How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Logistics, Transportation App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Logistics, Transportation App?

Logistics and Transportation App Development Cost

Competition among businesses has gotten high over every significant industry in the modern world. Logistics and transportation is no special case. Like the contemporary trends in practically any industry, businesses associated with this area likewise depend incredibly on technology to do cut-off competition.

We’ve progressed significantly, haven’t we?

From remaining in long queues just to send a parcel to doing as such with a click on the screen of smartphones. Furthermore, from the operator’s perspective, they are spared from the pain of managing all the logistics and transportation tasks – all the time.

It’s a consequence of a combination of the transportation and logistics industry with the mobile app development trend.

But, how?

How do these mobile apps play out a huge number of tasks without any assistance and productively? What features make them so extraordinary?

All things considered, this is something that we will talk about here.

Try not to get anxious, since we know what you are here for – the most-anticipated answer to the query “How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-demand logistics app?” But before we jump straight into the appropriate answer, let’s understand something about On-demand Logistics app development.

About On-demand Logistics and Transportation app

The direction wherein is you are believing is simply consummately right; it is the on-demand logistics app development that can monitor all the tasks for your business. In this way, in case you’re running with a thought of building up a logistics app, here you will discover all the top development solutions that are fit for creating out the ideal mobile apps, both for Android and iPhone. Manage your fleet, routes, shipment data, drivers, goods and everything with the total and one-stop logistics mobile app development ecosystem.

Regardless of whether you are searching for fleet management apps, warehouse management apps, vehicle tracking apps, logistics on-demand, and inventory solution applications it’s currently an opportunity to get them all in a one-stop On-demand logistics app development, yes the application will do everything.

Hence, in this blog from DxMinds the top On-demand logistics app development company, you will recognize all the top features, design solutions, development cost and everything else in order to leave your business presence and to pull up a seat in front of your rivals in this hyper-competitive market place.

DxMinds Mobile app development solutions in the Logistics and Transportation Industry

Fleet Management Apps

This sort of logistics app development records all the information and data identified with vehicles and fleets. Accordingly, these applications must assist in sorting out, managing and coordinating vehicles from the focal information system so as to keep the fleet hassle-free and smooth running. Applications like these are likewise known to diminish costs, enhance performance while furnishing consistency with government guidelines.

Logistics On-demand

The apps we develop under this category are about product delivery according to the clients’ requirements. These applications satisfy users’ needs immediately as well as help in building associations.

Warehouse Mobile apps

Warehouse mobile apps are intended to store immense information identified with the products stored in a warehouse. It does it in such a disentangled way as to make it simple to get to any information anytime.

Tracking and forwarding apps

These applications focus to convey data related to real-time concerning routes and conveyance of the goods and products. This implies it likewise shows drivers’ location which is a fairly conspicuous feature.

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    Core Features DxMinds Integrate To Develop an On-Demand Logistics App

    Customer app or Panel

    Simple Registration: This is the principal feature where the user will arrive on. They can either make an account or can sign-in with the email or social media credentials.

    Vehicles selection: Users can likewise choose the vehicles that might be required in transportation. Then it gets simple for the user and the agency to deliver the products within a solitary outing.

    Manage and schedule bookings: According to their prerequisites and interest, user can plan the bookings and can oversee then as per the date and time provided

    Alerts and notifications: All the updates and alerts related to the deliveries, tracking, offers and everything else related are informed to the user.

    Billing and multiple payments: The users can produce all the invoices identified with the expense acquired and can appropriately process the transaction through the online payment process via online wallets, credit/debit cards and many more are accessible.

    Rate driver performance: according to the driver behavior, time adherence and kind of service conveyed, users can appropriately rate and review the performance of the drivers.

    Track shipments: All the shipments and the merchandise that are out for the delivery can be tracked by the customer. They can screen the way and the track chosen on a real-time basis, in order to affirm whether the way is taken by the right and optimized.

    Estimate fare charges: According to the destination and the route to be secured from the pickup location client can assess the related fare charges that may occur.

