How Much does it cost to develop game like Clash of Clans?

How Much does it cost to develop game like Clash of Clans?

Developing a game that people like, share, and play for years doesn’t turn out to be everyone’s cup of tea. In a year numerous games are developed and released from app stores but only a few are downloaded and cherished by the audience for years. In that context, we are referring to a sensational Game that is vigorously ruling the gaming world as none other than “Clash of Clans”. With its beautiful concept, cultural impact, and top market penetration, Clash of Clans has slayed the game sphere.

After getting stunned by its concept, popularity, and demand in the gaming market, most companies have shown a keen interest in building a Game like Clash of Clash. 

So this guide is dedicated to those ambitious visionaries that are striving to develop a million-dollar Game like Clash of Clash. Keep reading the interesting guide that covers the entire development details such as How to make a game like Clash of Clans, its features development cost of Clash of Clans, and more.

Overview of Clash of Clans

Supercell a Finnish Mobile game development company released Clash of Clans a freemium PVP strategy game.

The CEO and founder of Supercell, Ilkka Paananen, aimed to build games with a longer shelf life than just a week, similar to one of his favorite games, World of Warcraft. This was the primary emphasis of the company when it was founded in 2010.

An interesting concept of Clash of Clans was brought by Lasse Louhento and Lassi Leppninen to create a strategic game that was simple to play on smartphones. Many mobile developers during that period thought strategy games were too sophisticated for the limited control functionality on mobile devices. From the original concept, it took Supercell six months to produce Clash of Clans for iOS. It became the most lucrative game globally in 2013 and the most-grossing game in the United States just three months after its release.

Well, besides the solid gaming concept, you require to get partnered with an enthusiast Mobile game development company to put life into your gaming idea then only your developed game going to be loaded with the best download rates.

Top Facts Behind the Success of Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile game that facilitates the players to build towns by stealing resources from other players. The game combines aspects of strategy, Tower Defense, and city-building simulation, and it allows players to receive and donate troops, as well as form clans (of up to 50 people) to participate in clan wars.

Here are some of the factors that contributed to the game’s success:

– A fine line must be drawn between the intricacy of video games and the triviality of popular mobile gaming titles.

– Multi-player element (which drives user engagement);

– Tempting monetization method (free to play, but pay to get new features faster);

– Extensive gameplay (that changes over time and…never ends);

– Soft launch (a controlled release of a mobile app outside of a publisher’s intended market that includes KPI monitoring and constant feature list optimization);

– Experience (Supercell produced and abandoned 14 games before achieving mainstream popularity).

Key Statistics of Clash of Clans

By learning about the stats of Clash of Clans, you would be filled with huge confidence for stepping into the gaming world. However as told above it all depends on the hands of a Game development company In India, the USA, and the UAE you seek.

Let’s understand the stats 

In 2021, Clash of Clans generated $489 million in revenue.

In 2021, Clash of Clans accounted for 21% of Supercell’s overall income.

We estimate that there were 76 million active players in Clash of Clans.

Revenue from Clash of Clans

In 2021, Clash of Clans made $489 million, a 1% rise over the previous year.

Clash of Clans annual revenue X to 2021 ($mm)

Year                             Revenue ($mm)
2014                             1182
2015                             1324
2016                             822
2017                             552
2018                             429
2019                             529
2020                             483
2021                             483

 Sources: AppMagic via Statista

Clash of Clans players

Clash of Clans has an estimated 76 million monthly active users.

Clash of Clans annual users X to 2021 (mm)

Year            Users (mm)
 2014               29
 2015               37
 2016               55
 2020               72
 2021               76 

 Note: 2020 and 2021 are estimates based on Supercell’s overall user base. Sources: Company data

Imperative Features Required to Build a Game Like Clash of Clans


Icons that enable users to construct, upgrade, and artifact tasks within the game. In short, assists users in carrying out tasks.


Allowing gamers to have a first-person game experience while building farms, and towns, and adding more units.


Keeping track of each player’s activity while synchronizing their interactions with other game players.


To make it more realistic, create a structure that supports tiers of warriors based on troops and designations.

