How much does it cost to develop a ride-sharing App like Nextbike?

How much does it cost to develop a ride-sharing App like Nextbike?

Bike Sharing app like Nextbike Cost and Features?

The advantages offered by mobile applications in the current tech-savvy world are very high. We are at that moment where life without technology and mobile applications is even hard to imagine. The revolution made by smartphones is the prime fact that led to the rising demand for mobile applications. Mobile applications ranging from food delivery applications to taxi-hailing, ride-sharing and online payment mobile applications are available in the current market. There exist millions and billions of mobile applications in the respective app stores and the counts are still skyrocketing. These mobile applications collectively work towards fulfilling our daily needs and play a major role in making our lives seamless.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail a ride-sharing mobile application named Nextbike, it’s in and out features and the impact it is having on the ecosystem. We will also cover the cost of developing a ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike, Mobike. So let s get started.

More about a ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike

Next Ride is a futuristic ride-sharing business that gets connected to its customers and operates leveraging Next Ride mobile application. The interactive mobile application is the major feature that helps the business in gaining huge traction. Nextbike is a German-based ride-sharing company founded by Ralf Kalupner in the year of 2004. Digital transformation has taken the company to new heights. As of now, Nextbike deals with 30000 bikes across various countries across the globe such as the USA, UK, Poland, Croatia, New Zealand, Czechia, Austria, and Switzerland. Huge success witnessed by Nextbikes prompted business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe is coming up with a business idea of developing a ride-sharing mobile application and keenly focuses on knowing the cost of developing an online ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike.

Need for a ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike/Mobike

The need for a ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike is catching attention from all across the globe. An online ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike meets and greets the requirements of a wide range of community. Conventional ways of ride-sharing demands a lot of complications involved in it. There exist a lot of hurdles involved in the process of hiring a rideshare vehicle in the brick and mortar style. Digital transformation has brought a high degree of transparency in the process of leveraging mobile applications and even the things that were imagined to be impossible was made possible.

How an online ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike does works?

Online ride-sharing company Nextbike operates by making use of a mobile application. Users can download the Nextbike mobile application on their smartphones and register an account on the application. The ride-sharing mobile application identifies the location of the rider leveraging GPS technology and the interactive dashboard of the mobile application displays the available ride-sharing bikes near to them. It let the customers in choosing the one which is more convenient for them. The users can start their journey either by scanning the QR code provided or by the manual instructions.

Key features of a ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike

Now let us see the key features that are mandatory while developing an online ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike, Mobike.

· Sign In/ Sign Up

A user needs to create an account on the mobile application to explore the ride features. He/ She can make use of their email id, mobile number or even social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Once they have signed up for the same they can make use of the credentials to log in again.

· Profile

The profile is a comprehensive space for the users where they can add and update a multitude of features like user name, contact details, email id, communication details, etc.

· Interactive dashboard

The app should possess an interactive dashboard that is eye candy and much appealing to the user. It should hold a rich user interface prompts the customers in being regular users of the mobile application and should deliver the exemplary user experience.

· Search bar

Customers need to be served with an outstanding search bar which offers a hassle-free experience. As the need to provide their pick up and drop location, the seamless experience can be delivered by using the same.

· Location Access/ GPS integration

To display the available vehicles on a real-time basis, there should be GPS features integrated into the mobile application. This lets the customers in selecting nearby rides of their choice.

· Co-Passenger details

Since it’s a ride-sharing mobile application, the chances are high that strangers will be the passenger. In such an event, the details of the co-rider including his name and various other metrics should be made accessible to the co-passengers. This enhances the transparency of the ride and offers a safe and secure experience.

· Seamless ways of ride cancellation

The app should offer seamless ways of canceling the ride in an event, the customer wishes to do the same. A small amount of fee can be deduced as the cancellation fees.

· In-app wallet and payment gateway

An in-app wallet helps the customers in maintaining the funds in the wallet and can use them on a real-time basis. This helps them in staying away from contacting the bans for every payment they make. The mobile application should also have a comprehensive payment system that offers a safe and secure mode of transaction.

· Ratings and reviews

The rating and reviewing system helps customers in sharing their experience using the application. This system also helps businesses in receiving genuine criticisms from potential customers which helps them in making relevant improvements that enhance their business in the long run.

· SOS/ Emergency support

The app should have an emergency call entre number which can be made use in case of emergency or safety threats.

How much does it cost to build a ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike?

Increasing demand for the ride-sharing mobile application like Nextbike has prompted entrepreneurs in coming up with similar ideas and many of them are actively looking for mobile app development companies in developing high-end mobile applications for the same purpose. They are also keenly searching for the mobile app development cost of ride-sharing mobile applications like Nextbike, Mobike. The app development cost is bounded to a large number of factors like app development platforms, app location, app security, app size, app maintenance, etc. However, based on the features mentioned, the cost of developing a ride-sharing app like Nextbike will be approximately USD 10,000 to USD 50,000. The price will vary based on the requirements.

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