Mobile App Development Cost in Nairobi, Kenya

The advent of mobile applications has brought enormous ways of productivity enhancements in our lives. It has helped us in scaling our lives from level A to level Z. In this tech-savvy world, the importance of mobile applications is increasing day by day. Various advantages offered by mobile applications are endless and unparalleled. Technology leveraged mobile applications are capable of creating an ecosystem that set up a space that extends efficiency and the degree of transparency.

When we talk about Kenya, it is a beautiful country having an endless opportunities in the area of technology and mobile solutions. The number of smartphone users in the country is increasing each day at an exponential rate. This has opened the doors of new opportunities where the right usage of mobile applications can help businesses in reaching out to potential customers. Conventional ways of running a business in Kenya overtook by the fresh and new concepts put forward by mobile applications. Businesses in Kenya are aggressively shifting to digital platforms by the best practices of integrating mobile applications into their frameworks. This not only helps business owners but offers enhanced services to the end customers. All these factors combined in summing up the conclusion that mobile applications are transforming the lives of people in Kenya for the good. Businesspersons are actively looking for the digital transformation companies and the cost to develop a mobile application in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose of this blog is to add a bit more transparency to those sets of questions. So, let us get started!

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    More about mobile applications

    Mobile applications are technology’s answer to the question of how it can transform our lives for the good. The intervention mobile applications had on our lives holds an un-ignorable position and that void remains unfilled. We all are well aware of mobile applications and we all are the beneficiaries of the same. Still, if we are coming to the technical side of it, mobile applications are nothing but programmed software that is designed for smartphones. As of now, there exist two main categories of mobile applications; iOS for Apple devices and Android operating system for the android devices. More than three billion mobile applications exist in different app stores and those three billion are designed to serve three billion purposes. This helps us in analyzing the importance of mobile applications in our lives.

    Why businesses in Nairobi, Kenya requires mobile applications to survive

    Mobile applications offer a large number of extended services to businesses in Nairobi, Kenya for it to flourish. It helps businesses in creating a feeling of brand awareness among their customers, thereby attracting more and more potential customers to it. Mobile applications backlash the conventional processes and operations by adding a pinch of technology to it. Various technologies that get integrated into the mobile applications leave a feeling of awesomeness to its clients by taking them through an exemplary customer journey. Also, it offers the business owners hassle free ways of promoting their products and services seamlessly leveraging push notifications, banner ads, and video ads. This is by enabling the business owners in saving potential amount from their budget that can be used for some other purposes otherwise. Mobile applications are faster, easy to use and convenient when compared to conventional websites and all. This helps the customers in availing products and services most reliably. Mobile applications work both online and offline, making it a good choice among the wide community of customers. One will find mobile applications as the best tool to enhance the customer engagement rate. From a business point of view, this can be beneficial for them to increase sales and revenue.

    Features affecting the mobile application development cost in Nairobi, Kenya

    The potentiality of mobile applications has made it a business’s best friend. It offers groundbreaking solutions for a business to get scaled and expanded. One of the main things which set a business far from getting digitalized is the lack of knowledge about the mobile app development cost in Nairobi, Kenya. Right before discussing the cost to develop a mobile application in Nairobi, Kenya, we are going to see the factors that affect the amount required to develop a mobile application in Nairobi, Kenya. So let us get started.

    · Mobile Application Platforms

    As of now, there exist two main platforms for which mobile applications are been developed. One is the iOS operating system for which the applications are developed for Apple devices and gadgets and the other one is the Android operating system for which mobile applications are developed for Android platforms. There exist hybrid mobile application platforms as well, leveraging which one can develop mobile applications simultaneously for both iOS and Android devices.

    · App location               

    All mobile application possesses some additional features based on the geographical locations they are built for. This, in turn, paves the way to enhance the mobile application development cost.

    · App security

    To make the mobile application free from malware attacks and hackers, it should possess a high degree of security and this determines the mobile application development cost.

    · Mobile application size

    The size of the mobile application should match the traffic it has to handle. If a mobile application has to handle more traffic than its size it will cause harm not only to the mobile application but also to the brand value.

    · App enhancements

    The mobile application cost development depends on the features and enhancements that get integrated into the mobile application. There exist a large number of features that can be integrated into the mobile application and the integration based on the demand is mandatory. It is bound to the mobile application development cost.

    · App Deployment

    The mobile application has to be deployed to its respective app stores in a hassle-free manner. As this has to be done professionally with the utmost care and support, it can enhance the mobile application development cost.

    · App maintenance

    Mobile application development cost is bound to one more factor and that is known to be app maintenance. One has to maintain a mobile application in the best possible way and to accomplish this he has to hire the best app development agency in Nairobi, Kenya, which can enhance the app development cost.

    Cost to develop a mobile application in Nairobi, Kenya

    We have seen in detail the factors that determine the mobile application development cost. Based on those factors, the average cost to build a mobile application in Nairobi, Kenya will be approximately USD 10,000 to USD 50,000. This is the basic price and it may vary based on the features and enhancements of the mobile application.

    DxMinds Technologies- the best mobile apps development company in Nairobi, Kenya

    When you think of developing a mobile application in Nairobi, Kenya, try hiring DxMinds Technologies, which are the best app developers of the nation. They help you in scaling your business by offering unimpeachable services that enhance you in outpacing your competitors. The highly flexible and talented team a DxMinds delivers you a full-fledged mobile application by the best practice of technology. The proficiency over various technologies like artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain technology, AR/ VR/ MR, Chatbot development, etc. has taken DxMinds to a position where they stand top among the pioneer apps developers in Nairobi, Kenya. For more details on how he mobile applications built by DxMinds Technologies can help you scale your business, drop a mail to

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