    Get a Quote: According to the destination or as per, the service contributed clients can demand the quote from the service provider in order to get an idea regarding the expense and time speculation.

    Driver/Dispatcher App Or Panel


    Like users, drivers can likewise signup utilizing existing email IDs or social media accounts.

    Oversee Request 

    This element permits drivers/dispatchers to acknowledge or reject any request or order dependent on their inclinations.

    Make accessible or occupied 

    Much the same as a DND highlight, this will support the drivers or dispatchers show their accessibility/inaccessibility for services utilizing numerous alternatives like stamping self accessible, and so on.

    Transfer details

    Getting bits of knowledge of the consignment to be delivered is a pivotal element that would help your application become well known whether you utilize it.

    Manage Profile

    Likely one of the most essential features is to empower the drivers to update the data on their profiles.


    This is the main feature for the driver/merchant side of the logistics application. It gives data with respect to the best route to the users delivers to encourage on-time delivery.

    Imprint delivery 

    Permitting the dispatcher this feature will empower them to send alerts to both the gatherings (user and administrator) with respect to the delivery of goods.

    Cargo/delivering details

    All the details identified with cargo (weight of the merchandise, fuel utilization, distance covered, cost charges) and shipping (name, address, contact number, goal) all can be gotten to by the dispatcher/driver by means of this feature without any problem.

    Access to history 

    It is ideal to offer this feature since it will assist them with returning to past transactions and solicitations.

    Admin Panel 


    It shows each basic information identified with the users and drivers. The administrator can likewise observe pending and finished orders with real-time data

    Fleet/Vehicle management

    With this feature, it will get feasible for the administrator to present new vehicles for the shipment and even update the details of the existing ones with pictures, and so on.

    Manage invoices and payments

    With this invoice management feature, the administrator will have the option to create and update invoices. In addition, an administrator can likewise manage payments, i.e, support the payments got by the drivers and break down other comparative transactions.

    Drivers monitoring

    This element helps in managing and doling out tasks to the drivers/dispatchers and monitor their on-street time, activities, and pending request.

    MS features

    Under this component, all the user inquiries identified with the services or drivers, and any enhancements required by the user are recorded and taken care of by the administrator.

    Fuel utilization and vehicle management:

    According to the ratio of vehicles running, the fuel utilization for each one of them is recorded as needs be. Further, all the management activities, for example, the service of the vehicles are required or not, pollution checking, and so on is stored and followed by the admin.

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      Advance Highlights to Make Your App Demanding 

      In-App Chat

      Communication is necessary for any business that runs.Staying associated with your users is constantly significant and several different ways such as message pop-ups, SMS, messages, and so forth can be utilized in order to keep them updated about the most recent offers and services. It makes the users drew in with the application and keeps them attentive by means of real-time updates.

      Live Stats of Delivery from Your Merchant:

      It encourages you to effortlessly manage the driver activities and permits you to allocate the task when all the endorsed tasks have been accomplished. Thus, helps in expanding the profitability of your fleet and makes great deliveries very simple and straightforward. It helps in conveying Instant updates about the great deliveries, time rules, and so forth consequently, catching user appreciation.

      Multilingual help for drivers:

      It causes you to appropriately co-ordinate with your drivers, on the off chance that they belong with a different location. It comes as extraordinary assistance, in making your business adaptable? It permits making conversation familiar and makes the procedures simple to execute and allows the user to benefit noteworthy services in pretty much every location.


      With the assistance of GPS, it encourages you to track the routes taken. The application lets you catch the specific comprehension of the locations covered by the driver during the journey. It figures the trips taken by the driver and the time required in achieving the routes.

      Real-time analytics 

      It causes you to distinguish all the business-related activities.Real-time reports identified with various orders capture, the areas from where the most extreme orders identified, fuel utilization flowcharts and much more can be produced so as to meet the user prerequisites in an exact manner.

      Driver Safety:

      It guarantees the security of drivers while driving. It screens all on the job drivers and their driving behavior while dispatching the products and scores their well being according to the relating information. It tracks speed, telephone utilization, and incessant hand slowing down. Further, the scorecard is additionally produced by the driver’s behavior for guaranteeing boosted safety.

