React Native in Minimum Viable Product

React Native in Minimum Viable Product

Why React Native a Perfect fit for MVP App Development

As a business owner, one has to stay always on top of the latest trends and technologies to be aware of what the exact market pulse is. That has been said, entrepreneurs found mobile apps as the best way of getting fruitful business and revenue amid the current scenarios. And, they were prompted for a level shift leveraging the same. It’s been a decade since mobile apps started creating wonders in the entire business segment, regardless of their size or industry.

Ideas are the real skeleton that every business is built upon. It will take enough time to convert an idea to a high-end mobile app and it can be costly as well. As an early-stage entrepreneur, not everyone can raise enough funds to develop top-notch mobile apps. On the other hand, investing heavily in mobile app development at an early stage won’t be the right decision. This can be quite challenging from all perspectives. Yet entrepreneurs need their idea to be visualized and executed at the earliest.

So, what is MVP or minimum viable product?

 That’s when MVP, also known as Minimum Viable Product comes into the picture for helping out early-stage entrepreneurs and startup aspirants. For an entrepreneur to validate his product/service-based app, he has no options other than making it available in the market and getting genuine feedback from his customers. Nothing in the world can replace the feedback from a customer who has experienced the product or service in real. It can either be a criticism or a good review. Whatever, both matter to the business’ growth. And it is based on these reviews that an entrepreneur has to make further alterations. It’s more of a trial-and-error process. What an entrepreneur needs in this stage is a working model that can be easily piloted among his potential customers.

Features of MVP

The features of MVP let entrepreneurs in creating mobile apps that possess zero complexity, which saves time and costs less when compared to a normal app of the same segment. A minimum Viable Product is a practice of releasing an app in the market with the least available features integrated into it that too at the least possible time. It’s like a test dose. It helps business owners keenly focus on the core values of the app at a micro-level.

As business owners can’t spend much of their time executing ideas as chances are there that they may easily get copied by competitors. They have to dive deep into the market as early as possible and the approach of MVP facilitates them in doing the same. An MVP, on the other hand, is a platform, which lets business owners in experimenting with what exactly the customer wants. The exact concept behind the formulation of Minimum Viable Product is to identify whether an idea is feasible or not and it serves this purpose to the core.

Minimum Viable Product gave entrepreneurs the wings to access multiple opportunities. MVP is so flexible that any alterations can easily be made on top of the existing models. This can be repetitively done as a constant process until a perfect model that meets market requirements has been achieved.

React-native app development

In 2015, Facebook launched a hybrid mobile app development platform of its own and named it React Native. From the very first day of its launch, React Native is gaining huge traction from all across the globe. Leveraging various features of React Native, a developer can build a high-end app that works on both iOS and Android at the same time. React Native, in turn, helped them in saving a tremendous amount of time by letting them develop multiple apps for multiple operating systems just by consuming the time of developing a single app.

React Native hosts a bigger community and have access to a wide range of resources and libraries. This also helped React Native in gaining huge popularity among the developer communities. Apps developed using React Native are reliable, cost-effective, and more stable when compared to normal native apps of the same kind. React Native showcases the high performance and allows multiple usages of available codes. Apps developed using React Native possess an eye-candy user interface and offer an outstanding user experience.

Though there exist many other cross-functional mobile app development platforms, React Native is standalone among all of them. From a Web developer’s perception, he can effortlessly handle React Native with his expertise in Web technology. One doesn’t need to spare extra time learning React Native and he can make use of his previous coding experiences. All these features have provided a huge fan base for React Native as an app development platform.

Minimum Viable Product Development Using React Native

As we have mentioned earlier in this blog, almost all entrepreneurs go for the MVP model to validate their business idea before the development of a fully-fledged mobile app. React Native, the best hybrid mobile app development platform ever existed, facilitates multiple opportunities and highlights wide features when applied for an MVP mode of mobile app development.

The advantages of using React Native in a Minimum Viable Product mode of development are many. It helps one save a quality amount of time and reduces the app development cost to an extreme margin. When it comes to delivery time, an MVP built using React Native is delivered faster than MVP built on any other platform. As React Native is rich in third-party plug-ins, it hosts a huge potential. Going for React Native whilst MVP is like having a high-end app with top-notch UIs, Animations, and simplified designs. Less development time and increased efficiency are the other factors that make React Native the best choice when it comes to MVP.


From the above data, i1 it’s crystal clear that no other platforms can ever replace React Native in the role of developing successful MVPs. DxMinds Innovation Labs, the leading app development and digital transformation company in India, USA, UAE, and many other major countries across the globe helps enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs in developing successful MVPs using React Native. DxMinds help you successfully validate your business ideas by leveraging various technologies. For more details:

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