How much does it cost to develop an app like Bird E-Scooter?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Bird E-Scooter?

The advent of smartphones also has played a keen role in sorting out all the concerns that existed in traditional landscapes. The complex challenges that existed in the older ages were nullified leveraging the best applications of smartphones and related technologies. When it comes to eliminating the hassles and bustles that existed in the current frameworks, one cannot ignore the power of mobility. Smartphones in the hand have given more power to the end-users in making their life better than ever before. In the current context, we are constantly witnessing the advancements mobile applications are offering that uninterruptedly contribute towards the betterment of our lives.

Things have turned out to revolve around smartphones and related mobile applications that in the current scenarios, they are the best in delivering value-added services. Last-mile connectivity has always remained as an unorganized area of focus till technology was made possible to streamline the domain as a whole. It is also one of the prominent areas of focus that overruled by the best applications of technology. A wide range of businesses based across the globe are trying their best to solve the last mile connectivity issues leveraging mobile applications and state of the art technologies. The purpose of this article is to focus on the in and out operations and features of one such company that made last mile connectivity seamless by eliminating the hassles and bustles off from the industry. The company is known to be Bird and they are making use of a mobile app for its end to end operations. So let us dive deep into it.

More about Bird E-Scooter app

As we have discussed earlier, the Bird E-Scooter app is owned and operated by its parent organization Bird. The utmost aim behind the introduction of the bird E-Scooter app is to redefine and refabricate the last mile connectivity domain as a whole. With the Bird E-Scooter app, users are now able to pick up and drop bikes anywhere, anytime, without any constraints blocking them from doing so. The company has its scooters operating in various part of the globe such as New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East, Major part of North America such as Abilene, Ann Arbor, Arlington, Athens, Atlanta, Aurora, Austin, Baltimore, Bloomington, Boise, Campbell, Cary, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbia, Columbus, etc. The company was founded by Travis VanderZanden in the year 2017 and deals with supplying E-Scooters to the needies, where they can pick up and drop the vehicle anywhere at any hour of the time.

The business model of Bird E-scooter

The company makes use of a digital platform, a full-fledged mobile app to connect with the end customers. Leveraging the mobile app, customers can find nearby vehicles and book the ones they find is most appropriate. The app comes with an enhanced set of features that remains a highly engaging one. The app has played a major role in outpacing the traditional approaches and has helped the organization in onboarding a high degree of automation. With the app, bird management was able to scale their operations in the most productive manner. Now let us see how the app is helping the bird management in generating potential revenue thereby running their business with enhanced profit margins.

User App

The ride app comes with two interfaces, one exclusively for the customers and the other one for the management to handle various aspects and domains of the business. Let’s precisely look into what they are:

Account Creation

For the customer to getting started, all they need to do is to download the app from the respective app store. They then have to complete the registration process. They can make use of their email id, mobile number or various other social media handles to get this done. Right after the successful completion of the registration process, they will be taken to the app interface.

Sign In/ Sign Out

During the process of account creation, the users will be provided with usernames and passwords as the login credentials, leveraging which they can access their respective accounts, which is their personal space.


Under the profile section, the users can have access to and can make relevant changes to their personal details such as username, contact details, e-mail id, and much more. All the account activities, past ride history, canceled and upcoming orders will be readily available under this section.

Ride Search

The app comes with an interactive interface, where the users can give their pick up and drop location. With the map integrated into it, the app will search and displays the nearby vehicles, which the users are able to figure out in a hassle-free manner.

Ride booking

With the bird app, users can book, re-book, or modify rides based on their wishes. Once the ride is booked, the slot will be exclusively dedicated to them that they can use the vehicle for their own purpose.

In-App payment

The pricing for the users of the vehicle rent out is calculated based on its usage and users can make the payment leveraging the option provided within the app. This makes the ride more flexible and productive and helps users save their precious time.

Integrated Maps

The app comes with a map integrated into it that displays the route and location for the customers. This also helps them in figuring out the location of the vehicle when they are searching for it.

Discounts and rewards

All of the latest discounts and rewards applicable for each user will be displayed under this segment and the customers can make use of it at any point in time.

Customer Support

A 24×7 customer cell is exclusively employing to offer enhanced customer experience and the facility to contact them at the earliest is provided within the app.

Push Notifications

The push notification feature is integrated into the app and its purpose is to help notify users of the latest offers and promotions.

Admin App

The admin app or the master app has the entire authority over the system and their features are entirely different than that of the user app. Let us briefly look into the various features of the admin app.

User settings

Under this section, the admin can stay on top of the end to end user activity where they can deliver a personalized experience to the customer based on their usage, manage loyalty rewards, block aggressive users from using the vehicles, and much more.

Ride Management

The ride management is exclusively dedicated to the admits to manage and operate the end to end vehicle activity. It let them in staying on top of various vehicle activities such as the distance traveled active rides, details of the user riding, idle time period, and much more. This helps the business in enhancing the operations based on the data thus obtained.

Payment settings

This section is for the admin to control their end to end payment activities. It let them in ensuring the system is offering flawless payment systems and much more.

How much does it cost to develop a bird-like mobile app?

How much does it cost to develop a bird-like mobile app?

We have seen in detail the end-to-end features and peculiarities of the app. Followed by its massive success, the demand for setting up a similar business model is increasing rapidly among the potential set of community. They are actively searching for how much does it cost to develop an E-scooter mobile app. Now let’s get into it. The cost of developing an E-scooter mobile app purely depends upon your requirements and technology integrations and the cost cannot be calculated unless your precise requirement is known. However, you can hire DxMinds Technologies, the best E-scooter app development company to give life to the app of your kind.

DxMinds engagement models for building E-scooter mobile app

DxMinds upholds three main engagement models for businesses when it comes to developing an e-scooter mobile app. These engagement models are structured in such a way that the customers feel these engagement models are highly flexible. Let us have a look at these engagement models in detail.


ODC or Offshore development center is one such engagement model where DxMinds help you set up your workspace overseas, in another country where the development cost is very less. They also help you in onboarding potential resources who can take the project idea to the next level. The ODC engagement model helps businesses to save about 40–45% of the development cost and is much appealing to them when it comes to meeting the requirements.

Turnkey and co-owned projects

The turnkey and co-owned projects are also known to be the fixed cost model, under which DxMinds analyze your end to end requirement in detail and come up with a pricing structure that is highly competitive in the market. Associating with DxMinds for the fixed cost model help you in availing full-fledged app development services before the deadlines.


The Build operate transfer engagement model is one such engagement model where the entire phase of app development is transferred to three-phase, build, operate, and transfer. Under the build phase, DxMinds help you in setting up everything from the scratch including setting up the amenities, resources, infrastructure, and much more. When it comes to the operate phase, the team ensures the flawless operation of the system and the transfer phase is all about transferring the legal ownership of the project to the respective owners.

Why DxMinds for developing E-Scooter mobile app?

· Agile methodology

· State of the art technologies

· Flexible engagement models

· Cutthroat solutions

· Futuristic development practices and much more


How much does it cost to develop an app like Bird?

The cost cannot be finalized easily and purely depends upon the user requirement.

What are the factors affecting the app development cost?

Technologies used, platforms for which the apps are developed, third-party integrations, etc. are a few of the factors that determine the app development cost.

Which is the best agency to develop an E-scooter mobile app?

DxMinds is a leading product engineering and mobile app development agency with profound industry experience and you can rely upon DxMinds to give life to your app idea

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