How Much Does It Cost to Develop Food Ordering App like Zomato

Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App Development

Earlier in times, we were having no clue on what big technologies will cater to us. Now, living in an era, where our day-to-day activities clad in technologies, we have a detailed idea of the impact it can on our lives. It has literally plowed our entire lives and the buildup it has is huge. Our affinity toward good food is deep-rooted and we will move mountains in search of yummy, mouth-watering and delicious dishes. More often, we may even wait for hours at the restaurant, clinging on to boredom, to get the food delivered on the table. It is all because of our craving for good food.

Restaurant Finder and Food delivery apps- the buzzword of success

After online food delivery mobile applications were introduced, the restaurant industry saw a sudden revolution that happened within. Along with the conventional ways, online food delivery was a better medium for restaurant owners to generate great revenue, maybe even greater than what they generate from walk-in customers. Online food delivery business is trending like anything and is turning out to be the hottest of all topics. Entrepreneurs are giving it a big try that its scalability and accountability are very high. We ought to thank all the existing food delivery apps out there, as they have offered us limitless opportunities. In this article, e will deal with Zomato, the leading food delivery mobile app in India, it’s in and out features and how much it costs to develop a food delivery app like Zomato. Entrepreneurs are busy searching for the Food ordering app development cost of Zomato, as they have understood the potential of setting up a food delivery mobile app like Zomato.

So let’s get started!

Zomato- Pioneers among online food delivery businesses

Zomato is one of the leading food delivery partner and restaurant aggregator in India, which connects restaurants and customers. The app eliminates the hassles and bustles users faced throughout the conventional ways and introduced a new paradigm where the customer gets the food delivered right at their doorstep. The then Foodiebay was founded by Mr. Deepinder Goyal and Mr. Gaurav Gupta in the year of 2008 and later renamed as Zomato in 2010. Initially, the company delivered its services via mobile application in major Indian cities and now it has expanded to over 20 countries.

Main Features of an Online Food Delivery App like Zomato

An online food delivery business like Zomato should have certain mandatory features than ensures hassle-free operations of the mobile app. These features let the users engage more on the app, thereby generating more revenue and sales for the company. So let’s have a look at what are those main features.

· Sign In/ Sign Up

Any new user needs to create an account on the Zomato app to enjoy hassle free ways of ordering online food. He/ She can make use of their social media accounts like Facebook, email Id, or even phone number. Once registered, they have to log in with the username and password provided.

· Profile/ Edit profile

This is the private space for an individual to find out his/her personal details, make relevant changes if necessary like password changes, mail id changes, tc. They can make use of the edit profile option for the same.

· Bookmarks

One can bookmark the restaurants they find useful for the easiness to order food in the future. Those restaurants will pop up under the bookmarks category.

· Notifications

All notifications in concern with their food delivery will come under this category. One can find details such as the te of their order, its status, ETA, etc.

· Payment Options

Zomato offers safe and secure payment transactions for its customers. It let them link various wallets to the app, allow users to transfer funds to the Zomato wallet and even they can make use of the cash on delivery option as well.

· Your orders

History of all orders including the past and present orders will be listed under this category including the in and out details like items purchased, the value of the order, etc.

· Cart

One can add food to their cart while continuing the purchase from different restaurants and billing is done as a whole.

· Favorite

Favorite option let users add their favorite food to a slot where it can be easily accessible with just a ping of a button

· Table Booking

Other than online delivery, Zomato lets its user’s book tables at selected restaurants for the specified time period.

· Self Pickup

Leveraging the self-pick-up option, one can order online food and walk to the restaurant for the purchase.

· Delivery tracking

One can keep a constant track on their order; its status, delivery time and the route map of the delivery partner until it get delivered.

· Filters

The app facilitates various filters to make the users search more productive. The available filters are based on the food menu, restaurants, location, user ratings, etc.

Factors affecting the app development cost of a Restaurant Finder & Food delivery app like Zomato

The cost of developing an app like Zomato depends on various factors. Some of such factors are mentioned below:

· App Platforms

One has to finalize the platforms for which his app has to be built for and this is one of the major factors that determine the app development cost. The platforms can be of iOS, Android, Windows or even cross platforms.

· Technologies used

Enormous technologies can be integrated to a mobile application to enrich the customer experience, where these technologies can enhance the app development cost.

· Third-party plug-ins

A lot of plugins need to be effectively blended to a mobile app for its hassle-free running. These plug-ins can determine the app development cost of an app like Zomato.

How much will it cost to develop a food delivery mobile app like Zomato

Other than the factors mentioned above, there are several other minute factors that are dependent on the app development cost of Zomato. However, by taking all these conditions into account, at a leading mobile app development company like DxMinds, you will be charged around USD 15,000 to USD 50,000. This can vary based on the requirement. For more details and to get a free consultation, drop a mail to

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