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Machine Learning Development Companies in India

Did you order a pizza today on Alexa? The answer will be a big Yes since we have become dependent upon digital assistants for each and everything. Alexa follows the human instructions, gives suggestions, and even plays favorite songs upon their request. Machine Learning is an important part of Artificial Intelligence which empowers machines to work as a human to naturally learn and improve the functioning of the machine without being programmed.

Machine learning has become dominant in our life. With the increasing demand for machine learning, many machine learning companies in India have increased. These best machine learning companies in India leveraged the full potential of computational learning, nature-inspired algorithms to the fullest advantage of their customers offering them full-fledged machine learning services.

AI has become an integral and crucial part of most organizations. The silicon valley of India, Bangalore has several proficient top machine learning development companies in Bangalore. The efficient AI developers and machine learning developers offer the best class service.

AI is like everywhere and has acquired almost every sector. Hence many businesses have started finding it a daunting task to find the best machine learning company in India.

How to select the best machine learning companies in India?

AI has become quite an essential part of our life. With the increase in demand among enterprises and large-scale companies, there is a requirement by every business to invest in artificial intelligence. It has become an quitessential task to search for the top machine learning development companies in India is going on. Let’s dive into some of the reasons to get information about the features of the best AI development agency in India:

  • Experience
  • Technical expertise
  • Trustworthy
  • Testimonials
  • Proven history
  • Diverse Portfolio

Experts are Just a Click Away

    On-time delivery

    With the on-going innovations and evolutions in machine learning, the proficient artificial intelligence team leverages new- tools and technologies to build and deliver on-demand AI applications that your users are urging for.

    The best machine learning development company in Bangalore always makes sure that every aspect of the development of the project. This process guarantees the timely delivery of the ultimate project. They adhere to strict timelines.

    Secure applications

    The businesses need to  secure the data , hence these top machine learning development companies in Bangalore make sure that the company’s AI projects are required to follow safety measures. These companies are prepared to sign non-disclosure agreements to guarantee the safety of concepts and strategies. 

    Standard design and development

    The top machine learning companies in Bangalore must emphasize the knowledge and expertise of AI developers. Hence they look for companies that have an expert team of developers. Their expertise makes sure that their application design and style standards are internationally accepted.

    QA assurance testing

    The technical disruptions in the AI applications result in a loss of customer satisfaction, hence testing is done to make sure that the application functions properly. The top machine learning company in India makes sure that the final application is free of bugs.

    Let’s dive into the list of top machine learning companies in India:

    1. DxMinds Technologies

    DxMinds Technologies

    DxMinds Technologies is one of the best machine learning companies in India for providing reliable and proficient services for all businesses. They have an expert team that implements cutting-edge technologies to offer the best-in-class application.

    Being ISO 9001: 2015 certified and have extensive years of experience in the

     field of artificial intelligence domain thrives to bring your ideas into reality. Our proficient team of engineers and certified project managers imply agile methodology in the mobile app development process and methodologies so that to help clients reduce the go-to-market timeframe.

    We have enabled customized applications for enterprises and start-ups worldwide.

    The expert team has rich industry experiences and in-depth technical expertise to develop business-centric artificial intelligence apps which help enterprises to stay ahead in the market.

    DxMinds, one of the machine learning company in India is a passionate and futuristic machine learningcompany in Bangalore, India . It leverages the complete potential of pattern recognition ,mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, self-optimizing and algorithms to the full advantage of its customers offering tailor -made machine learning services and solutions.

    These following industries utilizes machine language:

    1. Banking and Finance
    2. Healthcare
    3. Retail
    4. Oil and Gas Industry
    5. E-Commerce
    6. Telecommunication
    7. FMCG

    Website –

    Number of employees- 250-999


    • Mobile App Development
    • Gaming App Development
    • Microsoft Technologies
    • ERP Software Development
    • CRM Development
    • Open Source Technologies
    • Progressive Web App
    • AR/VR/MR
    • AI, Machine Learning And Data Science
    • Blockchain Development
    • Chatbot Development
    • Iot
    • Cloud Computing
    • Devops

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      2. Applify


      Are you planning to consider working with an award-winning machine learning company in India? If yes, start working with Applify, which is a one-stop solution for an every machine learningrequirements armed with an experienced development team, a marketing ninja, and a proficient business consultant,

      With its offices in the UK, US, UAE, Qatar, Singapore, and India, it strives hard to develop world-class applications for prominent businesses and start-ups.

      They possess a dedicated project manager who does a close eye on focus and sheer dedication. On-time delivery is something they adhere to. But they have never compromised on the quality of the product.

      You can easily rely on Applify since the project managers predict the setbacks in the project development in advance and change the development process with no setbacks. They take complete responsibility of the project and enhance the idea since they go deep into development. Applify is armed with a great team of designers who outstandingly design the product.

      Website – www.

      Number of employees- 51-200

      Services –

      • Mobile app development,
      • Mobile app designing
      • iOS technologies
      • Android technologies
      • UI/UX designing
      • Mobile app branding
      • Mobile technology consultancy

      3. ALTEN Calsoft Labs

      ALTEN Calsoft Labs

      Being a part of ALTEN Group(a $2.5 billion company) Alten Calsoft Labs offers digital transformation by upscaling disruptive technologies like mobility, big data analytics, cloud computing, IoT, and software-defined networking.

