Android is the most preferred mobile platform by users and also by developers. The ease of use and engaging features of android has always tempted folks to use it, resulting in more than two billion monthly active users in the android community. After the release of the 11th version of the android platform, the features of this platform became unbeatable. Recently in March 2021, android launched its latest version, i.e. 12th version. The new version has become a boon for the mobile app development companies in India for giving transformative ideas to the world to emerge out with thriving solutions for the digital world.

The 12th version of android has created an enthralling drift in the tech realm. The features of android 12 which are becoming the major reasons behind this transformation are listed below:

Top New Features You Need to Know

Better notification:

While using a smartphone, we install several apps among which few might be very important. Each update of those few important apps is crucial for people using it. But the same notifications were infuriating when not in use. To get a permanent solution to this issue, android 12 has got a revamped notification feature which is much creative with engaging animations and transitions. This android version aims to offer an interesting notification interface. To render the best image qualities, android 12 supports AVI image format which is far better than jpeg in terms of quality. AVIF offers higher image resolution even when the image size is reduced or distorted.

Updates through Google play:

Regular system updates are necessary to run smoothly. To enhance the quality of system operation, android has introduced Android Runtime (ART) to the Project Mainline. Due to this new feature now users can check the system updates in the Google play store.

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    Easy operations for heavy apps:

    With the emergence of the new android version, the platform is focusing on blocking the foreground activities that initiate the background process. This blockage helps the user to enhance the performance of the mobile app and make it faster than ever before. It is mostly useful for heavier apps that require extra ram to function properly on the mobile.

    Changes in the music player window:

    To change the control of the music player windows, android 12 is having new features. Using this feature the user can quickly navigate through individual apps. The user can directly navigate to the music player setting just with a long press on the notification window.

    Content insertion:

    Android 12 is enriched with extensive control over media insertion using the keyboard or the clipboard. The new android version supports styled text, videos, audio files, and images. Using this feature, users can now easily share media and files with great speed from one application to another application.

    Unsupported applications:

    There are multiple apps on the app store that don’t support HEVC video and hence restrict a lot of users from playing several videos. As a solution, android 12 has introduced a transcoding layer to the coding which can convert the HECV video into AVC by compressing and transcoding the videos. This feature is not yet executed, but soon it will be added depending on the chipset’s power.

    One hand mode:

    To enhance the user’s experience, android 12 has made the device handier. The android 12 is making proper use of the giant screen of the device by giving a spacious room to the notifications. The new version is emphasizing on giving many interactive elements on the screen, covering the entire display.

    Improved setting page:

    Android 12 will give an enhanced look for the setting panel as compared to the previous version of android. The search bar on the setting page is comparatively smaller that can be toggled all across the page giving a new look to the setting page.

    Enhanced music and gaming experience:

    Auto-coupled haptic feedback is introduced in the latest android version which is incorporated via the phone’s vibrator to enhance the gaming experience of the users. Also, the music level is revamped with extraordinary features. For example, now people can set a different ringtone for video calls.

    Final note:

    Most of the companies are willing to develop mobile apps for business development but struggling to choose a mobile app development platform for a marvellous app with extraordinary features. Android 12 is giving an amazing platform with outstanding features for mobile app developers to carve out their creativity in the app and make an unmatched experience for the digital world.

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