How much does it cost to develop a Payment App like CRED?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Payment App like CRED?

CRED – Development Cost of Credit Card bill payment app


One of the greatest money related issues for the market is taking care of charge card tabs. It happens because of an inappropriate propensity for utilizing a Visa. Be that as it may, there are such a large number of development organizations attempting to take care of this issue by building up the installment like Cred. Dxminds is one of the Best Mobile application Development companies in Bangalore. Cred is a Bangalore based online bill payment organization through which you can win points while clearing your payments.

Freecharge was a piece of the principal wave of web based business new businesses in the nation, alongside any semblance of Flipkart and Paytm. It was procured for $450 million by Snapdeal in 2015, making it the greatest startup M&A in the Indian startup environment at that point.

Have you at any point lined up for a feast at one of those very well-known eateries? Pre-requested a book from a top of the line writer month ahead of time? Battled for motion picture tickets that sell out in a day? Had a beautician with a six-month holding up list? There are individuals and brands who don’t pursue customers, customers pursue them.

In a universe of unlimited decisions, for what reason does this occur? Why are individuals ready to pause or pay a premium?? For what reason are these individuals and items in such appeal? Also, how might you get in on the activity? In the event that you’ve at any point taken a gander at an extremely fruitful brand or individual a big name, say, or an enormous undertaking and pondered, “How on earth do they do it? What’s more, how might I do it for my startup?”

A very clear answer is, Yeah surely!

CRED is the main application in India through which you can acquire reward focuses by taking care of your Mastercard tabs.

Paytm propelled a charge card installment office a year ago yet that was constrained uniquely to a couple of cards. While you can cover the Mastercard tabs of any bank through the CRED application. CRED has become the most remunerating installment application.

In the event that you are wanting to make an installment application like a CRED which is claimed by Kunal Shah (Founder of CRED) then you need to keep these focuses in your psyche which has been recorded beneath. We have included some increasingly gathered together highlights which can assist you with understanding better about installment application and cost to grow such application with the assistance of versatile application improvement organizations.

DxMinds a Best versatile application improvement organization in Bangalore clarified in insight concerning CRED, about its highlights and application development cost.

CRED – Most Remunerating Charge Card Installment Application


CRED is an individual’s just client application that permits making charge card bills. Causing your installment on time to can allow you to open the super experience of remunerations through which you can keep up your financial assessment and a lot more ideas for you. Utilizing the CRED application not just you have the choice to take care of the tab yet in addition you can deal with your various cards and you can examine your day by day/month to month costs.

Advantages of Using CRED App

#1. Online Payments (Credit Card)

CRED permits our alternative to spare your charge card in the application, you can likewise follow the installment due dates and cover the tabs legitimately from the application.

To make the installments, you can utilize the charge card, net banking or UPI applications. The total procedure of making installments is simple and smooth.

#2. Compensations on your Bill Payment

You would procure cashback on each exchange. You would see the alternative to #killthebill soon after making an installment of more than Rs.1000.

This works like a scratch card, where you will have a chance to win cashback from Rs.10 to 1000. A few individuals from my Whats

App bunch have earned even Rs. 1000 as cashback.

#3. CRED coins to reclaim endowments

You would acquire CRED coins with each Mastercard installment. The coins can be utilized to purchase prizes for online and disconnected shopping. I will share the subtleties in the lateral area of the article

#4. Allude and Earn CRED points

You can reclaim CRED points for blessing vouchers from UBER and Amazon.

They will continue including the alternatives later on. Right now, you would gain 10 diamonds for every referral and recover for Rs. 150 Uber. 30 diamonds can be reclaimed for Rs. 750 Amazon voucher.

#5. Free Cibil Score Report

You would have the option to see your CIBIL score and record as a consumer liberated from cost. As of now, the application shows the financial assessment from Experian and CRIF.

In the point by point credit report, you can see the installment history, charge card usage, and time of record as a consumer.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Payment App like CRED?

Based on the study report Daily bill installments came to over $1M in every day volume in only one year”.

Key App Feature

The amount Does It Cost to Develop an App like CRED?

The Mobile application development cost to develop a Payment app like CRED will rely upon the various factors, for example,

Feature to-feature

At the point when you freeze the necessity with your hired mobile development organization at that point dependent on the element to highlight it might change. There is an essential idea driving the expense of building up an installment application like CRED is more element drives more spending plan to build up an application.


Again as I have referenced over that dependent on include cost drives costly and same as though you are looking to change the platform then it might change the expense. The android stage costs more than ios because of testing greater usefulness. Cost to develop a payment app LIKE Cred in the android platform will be more expensive than IOS due to multiple functionality tests.


There is a tremendous extent of structure that fits the privilege to installment application which can improve the client’s consideration and let them remain on your site. It likewise is a central point that prompts the Cost to develop an online payment mobile app like Cred.

Content Planner

Content is the lord in the whole web advertisement so with regards to content situation in-application will likewise enhance your development cost.

Application Developer

The expense of building up the IOS and ANDROID application likewise relies on the reason to convey. The static and accessibility of engineers will affect more on the expense of cost of mobile app development.

Advance Feature

When we think about payment apps like Cred, Paytm, Phonepe then these apps lead to customer confidential information. It’s the owner’s responsibility to take care of customer information in a secure way. To keep customer information secure, we require the use of the latest technology where we can keep safe customer information. It could be one more reason where the cost of mobile app development will increase. 


In a short note, I have clarified the component and advantage of the cred application and comprehend why such an installment application needs to be created. DxMinds (highest versatile application development organization in Bangalore) can grow such an application with progressively secure with simple to utilize highlights. DxMinds is a mobile app development company in Bangalore surviving major metro and non-metro cities in India like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Luck now, Noida, New Delhi etc. Apart from that DxMinds has taken over the business even in other countries as well with on time project delivery.  If you are hoping to build up an installment like CRED then you can connect with us for a request to build up your installment application. You can demand for nothing assessed cites today

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