About Angular 10.1 And How it is Better Than The Older Version

What is new about angular 10.1 and how it is better than the older version?

Angular is one of the most opted web frameworks used by software developers for developing creative desktop and mobile web apps. Over the past decade, Angular has maintained a top position in the software development world.  With the everyday growing technology, Angular has made a terrific change in the specifications, functionalities, and features which can be availed by the best software developers to develop a top-notch app. The frequent iterations of Angular have increased its usefulness to a great extent. Angular 10 is becoming a talk around the IT industry because of its impeccable attributes.  The newer version of Angular offers enriched features allowing organizations to scale up their apps based on the present market challenges and offer more attractive, engaging, and user-friendly web solutions.

New features of Angular 10.1.0 that is superior to older iteration:

Angular 10.1 is the latest iteration and it offers a plethora of features that overpowers the older versions. The latest iteration of Angular is available on GitHub and can be downloaded to use for app development. Few improvements of Angular 10.1 that make it stand out that other iterations and  make it one of the most preferred frameworks over others are listed below:

  • It has a solution for performance regressions affecting incremental program reuse that enables the compiler-cli to improve the performance.
  • Angular 10.1 possess higher router performance. The latest version prioritizedGuardValue operator is used to enhance the performance by optimizing the CanLoad guards.
  • Angular 10 has the capability of reusing entry point main fest which helps in faster loading of entry point dependencies.
  • It offers a runtime library, using which a developer can add exciting features. The typescript of older versions of Angular was known as TSlib 2.0 now it has been updated with the latest typescript with amazing functions and is known as TSLint 6.
  • A new iteration of Angular can wrap the ngtsc compiler. This enables the developer to manage several typecheck files simultaneously generating Scriptinfos based on the present requirement.
  • Older iterations included several unused browsers and all those unused browsers are excluded in the new Angular 10.1 version.
  • The latest version offers higher performance when it comes to saving time for downloads or installation. It has excluded ESM5 or FESM5 bundles from the running sequence of npm install or yarn for angular libraries.
  • To make the imports of entry points faster than before, DirectoryWalkerEntryPointFinderis replaced by the new entry point finders that can penetrate in from any import in the program.
  • Autocompletion was one of the biggest issues that were becoming a question against the performance of the app. In the latest iteration, autocompletion syntax such as &amp has been removed from the library.
  • Explicit mapping has been imposed from closure to the dev mode files. It is enabling the development tools to translate the production-built input to their respective dev modes.

Reasons to migrate your app to the latest Angular framework:

Reasons to migrate your app to the latest Angular framework:

The latest iteration of Angular was released in June 2020. In recent days, it has gained hype in the software market and most businesses started switching their existing apps to the latest ones. If you are also heading in the same direction then give it a pause and first understand what is Angular 10.1 version. What are its features? How it is different from the previous one and the benefits it can offer you more than others. The older version was also potential enough to cater to various business requirements but the latest version is developed to overcome a few shortcomings showed by the older iterations of Angular. Most potential reasons that impose migration to the latest versions are listed below:

  • Angular has a plethora of iterations and each of them came up with a new feature that made app development easier for the software developers. But the latest iteration of Angular offers a comprehensive improvement of the app development ecosystem.
  • Angular 10.1 is smaller than any other previous iteration helping it to load swiftly.
  • It contains a new date range picker in the UI component library and also offers a facility of warning for Common JS import.
  • Angular 10 is much more emphasized the quality of the app development. Hence, it supports the latest TypeScript 3.9 version, ensuring enhanced performance and swift development. With the latest version of angular, the software developer will have direct access to the latest TypeScript fixes offering the latest configurations to the developer to build the best features.
  • A plethora of workflow and bug fixes has been launched by Angular 10.1 that is developed to address router, regression, core, and more.
  • A new extraction tool has been introduced in Angular 10 that supports CLI to get integrated easily.
  • Loading entry point dependencies have become easier
  • It offers the most impeccable features for developing an excellent front end.
  • It also allows segregating the front-end and back-end coding so that any phase of an app can be scaled up without disturbing the other one.
  • Content management is always a priority for every business and website too. Angular 10 gives an easy way to customize and maintain the content of the website without intervention in coding.