      With its headquarters in Silicon Valley in California, it offers the ability to leverage leading-edge business and technologies to support customers around the globe.

      As an additional benefit, the team also offers consultation services in the field of technological solutions that help businesses to leverage their online business.

      Website –

      Number of employees – 1001-5000

      Services –

      • Big data analytics
      • mobility,
      • Cloud enablement
      • IT security
      • Machine learning
      • product engineering services
      • SAP Oracle NetSuite
      • DevOps
      • Internet of Things(IoT)
      • Networking and Telecom
      • Software-defined networking
      • Embedded,
      • Semiconductor,
      • Clinical Data Manager,
      •  Clinical SAS Analyst,
      •  Clinical Data Analyst,
      •  Life Sciences,
      •  Blockchain

      4. DataSemantics


      Data Semantics is one of the leading top machine learning companies in India with a vision to empower every organization to help them leverage the potential of its data assets.

      With its headquarters in Bangalore, India, and its offices in 6 global locations including United Arab Emirates, USA, and Europe. It aims at offering people information about data management and visualization to help customers make quick and smart decisions.

      It utilizes artificial intelligence, big data, and data warehousing solutions.

      The company is one of the top 20 analytics companies by Silicon India 2018 & CIO Review India 2014 as one of the top 20 BI companies.


      Number of employees-200-500 employees

      Our Services include:

      • Business Intelligence
      • Visualization Artificial Intelligence
      • Machine Learning Application
      • Data Modernization
      • Robotic Process Automation
      • Big Data Analytics
      • Data Warehouse
      •  Modernization Advanced Analytics
      • Internet of Things

      5. eMudhra


      eMudhra has brought up the revolution of several businesses with a combination of docent processing, AI, and data security platforms to enterprises across the world. The top AI development companies in India  has a unique mix of enterprise and consumer-driven solutions in digital technology areas that are aimed at customer value propositions.

      They strive hard to stay relevant with a market-based approach to drive solutions that address our customer’s requirements and enhance their ease of operation. Over the past decade, it transforms the way consumers interact with large organizations including the government.


      Number of employees- 201-500


      • Trust Services
      • Data analytics
      • Cybersecurity

      6. Space -O-Technologies

      Space -O-Technologies

      Space -O-Technologies, being one of the best AI development agency in India is

      The one-stop solution for every artificial intelligence and machine learning solution. If you have given them an idea, they will deliver you a world-class mobile application according to the clientele’s requirements.

      The company is accolade with certified award-winning mobile app Development Company with its offices in the USA, Canada, and India.

      Their expert team of 250+ engineers, developers, android and iPhone app developers, UI & UX designers, artificial intelligence, and machine learning professionals.

      They have successfully deployed over 3500+ mobile apps over a decade. They have followed the agile methodology to create innovative solutions.



      • Ipad Dev, Mobile Web Dev,
      • Mobile Game Dev,
      • Amazon App Dev,
      • Windows Azure, Salesforce,
      • CMS Web Dev, Drupal Dev, Joomla Dev, WordPress Dev, UX Design, ASP.NET Dev, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Internet of Things, wearable apps, and On-demand App Solutions

      7. Opteamix LLC

      Opteamix LLC

      Opteamix LLC is a best machine learning company in Bangalore, India, which embraces tech-driven and cutting-edge solutions to deliver business solutions leveraging global technology delivery practices.

      Over time, it has given consultation services to companies around the globe in the field of Application development, robotic process automation, AI, DevOps, enterprise mobility, automation services.

      With its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, it delivers world-class application development services. We always make sure that our clients are satisfied as we adhere to utilize digital technology to leverage futuristic technologies. We deliver a spectrum of technology solutions- artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

      Website –

      Number of employees- 200-501 employees

      Services- Digital transformation, Application Development, and Maintenance, Testing Services, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, TechOps, and Chatbots

      The Final Word

      If you are planning to get in contact with the top  machine learning development company in India, then the above list of companies will help you gain some ideas about the companies, their services, and a lot more.

      But the most prior factor which needs to be considered while selecting the top machine learningdevelopment companies in India is to hire the right AI developer. The team of experienced developers has extensive years of experience in the domain of Artificial Intelligence.

      Below written are some of the advantages of an Artificial intelligence and machine learning development company:

      1. Skilled developers with 10+ years of experience in the same domain.

      2. No extra payments; pay for the tasks done.

      3. On-time delivery

      4. Project is guided by proficient developers

      5. Adhere to a no-disclosure contract

      6. 24*7 support and maintenance

      7. Agile methodology

      DxMinds is a passionate and futuristic machine learning company in Bangalore, India . It leverages the complete potential of pattern recognition, mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, self-optimizing and algorithms to the full advantage of its customers offering tailor -made machine learning services and solutions.

      Our team believes that the organizations need to radically innovate and transform the digital revolution  We deliver innovative digital solutions offered by industry professionals with distinct vision of driving business value to enterprises  through Automation, AI, ML and digital solutions.The expert team build solutions and codes passionately to help customerts gain edge and explore new possibilities.

      Searching for a company that is armed with an expert team of experienced professionals? Then get in contact with DxMinds, the top machine learning development company in  India. Make sure you tell your requirements to the company so that they can deliver the applications acoording to the requirements.

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