How Technology is Transforming Transportation and Mobility

How Technology is Transforming Transportation and Mobility Industry as a Whole

How Digital Technology is Transforming Public Transport Sector and Mobility

Technology has been applied vigorously throughout the lengths and breadths of the transportation sector for its betterment. Amidst the intervention of technology at a huge pace, the transportation sector is all set to take a 360-degree full-fledged boom. The core concept of how the transportation sector has to be is changing thoroughly, thanks to modern technologies and innovations that made it happen.

Mobility providers are investing heavily in technologies to explore the other side of what innovation can bring to the table. The future of transportation is bright with the essence of technology integrated into it. It can make the odds even, the impossible possible, and even capable of making the dream come true.

Technology has always brought wonders in our lives and history repeats in mobility as well. As a core adaptor of technology, the transportation, and mobility industry will of course, without any second thought will transform the entire mobility industry.

This blog mainly deals with the multitude of opportunities technology has brought into the space of mobility, the intervention of technology in modern transportation, and its futuristic aspects.

· Driverless vehicles drive the future ahead

Self-driven cars are the latest and updated version of the technology that has been updated in the transportation industry. Driverless vehicles are nothing but vehicles that can operate by themselves in picking up and dropping passengers at their destinations. Driverless vehicles can accelerate and decelerate based on road conditions. It can even identify the obstacles and respond to them accordingly. Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence is made use of the same. It is the practice of teaching a machine to make relevant decisions based on various scenarios considering relevant data and analytics. Even though they are available in the current market, industry experts keep on adding potential modifications on top of the existing frameworks. Automotive giants like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Tesla, Lexus, etc are thriving hard in bringing the best out of driverless vehicles.

· Internet Of Things in transportation

The Internet of Things, as the name itself says is an array of things connected to the Internet. The things can be of anything. It can be your home television, air conditioner, vehicles, or even your home as a whole. The devices or things connected to the internet can be controlled using a smartphone sitting anywhere across the globe. The application of IoT in the transportation sector has brought a high degree of transparency and smoothness. The main advantages in the mobility sector leveraging IoT are

· It offers hassle-free ways of planning the best routes before the ride

Leveraging IoT, the sensors provided in the vehicles host continuous interaction with GPS signals to figure out the roots that are having the least traffic and signal congestions following which the riders can save the quality time of their journey.

· Accident Monitoring System

Integrating IoT into vehicles offers super safety to its riders. Based on the sensors integrated, it will alert the riders if there arouse a chance of an accident. This will enhance the passenger’s safety and prevent the vehicle from collisions.

· Driver Monitoring System

The IoT sensors act as a system to monitor drivers to evaluate their mode of driving. It can figure out the driver’s status while he is riding the car.

· Hyperloop

Hyperloop is the latest mode of transportation which is introduced to enhance the features of mobility. It was introduced by a company called SpaceX, which is owned by Mr. Elon Musk. Hyperloop is a tunnel through which vehicles move at a high speed. The first-of-its-kind hyperloop is all set to launch shortly and It will take one from San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than 35 minutes. Hyperloop runs at a speed of 1200 km/hr.

· On-demand taxi-hailing

Technology has completely disrupted our ways of hailing a taxi. There was a time when one has to hire a taxi by connecting to a call center and the call center acts as the third party between the rider and the driver. Things have dramatically changed now. Anyone can book a ride right at his fingertip from anywhere across the globe. Thanks to mobile apps and taxi mobile application development companies. For they have made our lives hassle-free.

· Application of Blockchain Technology in transportation and logistics

The introduction of Blockchain has brought tremendous change in the area of transportation, logistics, and mobility. It has streamlined a lot of operations in the area of logistics. It is one such industry that has so much paper works and the middleman involved. Right after integrating Blockchain Development into the logistics industry, the concept of the middleman that existed completely got transformed and the profit margin got enhanced.

· Electric Vehicles

Another intervention of technology in our lives is the introduction of electric vehicles or else known to be EVs. The planet-friendly electric vehicle has zero carbon emissions and is free from all particles that cause air pollution. It is the next big thing to flourish which is right now at its early stages. Electric motor vehicles are highly economical and budget-friendly and manufacturing companies like Tesla, Tata and are investing heavily in developing highly durable lithium batteries.


Frequent application of technology will help us in availing high-grade services in the transportation and mobility sector. This indeed will help to bring out the best in our lives and technologies like artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, Internet of things all are dominating and marking their strong presence throughout the mainstream automobile industry. It’s an assured fact that proper mobility and transportation is a right for every individual and technology can be used to any extent to make make it possible. DxMinds Innovation Labs, the leading mobile app Development Company and digital transformation partner offers high-end solutions and products in the mobility and transportation sector for entrepreneurs to explore. For more details, write to us at:

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