online ticket reservation is an ever glorious area in terms of business aspects. More start-ups are coming up with this business idea foreseeing its huge demand.

Here we will let you know the out-and-out features and app development cost of an app like jusTicket.

Before getting deep into jusTicket app development cost, let’s see what are its major features.

  • Booking

Book your movie tickets from any theatre, any date, any show and Block the seats of your kind.

  • Chatbot Assisted Booking

The app is integrated with a Chatbot. If users are finding any difficulties or want to know more information about services, the can make use of this facility just by sending messages.

  • Information

Complete information including the cast and crew of the movie, details of the theatre and show timing are provided by the app.

  • Payment

Users can complete their payment at the time of check-out by using jusTicket wallet, Debit/Credit card or UPI.

  • Offers

jusTicket provides regular offers for the customers as per terms and conditions.

  • Languages

Users can access four main languages such as English, Malayalam, Tamil & Telugu version of jusTickets.

  • Cheers

Make your special day memorable with jusTicket. Your wishes will be displayed on the big screen by using this feature.

We have seen the major features of the app. So let’s see how much is the app development cost

The app development cost depends on many factors. These factors include the app location , technologies used, features integrated, UI/UX, app platform, etc. As a sum up, at DxMinds, the approximate cost of developing an app like jusTicket will be around USD 10k- USD 30K depending upon the features mentioned.

Developing an app like jusTicket is not at all a tedious task at a leading mobile app development company like DxMinds. We use the latest technologies for developing high-grade mobile apps. Our expertise in the field of digital transformation helped us in excelling the competition.

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