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Incorporated in April 2015, Drivezy is one of the most popular vehicle rental platforms in India. One can rent any kind of car or bike using the Drivezy app. The app not only allows its users to hire rental vehicles but also helps them in earning some extra penny by featuring and listing their vehicles.

As of now, more than 1500 users have listed their vehicles in Drivezy. Around 250 employees are working with this 10-round funded company. This clearly shows the rise in their graph.


  • Download / Install the Drivezy  app from the respective stores
  • Signup using a mobile no or email id.
  • Select your nearest Drivezy point
  • Vehicles will be delivered to your doorstep upon extra payment.
  • Select your pick-up/drop time and date.
  • Sort out and book the vehicle of your kind
  • Just enjoy your ride!


  • Vehicle Permit

All vehicles at Drivezy are having an India permit. Users can travel anywhere across India.

  • Tariff Calculator

The app lets customers calculate the fare based on the vehicle, fuel, rent, and distance.

  • Pick up Points

The app displays the nearest Drivezy pick-up point to the users, based on which they can proceed further.

  • GPS Tracker

The vehicles are GPS enabled and can be tracked on a real-time basis. This is to ensure the safety of the passengers and is kept private.

  • Vehicle Data

The app can access vehicle usage data to prevent misuse and robbery.

  • Replacement Vehicle

In case of any vehicle failure, Drivezy arranges an alternative vehicle.

  • Listings

Anyone can list their cars /bikes on Drivezy to make a passive income.

  • Flexible Bookings

Booking can be done based on the comfortable timings of the user. It can be for an hour, a day, or even for a week.

  • No Security Deposits

Like other rentals, Drivezy does not charge any security deposits from the users. Only pay the rent.

  • Packages

Drivezy comes up with 2 packages:

  1. With Fuel: Rent of the vehicle includes fuel as well. Extra fuel money which is spent by the user can be reimbursed later. The minimum rental time is 3 hours.
  2. Without fuel: Users have to bear the fuel costs apart from the vehicle rent. The minimum rental time is 12 hrs.
  • Extension

Rental timings are flexible and can be extended by connecting to Drivezy as it’s purely subject to vehicle availability.

  • Damage

The estimated cost of damage to any part of the vehicle is provided by the app.

  • Add-On Services

Child safety seats and GPS navigation are provided upon request.

  • Warnings

The app sends warnings as SMS if the vehicles are overspeeding.


  • Users must submit 18+ years of age
  • The user is considered the driver of the vehicle as he is fully responsible for all activities
  • A penalty will be charged to the user for overtime usage, dirt in the vehicle, the extra pillion rider, damage to the QR code on vehicles, vehicle damage, traffic violation, etc.
  • Pets are not allowed


The cost of developing an app like Drivezy varies from company to company. The price may vary depending on several factors such as app platforms, app features, UI/UX, location, technology, etc. Normally, DxMinds Technologies, the leading app developer in Dubai, charges USD 15k to 100k $ to develop an app like Drivezy.

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