Internet of Things: A boon or a curse for business development

Internet of Things: A boon or a curse for business development

Have you ever thought of accessing devices at your home far from the location of your home? Does it sound magical to you? Then it is not magic or just imagination anymore. It is possible with the latest technological advancement known as Inter of Things, a powerful technology that can give remote access to any physical device. The potential of this technology is not limited to household boundaries. It has proven its potential in other major business sectors too. It has emerged as the biggest reason for the latest industrial revolutions. If summarized, the Internet of Things comprises all those devices which are or can be connected to the Internet. In today’s technological world, most businesses are hiring IoT developers in India to incorporate automation into their practices.

Using IoT technology, one can add sensors to the devices. It has reduced the size of sensors and has made it easy to fit in the smallest devices too. Right from small wearable watches to the biggest moving vehicles, everywhere you can find the existence of IoT. This technology has empowered most of the business sectors these days with amazing transformation. The task is carried out by combining devices using automated systems. Using the same anyone can make actions from a remote area and also can collect data from the same.

Apps developed using IoT:

There are several apps developed by IoT App Development Companies for various business sectors. The use of IoT is not limited to any sector or device. Are you an entrepreneur looking to develop an app for your business development but in dilemma about whether it is the right option for your business or not? Most businesses started heading towards hiring IoT app developers in Dubai, India, etc. If you are still confused then read ahead, here we have mentioned a few examples of IoT app development:

Smart home appliances:

Almost home electronic appliances can be controlled remotely. TV, AC, fridge, and other gadgets too are updated with the help of IoT. These types of operations work with the help of the data collection program. In such procedures, firstly data is collected from the device then monitored, controlled, and transferred using an internet connection. This procedure allows the device to execute functions automatically based on the input received from the internet.

  • Lighting:

Lights are very common gadgets that we often forget to turn off while leaving the room. Now we have a wide range of lighting accessories. Now with the help of technology, you can schedule the timing of turn on/off.  Also, IoT helps you to manage the lighting of smart devices and makes it possible to manage these lighting devices with your actions.

  • Door:

With the help of IoT, the future will assist you to operate your door-closing and opening system too. It will be possible to control your doors with your customized gestures. It can be operated with facial recognition or many other types of gesture operations.

  • Windows:

Windows are becoming smarter too. Now the actions of windows can be controlled depending on the sunlight and rain. This is also possible with the innovation of the Internet of Things. But the actions can also be controlled manually or using a remote, which means the execution of your windows will not be limited to the amount of sunlight and rain.

  • Gardens:

In the future, you can estimate your gardens to be smarter with an auto-detection of soil dryness which can trigger the initiation of an irrigation system to water the plants, ensuring the plants are watered timely.

Smart IoT Retail App

With the expertise of smart IoT app developers, we have got the best automation tools to manage the most hectic task of managing the retail sector. Several retail tasks, such as inventory management, discounts management, billing with bar codes, automated checkouts, supply chain management, and more are done using IoT technology.

  • Automated checkouts: Billing lines were the most tedious work for customers which was consuming most of the time in the shopping malls. With the help of IoT, these billing systems can be automated based on the tags of the items they are having while leaving the store.
  • Personalized Discounts: Rewards are loved by everyone and if it is personalized then folks get more tempted towards it. IoT technology is allowing IoT app developers to develop apps to serve completely personalized discounts based on their past purchase history.
  • Beacons: do you want to send notifications to all the customers near your shop about the latest discounts, offers, and rewards available at your store to enhance the sales of your store? Hire dedicated IoT developers to develop an app that assists you in enhancing sales with personalized notifications to your customers.

IoT apps for cars:

IoT apps for cars

IoT app development has brought a revolution in the automotive industry with an enhanced user experience. IoT apps are helping car manufacturers to make it safer than ever before. It is also the best way for car drivers to reach out to the destination without any delay using the best route guided by the IoT apps. There are multiple applications of IoT app development in the automotive industry and hiring IoT developers in India is boosting the automobile sector with more innovative ideas and easier management. A few applications of IoT are listed below:

  • Fleet management: During the transportation of heavy trucks, fleet management becomes a hectic task when done manually. IoT is helping the automotive sector to integrate sensors into trucks for weight measurement, tracking location, and many other features too. With its help, you can know the real-time location of your vehicle and also can track the traffic condition of the road that opted to transport that particular vehicle. This helps the fleet operator to simplify the task and get it done quickly using cloud storage.
  • Connected cars: Connected cars are the new trend of automation in which all the cars moving on the road will be connected having control over speed based on the speed of other vehicles riding on the road. This will lessen the chance of accidents to zero. Connected cars are coming with various connections, such as cars to cars, cars to infrastructure, cars to pedestrians, cars to the network, and many more.
  • Automotive maintenance system: These many years, car maintenance was an important task that people were supposed to remember to avoid breakdowns or any other issues appearing during the journey. Hiring IoT app developers can assist you to develop sensors for various components of vehicles potent to analyze the component, collect and transfer data, and process it to give the actual condition of various parts of the vehicle to avoid any breakdown.