      Payment and Referral Rewards:

      Allow you, users, to benefit from your top-notch services. Regardless of whether it’s tied in with moving the house products, mechanical cranes, and so forth, offer them solid and transparent payment systems, for example, Braintree or PayPal. Designing an application with various payment gateways, unmistakable currency standards can add to the logistic mobile app from a positive point of view.

      Cloud Operations:

      With the high necessity of data storage infrastructure, we use cloud tech for safely storing your business information. Access all your fleet and driver-related information, request placement and deliveries information, time utilization and driver conduct report details regarding the cloud with a disentangled methodology. Cloud feature, since been generally received over all the business standards, diminishes your operational expenses, and lift up the graphs of your incomes and benefits. Further, it comes will all the specialized ideal models that suit your business framework and assists with making it operable from any edge of the world.

      Technology Utilized For Logistics app development

      The main challenge of building up a logistics mobile app is figuring out which tools are required which will render flawless outcomes, in which DxMinds the leading top On-demand Transportation development company holds the top position.

      As per our knowledge and usage:

      Front-end development

      • Swift,Java,CSS,Bootstrap programming languages

      Back-end development  

      • JavaScript, Ruby, Angular JS and Python


      • Hbase, Mail Chip Integration, and MongoDB


      • Azure, Google, AWS

      Real-time Analytics  

      • Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM.
      • Landing to our main query.

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        How Much Does It Cost To Develop On-demand Logistics App? 

        As we had referenced over, the overall cost to develop an app depends on the variables identified with the on-demand logistics app development procedure of the app.

        Alongside an answer in digits, we will entitle you with a record of the elements contributing to the overall cost.

        Backend and front-end development

        The decisions you make for Backend and front-end development will play an essential role in deciding the cost of your logistics application. To be progressively explicit, everything relies upon your selection of frameworks, tools, and technologies

        You can either go with Monolithic or Micro services. Nonetheless, let us put it out there that the cost of systems for micro services will, in general, be higher than monolithic.

        Tech stack 

        You may definitely know that the tech stack you decide for development is going to influence the cost. Discussing programming languages, developers for certain languages like Swift, Golang, and R is very costly. Additionally, those languages that are new will have fewer libraries and systems, adding to the overall tasks in the development

        Kind of app 

        Since it is an on-demand application, the development cost for it likewise will, in general, be higher than some other category social media, m-commerce, and so forth. It is on the grounds that this single application comprises of three entirely separate panels, which require various assets equivalent to three applications. In this way, clearly, an on-demand logistics app is going to cost more than other non-on-demand applications.

        Platform (Android or iOS) 

        The decision of platform you pick would fall either for Android or iOS. Building for the Android platform can be somewhat more expensive when contrasted with iOS because of the measure of fragmentation Android is exposed to.

        There is a third alternative accessible now – cross-stage app development. By picking this, your application will have the option to work tremendously on both the platforms tearing execution falling no shorter than a native application.

        Development team 

        Key people required to transform your idea into reality are

        • Project Manager(1)
        • Developers(ios or android)
        • Designers (UX/UI)
        • testers

        To make an app offering an assurance plus quality-rich apps

        Now comes the most-anticipated part.

        “The cost to develop an on-demand logistic app can range from USD 10k to USD 50k. “

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          Why DxMinds For Logistics/Transportation app development?

          Our industry-driven services such as UI/UX design, Internet Of Things skill, mobile app and software solution can profit your firm in the long run. Touted as outstanding amongst other best logistics and transportation app development company by our clients, you can assure that our procedures and strategies will assist you with support and growth tremendously.

          All the above-mentioned statistics and forecasting on logistics app development just portray the eventual fate of on-demand logistics app development. Since the rise of mobile app development in logistics and transportation business, things have become great and procedures have streamlined.

          Looking to develop an On-demand logistics app then drop a mail or contact us regarding your app concept and requirements on info@dxminds and get a free estimation and exact cost.

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