Top 10 Mobile app development companies in Dallas Texas

Dallas has been getting a lot of attention recently for its growing tech industry, exciting many entrepreneurs. Forbes and other sources are calling Dallas “the next Silicon Valley,” because it has many similarities to the famous California tech hub, attracting many tech companies and Fortune 500 companies to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 

From top mobile app developers to the best microchip manufacturers, this region is no stranger to digital innovation. 

With a GDP of over $468 billion and a job market growing by 3.3%, Dallas is one of the most innovative business cities in Texas, USA. The city is home to major industries like defense, finance, IT, telecom, transportation, and life sciences. Nowadays, every industry needs to do business through mobile apps, and Dallas is the place for it. 

There are many Mobile app development companies in Dallas. Your mobile app can greatly affect user perception, but finding a top company can be hard due to high competition. 

To make this task easier, we have created a list of mobile app development companies in Dallas after carefully analyzing and examining each one. This list includes companies that are known for their expertise, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a company to develop a new app or improve an existing one, you will find top-notch developers and designers in Dallas. 

How to find the best mobile app development company in Dallas TX?

Our report is the result of a year-long study by our experts. They have looked at the companies, checked their work, and based on this research, we have set the standards. 


  • Company size 
  • Number of applications made 
  • Range of services 
  • Client feedback and reviews 
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Accuracy in delivery 
  • Reputation 
  • Good communication 
  • Quality of app design 
  • UI and UX expertise 
  • Use of new technology 
  • Company turnover 
  • Annual growth rate 


1. DxMinds Technologies Inc,

DxMinds is a top mobile app development company in Dallas, TX. We are known for creating innovative and engaging apps. By always embracing new technologies and innovations, we have become a one-stop shop for complete Business and Technology Consultation. 

We have built a great reputation in the tech industry by meeting strict deadlines and maintaining high quality. Our customers see us as one of the best digital tech partners because we focus on user-friendly services. 

We specialize in development, design, business intelligence analytics, and advanced web, software, and mobile solutions. Our developers are experts in AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, Chatbot, and Blockchain technologies. 

2. Retrocube

Retrocube is a well-known Android app development and design company in Texas. They create custom mobile app solutions and offer full-service support, including product direction, specialized techniques, and ongoing support for both large businesses and startups. Their focus is on their client’s success and user experience. They believe that strong mobile technology can improve lives in meaningful ways. They develop robust apps for various platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android. 

3. Touchtap

Touchtap has been developing successful apps for four years. This web and mobile app development company in Dallas offer full-service digital solutions, including product strategies, road mapping, and UI/UX design. They have built strong relationships with many clients through their high level of professionalism. 

4. Groove Jones 

Groove Jones is a top iOS app development company in Dallas, TX. Founded by industry experts, they help startups, entrepreneurs, and visionaries create great mobile products. In a short time, Groove Jones has helped many startups succeed worldwide. They focus on innovation, advancement, and growth, always striving for excellence in every product. They don’t stop until they achieve their best. 

5. Pixel and Texel 

with years of experience, Pixel and Texel improve brand identity through services like AR/VR, website, and app development. They are known for enhancing mobile app quality in Dallas. Their team of top developers includes skilled planners and engineers, aiming to provide cost-effective solutions and build lasting client relationships. 

6. Dreamers of Day

This design and innovation company creates top-quality mobile apps. Dreamers of Day offers services like responsive user design, front and back-end development, content management, and other digital strategies. They aim to partner with businesses and agencies to develop complex digital solutions with strong ideas. 

7. KrasamoInc

is a custom software company providing mobile app development to large companies, startups, SMEs, and individuals. They support client ideas with creative solutions such as UI/UX design, IoT development, cloud solutions, firmware, mobile and web development, and analytics. They are one of the best app developers in Dallas, working with top brands. 

8. Purple Olive Labs 

Purple Olive Labs is a leading web and mobile app development company, even with just a year of experience. They help entrepreneurs by creating high-quality websites and apps efficiently. This Dallas company ensures cost-effective development and deployment of services. 

9. Argos Infotech 

Since its start, Argos Infotech has focused on delivering outstanding services tailored to the evolving digital world. They design, develop, and deliver web and mobile apps that drive business growth, enhance capabilities, reduce customer lead times, boost top-line growth, improve branding, and outperform competition. 

10. CrateBind, LLC

CrateBind, LLC has achieved great success in web and mobile app development thanks to its efficient performance. As a reliable partner for software development companies, the Dallas-based firm creates high-quality products for various businesses. The top app builders combine innovation and technology, offering software development on many platforms like React, Android, Swift, and more. The team provides excellent services because of their diverse experiences, including fields like Private Equity and Petroleum Engineering. 

From the company descriptions, you can see how each firm has its unique style, business approach, commitment, and delivery methods. Mobile app developers in Dallas are always improving and using the latest technologies to create top-notch apps for both iOS and Android users. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App in Dallas Texas?

Mobile apps help people stay connected and engaged more than ever before. For businesses, having a mobile app is essential to stand out from the competition and make money. The cost of developing a mobile app in Dallas can vary widely. It depends on several factors, including the experience of the developers you choose. 

Here are the main factors that affect app development cost: 

Mobile App Development Platform The platform you choose (Android, iPhone) is a major factor in the development cost. Each platform has its unique features and complexity, affecting the time and cost to develop. If you want your app on both platforms, you can opt for cross-platform development. There are also advanced platforms today, such as virtual assistants, messaging apps, and IoT apps. These can add to the complexity and cost of development. Ent. 

UI/UX Design of your application 

The price of making your app depends on how complicated the design is. If it has lots of custom parts, pictures, and moving parts, it will cost more. When making an app, it’s important that it’s easy for people to use and looks good too. 

The man-hours required for the build:

The main thing that decides the cost of making the app is how many hours it takes to build. This is usually the biggest part of the cost. Some companies might charge you a set price based on what they think, while others might charge you for each hour they work. 

Custom features or functionalities:

This is about the main things that affect how much it costs to make an app. If there are a lot of different things the app can do, it will cost more. Especially if it has tricky stuff like moving pictures, 3D stuff, or fancy looks. Let’s look at some important things every app need: 

  • Logging in 
  • Making a profile 
  • Connecting to social media 
  • Chatting with bots 
  • Finding where you are on a map 
  • Paying for stuff 

When it comes to what the app can do, there are three main types: 

  1. A-List App: It doesn’t cost too much to make. It shows lots of categories and information. 
  1. A Dynamic App: This one needs to talk to a big computer somewhere to get information. It’s more complicated and can cost a lot more. 
  1. Games: These are the most expensive. They use cool stuff like smart computers and 3D worlds, so they’re pricey. 

Then there’s testing. Some apps don’t need much testing, but others with lots of tricky stuff need a ton of checking to fix problems. This takes time and can cost a bunch of money. 

How quickly you need the app is also a big deal. If you’re not in a rush, it won’t cost as much. But if you need it “fast tracking”, the people making it might need to work extra hard, which costs more. 

Keeping the app working and up-to-date is also important. Some companies might include keeping it running well for a short time at the price they give you. 

If you’re in Dallas and want to make an app, there are some good companies to pick from. One of the best ones is DxMinds Technologies, the best mobile app development company in company in Dallas. They make apps from start to finish, using cool new technology like smart computers and chatting robots. The cost depends on what you want your app to do, but it’s usually between $5000 and $5000 

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