How the Automotive Industry using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology?

How the Automotive Industry using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology?

The automotive industry is always on the verge of disruption by the best adaption of state of the art technologies. And the prominent one among such technologies is IoT, also known as the Internet of Things. IoT has turned out in becoming a key factor that decides the success of any organization, regardless of its size or structure. Futuristic innovations that are taking place aggressively in the automotive IoT sector is not only helping businesses make it big but also is adding much value to the lives of its beneficiaries. With the best IoT practices and use cases, automotive businesses can revamp the traditional structures, all for the good.

Automotive IoT has turned out in becoming the buzzword in the town. Over the past couple of years, uninterrupted researches and findings were carried out to mold the perfect IoT mixture for the automotive industry and the technology is still evolving. The best implementation of IoT in the automotive sector is ensuring its smooth and hassle-free operations. In simpler words, we can say that IoT is redefining the automotive industry with its futuristic applications and use cases. This article deals with and is all about automotive IoT and how it is revamping the frameworks of businesses based in the automotive industry.

More about IoT

In this tech-savvy era, anything and everything can be connected to each other with the help of the internet and sensors integrated into it. The things can be literally anything, ranging from objects to devices, electronics, electrical, animals, or even human beings. IoT-enabled devices turned out to be smart enough that they can send, store, transmit, and process data via the internet and sensors. Hence the term Internet of things. Automation is the bi-product of IoT and it is taking industries far more and beyond. With IoT enabled gadgets and devices, organizations are capable of achieving highly accurate results that help them in solving real-world challenges. IoT in the automotive industry has a lot to do right from the scratch. IoT help makes the automotive business flourish like anything in the most modern era. It not only let business owners is outpacing the competition, but helps the end consumers in leveling up their lifestyle in such a way that the best within them is exposed.

Top IoT applications in the automotive industry

top iot in automotive

Fleet management

IoT fleet management solutions are offering logistics and fleet management organizations in running their businesses at high-profit levels. The enhanced opportunities put forward by IoT in the fleet management verticals are helping businesses set across the domain in increasing their bandwidth, thereby making their business a standalone one. With IoT integration in fleet management, business owners are now able to track their fleets on a real-time basis like never before. They are given the chance to experience in real what is happening inside the fleet, monitor fleet statistics, diver monitoring facilities, and much more. Also, it has helped businesses to enhance operational efficiency and profitability. IoT fleet management solution is one of the flagship use cases put forward by this technology and is serving businesses across the globe in scaling their operations to a much larger extent.


Telematics is all about tracking, analyzing, and reporting the operations within a vehicle. Its wider adoptions are bringing the best out of the automotive industry. With a telematics system integrated onboard, business owners can never leave out the chances of being successful. Telematics knows no bounds and is structured to assist the automotive businesses in the best possible manner. Its uninterrupted yet potential contributions to the automotive industry helps businesses dominated in this sector in analyzing and tracking various in-house operations, events, and activities that are taking place within a vehicle. Some of such activities include speed tracking, emergency braking, fuel management, driver management, mileage calculator, etc.

Predictive maintenance

The integration of IoT warns you a lot more before the maintenance period so that you can take care of it and save an extra penny. With IoT enabled predictive maintenance system integrated onboard, business owners can analyze the performance of various vehicle components on a high level. Meaning, if the vehicle is going to a situation where the further running of it beyond a limit will cause its engine to fail, the IoT predictive maintenance system will warn about this to the business owner so he can address this issue as early as possible. It also covers a wide array of diagnostics and a pro diagnostics process that helps businesses eliminate unwanted overhead costs.

Vehicle to Vehicle communication (V2V)

Vehicle to vehicle communication is one of the latest adoptions of the Internet of things in the automotive industry and its applications and use cases are wide, extensive, and known no border. Under the V2V communication system, each vehicle act as nodes. It is capable of transmitting, storing, and receiving data to and from nearby vehicles. The set of data transmitted, stored, and received comprises of the nearby obstacles, lane traffic. potholes, hindrance in the road, and much more. On a high level, this communication keeps the vehicle on track and prevents it from being colliding that enhance the safety of both passengers and driver in the fleet. A lot more researches are taking place aggressively in the domain and jaw-dropping results and furthermore applications are expected in the near future.

Autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars are tending out to be the trendsetters and are becoming the talk of the town. When it comes to implementing self-driving cars, IoT upholds a prominent role as any other technologies involved in the process. The role played by IoT and its related application in making autonomous vehicles a reality is a huge potential and cannot be ignored.

A lot more

The above are some of the applications of IoT in the automotive industry. The scope of IoT in the automotive sector is vast and enormous and it is not just limited to the applications mentioned above. Technologists are trying their best to figuring out the futuristic applications of IoT in the automotive industry and its future is bright. A lot more applications of IoT in the automotive industry are in the pipe line and we can expect to have it on board as early as possible.

How to avail of IoT automotive services?

Are you an automotive business owner looking forward to having IoT services enabled on your fleets? Are you the one struggling hard to figure out the right technology partners to associate with for making your dream a reality? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. With the best IoT development approaches and use cases, DxMinds Technologies, the best product engineering and digital transformation agency in the globe have launched a subsidiary company named DxAutomotive Systems that primarily focuses on delivering technology solutions for automotive businesses. DxAutomotive systems comprise a wide array of profound technologists who can roll out the state of the art technologies like IoT to bring the most out of your business. The top of the line services imparted by the well-versed resources at DxAutomotive systems helps you tackle your complex business challenges and outpace them with utmost accuracy and potentiality.

DxMinds Resource hiring models

Combination ODC, Turnkey, BOT

Hiring resources at DxMinds Technologies for meeting your requirements cannot be made as simple as this. One can seamlessly avail of potential services in a hassle-free manner as DxMinds rolls out highly flexible engagement models. Let us have a deep dive into those engagement models.

Offshore development center

Offshore development centers are one of the flagship engagement models hosted by DxMinds Technologies. By associating with DxMinds for the offshore development center, you are given the chance to associate with top of the line resources available in their resource pool. They analyze your business requirements in detail and deliver the most accurate services. DxMinds ODC model fits the best for you if your project consumes longer development periods. Also, it helps you save 40–45% of the development cost and can help you avail full-fledged development costs at an economical pricing structure.

Turnkey and co-owned projects

The turnkey and the co-owned project is also known to be the fixed cost model. Under the fixed cost model, you can avail of full-fledged services in a productive manner within the specified time range and budget. This model can fit you the best if your project needs to be delivered in a pre-mentioned milestone. Under this model, the resources will be charged on an hourly or on monthly basis and the payment has to be done as the project achieves each pre-mentioned milestone.

Build operate transfer

The BOT engagement model itself has all the ingredients that help you in availing top of the line services. With the DxMinds BOT engagement model, you can just sit back, relaxing. It is designed to meet and greet several of your requirements in a precise manner. The wholesome of the engagement model is subdivided into three phases, the build phase, operate phase, and transfer phase. The build phase is where team DxMinds help you build everything from the scratch and this includes setting up amenities, infrastructures, hiring resources, and much more. In the operate phase, the team ensures the system is running in a hassle-free manner without any flaws and when it comes to the transfer phase, the legal ownership of the full-fledged system gets transferred to the respective clients upon request.

Why DxMinds IoT services?

Precise and accurate

Agile methodology

Jaw-dropping solution

State of the art technologies

Cutthroat innovation


How can I avail of IoT services for my automobile industry?

You can approach DxMinds Technologies, the leading product engineering company to have full-fledged automobile IoT services that meet and greet your precise requirements.

What makes DxMinds the best IoT service provider for the automotive industry?

Profound expertise and mastery over technology, the capability to deliver the most accurate solutions, etc. are some of the key factors that make DxMinds a standalone IoT development company.

Does DxMinds have any engagement models?

BOT, ODC, Fixed cost model, etc. are some of the potential engagement models put forward by DxMinds Technologies.

How much does it cost to develop an automotive IoT solution at DxMinds?

The development cost depends upon the scope of the work, technology integration, complexity, etc. However, one will find it hard to figure out developers that are as economical as developers they hire from DxMinds.

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