Tactical implementation

Users can place their units on the field according to their fighting strategy to secure victory.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Game Like Clash of Clans?

The Clash of Clans clone’s development cost is influenced by the factors like graphic content, software development, and marketing; nevertheless, you need to set aside an extra $ 5–15 thousand for future maintenance (server costs).

Overall, only 30% of the effort spent developing a game will be spent coding; the other 70% will be used to create stunning graphics.

– Software development

A mobile game like Clash of Clans includes both server-based and client-based features:

The server-side section. A server keeps track of each player’s construction, military, and spending actions synchronizes user requests, and facilitates player interaction. You should choose the correct tech stack for your project (NoSQL, Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, etc.) and invest in server infrastructure ($4 -10K monthly) to ensure the scalability and reliability of the game architecture. Aside from maintenance charges, the server will set you back $40,000;

The Client side section: While servers make decisions, the client-based component generates requests and provides the best user experience. The software requires at least $60K to $90K to get developed.

Overall, coding will use up to 40% of your whole development expenditure, or $ 50K-$60K

– Graphic Content


You will still require professional 2D designers to generate icons for each character, upgrade, building, artifact, and tool in your game, even if it is totally 3D (3ds Max and Maya). The original, for instance, has over a thousand icons, and each of these icons needs to be hand-drawn in vector form.

Story Line

We’ve already mentioned how unique gameplay is vital to the success of your game. However, you must also pitch your narrative in a very engaging and compelling way. Between battle attacks and town-building, players may choose to explore the alternate universe by inspecting the character’s backstories and spying on their opponents. Because no one reads text descriptions, you have three possibilities here:

CGI film

CGI movie. A brief clip produced using visual editing software, known as “computer-generated imagery,” can cost up to $35,000 (which is too expensive for a budding game company); Comics. The phrase used here refers to 2D pictures that are only partially animated (Adobe Illustrator and After Effects). Such videos might have a soundtrack and be 50% less expensive than CGI visuals.

Character animation

When having a tight budget, Japanese animation studious frequently employs this method. They make multiple 2D sketches of each character, each portraying different emotions. Explanatory text appears on the screen when characters face each other (or interact with an unanimated object).

Because Supercell is known to develop games that people will play for years the number of instructional videos in a Clash of Clans clone may approach infinity.

If you want your game to deliver an unbelievable users experience and then it’s essential to invest at least $40k -$50K in story pitching

Coming up to the final cost aside from marketing and maintenance costs, we’ve come up with a figure close to $100K to $300K – that’s the minimum cost for a long-lasting hit like Clash of Clans. 

Helpful factors To Consider When Creating A Game Like Clash Of Clans

How to Handle Your Story Plot

The player and characters in the game are the leading story plot. Creating games with interactive storylines has the potential to boost the number of players.

Understand What Your Audience Values

The game’s actor is either the audience or the player. Knowing about them will result in high downloads. Make sure the audience is diverse.

Pay main Attention When Choosing A Company

There are numerous companies accessible to design a game app, but determining the experience based on the app will assist in the reach of the desired companies. DxMinds is a popular company to work with while developing a gaming app. This company has worked on a huge number of apps in the gaming industry


How to find the best game development company for developing a game app like Clash of Clans?

The following are some parameters to examine before deciding on the right Android/iOS game development studio to hire.


It is critical to investigate a game development company’s reputation. Knowing their reputation entails becoming acquainted with their work history, work experience, reviews, and other client testimonials from previous employment.


A company’s portfolio describes all of the projects that the company has previously undertaken. Projects with higher ratings can easily pass as the company’s specialty. As a result, the company will handle such project(s) expertly.


It is not impossible to link low cost to bad quality. As a result, the game development company’s positive ratings should take precedence over its asking price. However, a client must deem their costs affordable concerning the high-quality service they are providing.

Technical Knowledge

To stay ahead of their competitors, every game production company requires professional mobile game developers. Before making a decision, a client should assess the developers’ expertise in the development stack, frameworks, and game engines such as Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, HTML5, and so on.

If you are seeking all the above parameters then connecting with DxMinds can be worth your investment.

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