Android is one of the most used mobile platforms all across the world. Businesses that are looking for quick coverage in the worldwide market are hiring Android developers to attain unique and robust app development services. Backend development acts as a backbone for a web solution. Several technologies empower backend development. In present days, Kotlin is winning the race with the ability to write the most potential and expressive codes. The codes written in Kotlin are highly compatible with Java-based technologies that make development much easier and more efficient. It is one of the official programming languages for Android and is renowned as one of the most reliable and powerful options. Are you also willing to step into a global business with the most promising app but confused to choose the technology for your Android app? Businesses dealing with the dilemma of choosing technology for backend development must deep root into the benefits of each technology they filtered out for their software backend development. Most businesses have found Kotlin as the best option that crafting their business idea perfectly into a web solution. For all those businesses willing to develop a robust app, Kotlin is a one-stop solution. This is one of the major reasons that are tempting enterprises to hire Kotlin developers. Why let’s find out the answer to this. To enjoy the latency of this technology and get effective platforms then hire kotlin developers in India.

Kotlin technology at a glance:

In recent years a rapid growth of kotlin developers in India has been witnessed by the software development world. Kotlin is the most widely used technology for app development but if you are still unaware of it but stepping ahead with the development of the app then you must be aware of Kotlin programming language. It is one of the open-source and statically typed programming languages. It supports functional programming and object-oriented technology. Kotlin shares all most syntax and concepts of Java, Scala, and C# but also holds all the variants that can interoperate with JavaScript or any other native code. Kotlin coding is much similar to Java programming and hence making the coding much simpler.

The objective of creating Kotlin programming language was not to develop a programming language with unique features but it is intended to provide a technology that can be used with any IDE of Java or allow the developer to build a website from the command line. The best outcome of Kotlin can be framed when used with IntelliJ.


To have a multithreaded application that can reach the maximum capacity of the server you must choose Java. The very initial thing that you learn in Java is to develop an application that can be extended with the threads or allow the developer to implement the runnable interface.

Kotlin has much better options than Java which is much simpler to use and is called coroutines allowing the developer to write asynchronous codes that are fluent and also non-blocking.

Why Kotlin?

Backend development has been backed-up with various technologies but almost developers all-round the globe but to choose one among those you need a potential reason. If you are looking for a single potential reason that makes your app a promising one, then here are a plethora of reasons that make Kotlin one of the important programming languages for backend development, but the six most important benefits that are recognized as the best and never experienced technology, such as:

Java ecosystem:

Java is considered one of the best technologies used for website development and has the widest ecosystem that helps the developer to develop the best solutions it. Any language that can complement Java and can be used with it can serve you with the best results. Kotlin is completely interoperable with Java and allows the developers to completely access the libraries and frameworks and develop the most potent component. Interoperability is an asset for Android developers that make the development procedure more swift and reliable. Using the libraries developers can directly pick the codes without creating new ones.


Kotlin offers the most innovative solutions with various features such as type-safe builders and other properties and offers easy-to-use abstractions.


With every growing day, the software world is changing at a rapid speed making a great change to the apps and also to the market trends too. Kotlin helps the developer to develop an app with greater scalability options to match the pace of this changing world. This technology widens the acceptability of applications by the modest hardware requirements.


Kotlinoffers 100% interoperability with Java technology and hence helps the developers to use the entire Java library and reduce the code writing work. The developers have a master’s hand in Java and can easily learn and understand Kotlin.


If you are having an app developed using Java technology then you can easily port it to Kotlin. Each component of the app can be migrated one by one without altering the quality of the app. Or if your app is developed in Java and you are willing to further scale the app using Kotlin technology then also it is achievable.


In the development of a promising app, IDE is not the only element that boosts up the development but the tools also play a great role in making the app a prominent one. Kotlin offers specific tooling of Java. Using Kotlin, a developer can develop an app from the command line.

Frameworks that you can use with Kotlin for server-side development are listed below:

Frameworks that you can use with Kotlin for server-side development are listed below:
  • Spring: It helps the developer to use Kotlin language and develop more precise APIs based on the development requirement.
  • Vert.x: It is used to develop reactive web applications on Java Virtual Machine with complete documentation helping the developers to understand and operate the technology better
  • Ktor:It is used for developing web applications with the help of Kotlin technology and also allows higher scalability incorporating coroutines
  • Kotlinx.html: If you need to build HTML in a web application using Kotlinx.html can be the opt solution for your requirement. Using this framework you can develop creative templates for your web development.
  • Micronaut: It is a modern full-stack development framework used to develop serverless applications.


Backend development is a robust element that decides the functionality of an app or website. The robust and flawless development of an app with the most promising performance completely depends on the chosen technology. Java is undoubtedly a ruling technology of the software world but now slowly Kotlin is replacing the existing technology and is becoming a prior choice of developers. The reason for choosing this technology is that it offers perfect interoperability with the Java allowing the developer to use the Java library and make development easier by picking ready-to-use codes from the library and customizing it based on the requirements. It also shows 100% adherence to the frameworks of JavaScript making the development more robust and top-notch. Other benefits of using Kotlin technology are easy migration from Java to Kotlin, flexibility to add components to an existing app developed on Java using Kotlin, scalability, and many more.


What makes Kotlin the most preferred programming language for Android apps?

Kotlin is one of the most robust programming languages and is very expressive, concise, and safe. It is 100% compatible with the various versions of Java including the latest one. Java developers can use this programming language easily by leveraging the Java and Kotlin libraries.  The best quality of Kotlin is that it makes development much faster than any other programming language for Android app development.

How to use Kotlin with Android Studio?

Android Studio completely supports Kotlin. All the versions of Android studios are developed with an assurance of compatibility with the Kotlinprogramming language to develop the latest apps with exciting features and also to convert Java apps into Kotlin technologies.

Which kind of IDE is supported by Kotlin?

Kotlin supports Android 3.0 IDE having a wide range of tools helping the developer to develop a robust and excellently scalable app.

What is the future scope of Kotlin?

The development of Kotlin was done to embrace the potential of programming language. The scope of this technology has a thriving future further as Google is going to partner with JetBrains which shoots up the quality of app development with an excellent programming language, framework, tools, and many more.

Kotlin or Java, what is the best choice for app development?

You don’t have to choose between Java and kotlin. If you are developing an app for the Android platform and the features of Java and kotlin are contradicting its amazing features then you can use both and can develop the required feature with the apt technology.

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