How much does it Cost to Develop an app like Fiverr?

How much does it Cost to Develop an app like Fiverr?

How much does it Cost to Develop Freelance Mobile app like Fiverr?

Developing a mobile app is not a simple as like drag and drop, as it is a project need a lot of skills and expertise to create advanced trending elements to attract market place with ever-changing mobile app technology. A successful mobile app has created with successful strategies, advanced programming codes, In-depth research and analysis, UX/UI designs and essence elements.

Despite many famous applications, one of the most trending mobile apps is Fiverr. Many freelancers earn money from this platform as we can see a dollar reputation from years. In this digital space job seekers and travelers, moneymakers are looking platforms like Fiverr to create huge income from their skills. Let us dig deeper, a mobile app like Fiverr helps freelancers to earn money through learning. A micro-job marketplace platform is an excellent process of ordering and marketing short-term projects at a minimum cost.

Developing a mobile app like Fiverr needs various phases, that effect on user engagement and retention. Hiring a top mobile app development company for the building is an excellent choice, where a group of experienced app developers, designers, coding team, APIs and Quality Assurance team will organized to integrate advanced features in the mobile app like Fiverr.

How Mobile App like Fiverr become most popular?

To make better understand we can simplify the freelancer platform like Fiverr is an online marketplace that provides a wide range of projects and tasks with affordable cost.

Founded in 2010, Fiverr focused to offer online freelancer platforms that job seekers and users can advertise themselves and can list in available digital space to get projects for money based on the type of skills user own. Whether users are web developer, lawyer, musician, digital marketer, and content writer, etc, Fiverr has every service are integrated within it.

A freelance online marketplace like Fiverr helps businesses can find and hire freelancers to perform tasks remotely. It is popular in the Industry market that makes a desirable way to earn huge money while traveling and companies can complete projects by hiring.

Mobile App Development like Fiverr is first company introduced the micro-job giant and taking the world by storm nowadays, implementing advance ideas across various technologies helped Fiverr to become most popular.

Due to this booming resolution, many entrepreneurs looking to build an app like Fiverr and eager to know the mobile app development like Fiverr cost.

How Mobile App like Fiverr Work?

Persons holds expertise in concern field or talent that will be useful for businesses such as website development, logo designs, event planning, and many other tasks, etc.

Whatever the talent is there, Fiverr helps peoples to get those related projects based on their skills applied in the platform. In addition, the best part all freelancer can make money while performing a task.

The method can locate concern persons related works through Fiverr is sincere. First, it is essential to know the two various contractors involved in the business.

Freelancers are looking for projects then Fiverr considered as a seller. They should list their talent, certificates, and skills along with prices. This can bring chances to hired depend on experience in relevant skills on Fiverr.

If businesses peoples are looking to complete their works with freelancers, they should list their requirements and type of services they required along with prices they preferred to complete tasks done with individuals.

Fiverr is a two-way direction platform helps both freelancers and business individuals to find each other in one place. Through mobile app, freelancer can find projects and business individuals can browse profiles based on task requirement skills. Once accept made they both can start conversion to do the best work.

Popular Professional Services by Fiverr Mobile App

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • VIP Customer Support
  • Improved Billing Options
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Private Communication Platform
  • Custom Offers
  • Multi-Category Jobs
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Freelance Marketplace
  • Seller Rating & Feedback

Essential Features of Fiverr

Profile Registration– Online users can create their require profiles as freelancers or business individuals and can create digital space to hire or get projects to perform tasks.

Additional Data– Users can add photos, bio, skills, and list of completed projects done and highlight their preferences.

Reviews and Rating– Customers can rate and provide a review for their projects done and add information that will help choose contracts or projects by a reliable rating system.

Skills tests- It is extra access to demonstrate your expertise as a freelancer and to perform the best decision as a client. This feature helps to know expertise before hiring any freelancer

Verification– This feature helps to log in securely with their access account and can build trust with hiring and obtaining projects, This feature enables to notify with their identify ID or can perform by video calling.

Advanced search. Users can look in-depth through the available projects/freelancers applying multiple filters, such as the area, particular occupations, regularly rate, date acceptance, etc.

Private Chat Rooms – This feature helps both sellers and buyers to chat in private with selected freelancers and can discuss project details to include. It will be acting as a communication tool for both individual.

Advantages of Fiverr like Mobile App Development

  • Needy persons can find better skilled individuals by implying registering in Fiverr marketplace and can browse easily with fully clear freelancer details by checking deeply.
  • The platform helps both individuals can conversion privately with help of secure chat rooms enabling both to learn more about projects and prices.
  • Employer features are kept protected and individually distributed to freelancers to improve them learn more about their possible business.
  • The data posted and stored can kept secure and reliable including payment process.
  • The mobile app online marketplace like Fiverr helps to create custom prices based on expertise holding.

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    How much does it Cost to Develop Mobile App like Fiverr?

    These questions are remaining in the entrepreneur’s mind; this post explains how much does it cost and how to create an app like Fiverr? We came with detailed research and analysis to help you with information that keeps your idea and business grow massively with mobile apps.

    To develop an app like Fiverr there are some important factors that effects on cost based on factors it may lower or it may higher costs than expected. Estimating a rough cost to how much does it cost to develop an app like Fiverr, from basic to advance the cost ranges from $15000 to $70000. The price of complex application usually considered some factors. The total cost entirely depends on the hiring process of top app developers and choose the best solution to deliver.

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      Key Factors That Impact Cost of Developing a Mobile App like Fiverr

      Type of platform

      Developing a mobile app helps to reach a wider audience based on platform and cost of app development like Fiverr depends on the type of app platform chosen such as iOS app can reach more target audience and can get better engagement. The android app consists of wider users and can reach wider market.

      Social Login Integration

      App like Fiver cost depends on implementation of social integration as it saves time for signup and as it helps to collect the Profile elements from a Social Identity Provider user and saves those collections

      Profile Creation

      The mobile app development cost like Fiverr depends on features like Profile creation that helps to manage account provides bio, latest projects .photos etc. This feature enables registered users to enter information about their skills and information that will viewed publicly.

      App Development Company

      Developing a mobile app cost like Fiverr depends on the type of company hired. A top app developer or agency will build a strong application based on the budget provided. The top mobile app development companies will ensure all quality features before launching them in the market.

      Location and Expertise

      The cost of developing an app like Fiverr depends on the location of the app company you choose because of market valve for specific location based on service tax applicable and regional market prices variations and depends on the expertise level of the company.


      Developing a mobile app for a particular industry comes with variable features and options that added as an extra expense to your business app. The mobile app development cost like Fiverr comes with more databases stored with multiple profiles of freelancers and business individuals so added with extra-required items.

      Final Words

      Above are basic factors to consider before developing a mobile app like Fiverr and after taking those elements the prices still may differ based on requirements of your business projects. Looking to develop an app like Fiverr? This article helped you to the best direction on how much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Fiverr. However, if you are looking to know exact price details on how much does it cost to create an app, you can also step ahead by sending inquiry below mentioned email address. As DxMinds Innovation is one of the top mobile app development company ready to build a custom mobile application based on business requirements.

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