How Much Does it Cost to develop a Similar App like gojek?

A long-time back, it was a routine task for individuals to go to shops to purchase food, goods, and various necessities. However, today, the advancement of smartphones has extremely transformed us and has offered different intends to get our needs in the comfort of our homes. The reason behind this comfort is the origin of the Mobile application.

Indeed, even slow-developing businesses began to create more income within a short span due to mobile applications. On the off chance that you examine what works behind modern marketing, you will wind up in on-demand business. On-demand applications is an advantage to business visionaries to begin their business ahead of time at an affordable investment along with customization choices.

Presently there are a lot of On-Demand Mobile Apps Development companies for everything. For instance, UberEats, Doordash, Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, Freshmenu, and a thousand more applications offer similar On-Demand Food Delivery services pretty much. On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps like Ola, ViaVan, My Taxi, Grett, BlaBlaCar, and a lot more do a similar thing as the Uber. There are applications for On-Demand Doctor House Call, On-Demand Medicine Delivery, On Demand this, and On-Demand that and On-Demand everything.

That is the exact issue. On the off chance that all the service providers have their applications for specific service, individuals wont download them as no mobile would have such colossal storage to oblige them all. This is the place an application like GoJek comes into the image. GoJek is a widespread application from Indonesia that incorporates all the prominent On-Demand Services into a single package.

In this blog, we will have a look at Gojek app, its unique features and app development cost.

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    About gojek

    Gojek is a Southeast Asian on-demand multi-service platform that was first established in Indonesia in 2010 as a call center to bind users to courier delivery and two-wheeled ride-hailing services. Gojek developed its application in 2015 with just three services: GoRide, GoSend, and GoMart. Today, Gojek has changed into a Super App, giving more than 20 services. It operates in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines.

    Gojek is an application for online transportation, food delivery, logistics, payment, and daily services. By today, the app has banded together with more than 1 million drivers, 125.000 merchants, and 30.000 different services, spread crosswise over 50 cities in Indonesia.

    It has a ton of unique features and services. Here all that you can do with it!

    • Heading off to somewhere? You can pick one from three: GoRide, GoCar, or GoBluebird.
    • Hungry? GoFood, a food delivery service!
      Purchasing Groceries is done simpler with GoShop, while GoMed deals with your health without setting off to the pharmacy.
    • Bid farewell to long queues. You can get your movie or event tickets through GoTix!
    • For logistical service, GoSend or GoBox troops are prepared to support you.
    • Need to purchase phone credits or mobile data packages? Its presently more straightforward with GoPulsa. You can likewise utilize GoBills for bill payment!
    • To wrap things up, pay everything safely with GoPay. Its straightforward and very snappy! Also that you can transfer your GoPay parity to your close ones, and withdraw balance to your bank. You should verify your GoPay and register your bank account.
    • Ooh, one more thing. GoMassage, GoClean, GoAuto, and GoGlam are currently accessible in one application: GoLife! At whatever point you need self-relaxation, be it a massage or a makeover, some cleaning or vehicle fixing, GoLife is the place you should go to.

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      Reasons Why Gojek Clone App Development Will Gain Popularity:

      Multiple Services in Single App:

      Advanced mobile phone users won’t like to waste the storage space with a different app, each providing specific services. They found GoJek as a solution for all applications, which gave them multiple services while not consuming excess storage space.


      Users would like to take the benefit of cost-effective services, as the number of participants or service providers was huge on the GoJek stage. This expanded competition brought about aggressive rates.

      Wide Usage

      Just as end-users thought that it is easy to keep up one application, rather than introducing heaps of applications for one of a kind services, Gojek application offers multiple services in a single app. This has increased the interest for GoJek application.


      Due to the application advancing and marketing it through continuous promotions, discounts, offers and deals countless users in the end got attracted in to it.

      Easy navigation within the application

      Due to the attractive UX and UI design, users found it exceptionally simple to explore through the app and discover the option they needed in the least time as could reasonably be expected.

      Multiple Payment Option

      As the application needed to provide plenty of services, it gave payment option in a variety of ways.

      Benefits of gojek App

      An application like GoJek has numerous favorable advantages for the end-users, entrepreneurs, delivery drivers, and the application proprietors.

      Points of interest Of End Users

      By offering such vast numbers of services in a single application, an application like GoJek makes an eco-framework. When the users get registered into the eco-framework, he is bound to utilize the equivalent application for the entirety of his needs than heading off to some other mobile app.

      Advantages of Business owners

      This makes a perfect solution for the growth of businesses. Consider a corner shop and a huge shopping center. Users are bound to visit a shopping mall if the entirety of their needs are provided under one rooftop than visiting unique shops for their requirements. It likewise facilitates the situation if an entrepreneur deals with numerous services. For instance, if an entrepreneur is into a taxi and food delivery business, he should independently enlist for Uber and UberEats. Then again, when a business person is appropriately registered and verified for mobile applications like GoJek, they are saved from many issues for managing into different businesses.

      Advantages of Drivers

      App owners charge cash for in-application advertising. By offering a lot of services through one application, they get immense benefits. That is the reason Google has put more than $1 billion in a mobile app like Gojek.

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        Let’s come on Main Query

        How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Gojek Clone App?

        Suppose you need an average pair of clothes for any event. Thus, before purchasing anything, you decide for a couple of things, for example, the occasion, your time, and the budget.

        Similarly happens in Mobile app development. You need to understand a few things before getting a quote for your dream app. Which are:

        App platform:

        First you need to decide the operating system on which you want to build an app like Gojek viz. iOS, Android, or both (React Native).

        App Size:

        Then come the features and functionalities you want to highlight in your app, which gives the app size.

        App Design:

        App design plays a crucial role in getting the user’s traffic. If the app design is attractive and without any flaws, then definitely it brings a considerable success.

        Add-on technologies:

        To make your app more advanced and useful, you can add trending technologies such as Ai/Machine learning, AR/VR, Chatbot, Blockchain, and IoT.

        However, based on the above factors, the overall cost to develop an app like Gojek may range from $15k-$80k. DxMinds, the top on-demand service delivery app development company, develops innovative apps by blending with the latest technologies. Our adjustable solutions for On-Demand Apps like GoJek are prepared to be delivered. We can get your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) conveyed rapidly and cost-successfully. Connect to know more and get a free quote.

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