Is React Native App Development a Perfect Choice For Startups?

Is React Native App Development a Perfect Choice For Startups?

Is React Native App Development a Perfect Choice For Startups?

Choosing the correct technology for your startup is an overwhelming task. The choice is significantly harder in case you’re considering building up a mobile app – in addition to the fact that you have to pick a reasonable tech stack for your business logic, yet you additionally need to consider the platform for your target audience (Android or iOS). Fortunately, React Native is here – it’s a cross-stage framework that can assist you in solving two problems at once.

So, is React Native a great decision for startups?

Yes, it is, until recently start-ups needed to face the challenge of making a native app for both Android and iOS with an appealing UI/UX yet in addition striking to a proper budget. React Native has given an incredible option despite the fact that it dislikes a knight in a sparkling defensive layer for every single starting organization. It’s quickly gaining ground in mobile app development and most of the software companies utilize this framework. In what manner would your startup be able to take advantage of that?

What is React Native?

React Native is a well-known JavaScript structure, which is liable for the transmission of ideas of web development into mobile app development. This framework is most loved by developers as it uses them to create mobile applications by utilizing current JavaScript information.

The beneficial thing about React Native is that it has the capacity to create applications quicker with interactive user experience. Regardless of whether you are new to the application development, at that point, you can work with this framework without issue.

Techniques to Develop an App

There are ideally three different ways to build up an application, how about we see:

  • Native App Development (Native Android Studio and Xcode for iOS are used)
  • Hybrid App Development (Single code for cross-platforms)
  • Mobile Web Development (Single app runs across mobile and web)

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    What you should consider for your startup? 

    To kick things off for a startup is a troublesome task, and when you need to build up an app, at that point it turns out to be much progressively difficult. What do you need to do in that case? All things considered, you need to take a look at various factors, for example, project ideation, services, and framework.

    Pretty much everyone is utilizing mobile apps, so you need to think about unique ideas and ways to deal with your potential audience. Both of these need to stand out from all perspectives. Here are some significant factors that you have to concentrate on while building up an application for a startup.

    • The app and thought should be incredible.
    • The app ought to be intended to convey ideal execution.
    • The app should coordinate with all OS (Android and iOS) consistently.

    Presently, it’s a great opportunity to address the answer for which all of you are here. For what reason should start-ups opt for React Native? There are sufficient reasons behind picking React Native for the app development.

    Start-ups require something cost-effective 

    This is one of the fundamental reasons behind picking React Native for app creation. It is financially savvy and offers speedy development, which start-ups primary consideration in any case.


    Utilizing React Native, you will effectively get your hands on MVP venture. Continuously remember that MVP should be created by considering investors and user preferences for getting better results. By thinking about all the above facts, it is sheltered to state that React Native is valuable in offering quick and powerful solutions by integrating modern trends.

    Quick Speed 

    React Native is quick compared with different frameworks and offers viable services to both the users and the developers. Nonetheless, quick development relies upon the scope of variables like the number of stacks that are deployed, the app type that you are developing, and many more.

    Improved Security 

    JavaScript is used as the center development language, which limits the odds of defects. The applications that are created utilizing React Native are difficult to hack, which makes it profoundly dependable in terms of security.

    Cross-stage Support 

    Since iOS and Android are the main platforms, the development of react-native for these two will be an overwhelming task. The cross-platform ability is the best part about the React Native structure i.e., the single code base will be utilized for both the stages.

    React Native is the ideal platform for building native apps for cross-stages, for example, Android and iOS. Not just that, this framework will enable developers to fabricate an app that will run on various platforms easily.

    How does this work? The stage will distinguish the platform on which the app is running and in a flash gets the correct document. Hence, the React Native apps can be created by utilizing a solitary code base for Android and iOS at the same time.

    Saves more Time 

    This is one of the strong reasons for using this structure for app development. With this framework, you don’t need to develop two diverse applications for Android and iOS. This takes out the need to learn and execute tow vernaculars, and you can build up an app in less time. It is entirely clear that you will save a lot of time that you can contribute to testing and updates.

    Better UI/UX 

    React Native is about mobile UI. In case that you compare this framework with different structures like Angular JS, at that point you will make sense that it looks more kind of a JavaScript library than a framework. It utilizes third-party libraries, and React Native Material Design, React Native Elements, and so forth are few libraries, which developers can get to.

    Native User Experience 

    The basic distinction between React Native and different cross-platform structures like Cordova is that inside this, the app will be in HTML and JavaScript in Web View. However, in React Native, it will call the native platform straightforwardly.

    Hot Reload Option 

    With React Native, you don’t need to run the program over and over (on the off chance that you need to adjust a bit of source code inside React Native platform). Attributable to this feature, you can without much of a stretch view the changes continuously.

    Best Development Environment 

    At the point when it is about cross-platform app development, React Native offers the most appropriate advancement among all others.

    For example, you don’t need to trust that your code will incorporate for checking on little edits, React Native can make changes in your running application with no compelling reason to restart.

    Likewise, React Native has a format engine called Flex box, which grants you to use the precise design code for iOS and Android while in different cross-platform systems you require three distinctive layout engines.

    With all the above advantages, it’s clear why app development services are adopting React Native so speedy. Indeed, even there are numerous tech giants which are using this framework attributable to these set of advantages.

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      Top Tech Gaints Who Have Adopted React Native 


      it shouldn’t be unexpected that Instagram, having a place with Facebook, additionally takes points of interest to React Native’s functionalities. Their developers ported message pop-ups to React Native and executed another tab which enabled users to spare posts that they discovered motivating. This framework additionally tackled their concern with Post Promote highlight, prior implemented as a Web View – with React Native they accomplished quicker startup time and progressively more UX.


      They actualized React Native mobile app since they were not sure at all with the hybrid app performance and as of now had a site code base utilizing React, so this cross-platform system appeared to be a characteristic decision. Because of this arrangement, 95% of mobile app code base is shared among iOS and Android!


      React Native encouraged UberEats to remake their restaurant dashboard. Developers battled with improving driver’s correspondence with eateries and usage of a demo app permitted them, among others, to use crash reporting libraries. In spite of the fact that React Native is anything but a major piece of their building ecosystem system, Uber designers are anticipating working with this framework more later on.

      Top Startups Adopted React Native 

      SoundCloud Pulse

      Soundcloud, Berlin-based start-up established in 2007, required another app for makers and they chose to construct it with React Native yet in 2015. The team of three developers conveyed the first version following four months, two months before the evaluated delivery time!


      On the off chance that you are a traveler, you most likely know this Australian startup. They got extremely positive reviews from their app users and acknowledged particularly the speed of React Native development.


      This app is an amazing model that React Native functions admirably with e-commerce ventures – a Korean beauty store for this situation. A group of three developers and one Project Manager, without previous experience with application building, conveyed the first version in quite a while.


      React Native is a top framework for app development. Because of its lively ecosystem and the nature of the app it conveys, React Native is to be a promising cross-platform structure. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are working for a startup and need to build a cross-platform app, at that point hire react native development company as per your requirement and achieve your business goal.

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