IoT for the medical sector:

The medical industry is also not untouched by the miracles of IoT. A huge transformation has been witnessed in recent years. With you talk about the patients or the physicians, both benefit from the IoT app development companies in India. Most of the manual work has been eradicated from the medical sector by importing a technology of machine-to-machine communication, all credits go to the top IoT app developers in India. Various advancements made by IoT are mentioned below:

  • IoT for patients: Smart devices like wearables, apps in smartphones, etc. are becoming a good reason for the rapid change in the health conditions of various patients. Most of the healthcare businesses and technological business-orienting healthcare sector are hiring IoT app developers to develop apps that can automatically tally the basic health condition of folks, mentioning their heart rate, body temperature, physical activities, and many more. This is assisting patients to keep a constant track record of their health and tally it precisely.
  • IoT for Physicians: Immediate medical is now possible without traveling so far to the health care centers. IoT app developers have developed a wide range of medical equipment that can be transported to the patient’s home allowing physicians the health of the patients remotely.
  • IoT for hospitals: IoT has a strong influence over hospital management also. The sensor used in IoT devices is implanted into the hospital equipment allowing the management to know their exact location when needed.  It also helps the hospital to keep a track record of patients by allowing the machines to send all the details directly to the cloud to store them for further reference without any human involvement.

IoT in smart manufacturing:

The Manufacturing industry has taken great benefit from IoT technology. With every successive day manufacturing industry is becoming smarter. Various actions included in the manufacturing industries are automated using IoT app development, such as supply chain management, monitoring safety, and more. IoT-driven actions incorporated in manufacturing industries are listed below:

  • Digital Twining: The Manufacturing industry covers small to giant product manufacturing, in which trial and error methods don’t have any scope. A small error in manufacturing can bring a big loss for business owners. IoT is here to give the perfect solution for all manufacturing issues. In today’s digitized world, most manufacturers are hiring dedicated IoT app developers to develop digital twining apps having the capability of creating a digital replica of the product and making all the changes to the replica, and measuring all the attributes with it, such as efficiency operational speed, output, and many more.
  • Supply chain management: Controlling an effective and well-connected supply chain management is crucial for the manufacturing industry to work efficiently, but it is also one of the most tedious jobs. The incorporation of IoT can assist you to control your supply chain automatically. With the help of dedicated IoT developers, most of the manufacturers started using sensors in their equipment for used delivery of material to know the exact location and manage it properly.

Technologies used for IoT app development:

There are a plethora of technologies involved in the Internet of Things. The basic concept of IoT is connecting myriad devices but one size fits all will not work when the same technology is being used in various business sectors. Several technologies are accompanying IoT to assist IoT developers in building the latest apps. Let’s get to know all the technologies boosting up the IoT:

  • LPWANs: It stands for Low Power Wide Area Networks.  The ultimate intention of IoT is to establish communication between all electronic devices remotely. It will only be possible if one device can collect and transfer accurate data to another machine within the lowest possible time. LPWAN can serve long-range communications at a low rate, as it requires very little bandwidth to transfer small blocks of data. Another benefit of using LPWAN is that it is not time-sensitive. Technologies have advanced in recent years, and now even LPWANs are available in a wide range with the capacity of multiple bandwidths.
  • Networking topologies: While connecting the devices using IoT, networking plays a crucial role in placing the components in the right topology of networks. Majorly two types of networks are being used in developing IoT applications, i.e. Star and Mesh. Start topology connects all the devices to one single device; mostly it is the gateway of the internet. In such topology, the central node with which the rest of the nodes is connected is known as an access point and the rest of the nodes are known as stations. Whereas, in a mesh topology, each node is interconnected with each other creating multiple nodes within the same network.
  • Interoperability standards: One of the major changes faced by the IoT industry is setting an effective connection between the devices within the network. The intercommunication of nodes is known as interoperability. The Internet of Engineering Task Force is an open standards organization that states all the Internet Protocol standards.

The latest wireless protocols are:

  • Size of data transfer blocks
  • Range of connectivity
  • Power requirements
  • Networking topology


IoT is acting as a booster for most of the business industries. Ranging from medicine to aerospace, each business sector has found IoT as one of the most potent tools to connect multiple devices capable of producing, collecting, transferring, and processing data.  Most of the business industries around the globe started hiring IoT developers from India giving a new way of transformation to their industry. Businesses are more concentrated on developing customized IoT solutions that can fit a business’s requirements precisely.

To develop such an innovative app, just IoT is not enough; rather several technologies are accompanied along with the IoT technology to completely leverage technological advancements. 


  • Is it possible to scale up the IoT apps?

Yes, of course. With the fast-paced growing technology and an increasing number of connected devices, most IoT applications are developed keeping its scalability factor as a major concern allowing the app to keep a margin to connect myriad devices, features, users, etc. in the future.

  • How cost-effective is the implementation of an IoT solution?

A company will need to bear the development and maintenance cost of the IoT application but the profits it offers to your business will be limitless. It will assist you in automating most of your tasks by connecting several devices at once, also reducing the chances of error. IoT applications also bring preciseness to your work culture, ramping up your business revenue. The most important task accomplished using IoT devices is bridging out the missing connections of vehicles, equipment, and devices.

  • Hiring IoT developers in India?

Most of the businesses of various domains are hiring IoT developers from India and the reason is the amazing skillset offered by them. They are highly skilled with IoT-friendly programming and also have extensive knowledge of various technologies incorporated with IoT to develop the best app. Also, hiring developers in India will be cost-effective as the pay scale of Indian developers is comparatively lower than that of developers in other countries.

  • What sector do you serve for IoT app development?

DXMinds is one of the leading companies in offshoring top software developers and IoT is one of the trendiest technologies with which we have assisted several business domains to grow and expedite their revenue. Major business sectors our professionals have worked with are home appliances, retail, automobiles, medical, manufacturing, wearables, and many more.

  • Where does the IoT application store its data and what if it fails?

All the IoT apps are developed with direct connectivity to the cloud, to enable the device to set the connection with the cloud and store data forever. In case the device loses the connection with the Cloud, it will store the processed data in device memory till it regains a strong connection with the Cloud and transfers it. In any condition, your data will be safe and will eventually get stored in the cloud.

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