Comparison between Angular 9 and Angular 10:

Comparison between Angular 9 and Angular 10:

Features of angular 9:

Angular 9 was developed to bring a revolution in the sector of mobile app development. Sooner the release of Angular 9, the Angular 9.1 beta version was released which was just an improvisation of the prior one.

  • IVY as a Default Compiler:

It helps in reducing the file size by 25-40% which helps the developer to develop more user-friendly apps. It also helps the developer to identify the bugs at the very initial stage and develop a bug-free app.

  • API Extractor Updates:

The angular framework is widely based on various administrations and services which are hard to follow. Angular 9 has the capability of tracking the latest updates with the help of API libraries incorporated in Angular 9.

  • IDE and Language Service Improvements:

The programming language inherited by the angular 9 incorporates a plethora of augmentations for requests that help a swift app development.

  • Major updates in Angular 9:
    • Angular 9 offers selector-less directives also supported in the old version but were missing in the Ivy preview in Angular 8.
    • An improvement has been seen in the IVY to build an error-free app in the least possible time.
    • The AOT build of Angular9 is much faster than ensures a major change in the performance of the compilers.
    • Angular 9 allows the system to use one of the unique strategies and tools to investigate its applications and automate the procedure.
    • Angular 9 can translate the template and component into a simple JavaScript and HTML language.


Features of Angular 10:

Angular 10 is the latest version available today with the topmost features and few improvisations in the older versions. It is a typescript-based framework that provides an entirely new and enhanced app development environment making development much simpler and quicker. It is also the smallest version of Angular allowing loading the framework quickly for the swiftest development.

Language Service

Angular 10 offers a language-service-specific compiler that facilitates to access multiple type check files simultaneously making the app development much faster and more functional.

Compiler Update

The earlier version of Angular was using the ngtsc compiler but in Angular 10 the ngtsc compiler is wrapped up.

Performance Improvements

The size of the entry points has been reduced that enhances efficiency and performance too. Other features of Angular 10 that help in improving efficiency are the computation of basePaths and caching of the dependencies.


Angular 10 merges multiple translations using messages IDwhich speeds up the development and ramps up the speed.


Angular 10 has come up as the most potential framework as compared to the other available iterations. The major differences between Angular 9 and Angular 10 are the use of different typescripts, the use of distinct IVY, the updated compiler in Angular 10, and many more. Most of the iterations of Angular came up with rectification or improvisation of available features, but Angular 10 is the only framework that came up with comprehensive environment enhancement giving a completely new experience of developing an app and also to the end-users.

Whether you talk about compatibility, speed, or efficiency, Angular 10 has proven its efficiency and prominence in each term. Based on the studies conducted on various aspects of software development, angular 10 has been proven as potent as JavaScript.


New features in angular 10

There are a plethora of features added to the latest version of Angular, and they are listed below:

  1. Language Service
  2. Compiler Update
  3. New Default Browser Configuration
  4. Optional Stricter Settings
  5. Ngcc
  6. Performance Improvements
  7. And many more…

What advantages of angular 10 over other existing frameworks?

The most important advantage of opting for angular 10 over other frameworks are increased speed and excellent performance. The size of Angular 10 is the smallest when compared to other frameworks allowing swift development.

Where can I get the most professional team for app development using angular 10?

DxMinds is one of the leading software development companies in India where we have the best professionals having expert hands-on all iterations of Angular.

As a client, will get to know the details about the angular 10 before I go for the development?

We at DxMinds believe to keep transparency with our clients and hence before entering into any agreement, we explain the pros and cons of the chosen technology. Our experts are well equipped with the relevant technology and are always at your assistance to explain in detail.

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