How Much Does Stick Cricket Game App Cost?

This blog will guide you about the popular mobile game i.e. Stick Cricket, its features, and app development cost.

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About Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is the most popular cricket game developed by Cann Creative an Australian Company to provide fun for cricket fans. Play real-time multiplayer cricket in fantastic 3D stadiums around the globe. From the makers of Stick Cricket Super League, the most noteworthy and highly rated cricket game on the App Store and Google Play, Stick Cricket Live offers you the opportunity to:

  • Play a gigantic scope of shots (counting the Scoop, Switch Hit, and Ramp) as you face up to your opponent’s bowling attack in speedy shoot three-over duels.
  • Up the stakes by unlocking stadiums everywhere throughout the world.
  • Gain kit bags to unlock new bats and support your bowling line-up.
  • Upgrade your bowlers so they arrive at their maximum capacity.
  • Boost your opportunity to win with strategic bowling changes and team selection.
  • Customize your player name, appearance, and country.
  • Unlock new characters and pack plans by gaining trophies.
  • Crush sixes! It is Stick Cricket, all things considered.

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    Stick Sports offers various cricket formats such as

    • Stick Cricket Live
    • Robot Cricket
    • Stick Cricket Super League
    • Stick Cricket Premier League
    • Stick Cricket 2

    It is a game where the player attempts to score however many runs as could reasonably be expected in two, five, ten, or twenty overs. The most outstanding game mode is “World Domination” in which the player needs to overcome 18 of the world’s best cricket teams in particular Bermuda, Canada, Kenya, Netherlands, Scotland, UAE, Ireland, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, West Indies, Pakistan, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, Australia(in order request: Rank 18 to Rank 1). “Academy” enables the player to work on batting against various bowlers with different bowling styles. “World T2” enables the player to win the world cup as their own country, each game in this competition lasts 2 overs. “Stick Cricket Multiplayer” enables the player to play online against individuals from everywhere throughout the world, another element takes into account the first run-through during the game’s history to bowl. A huge number of individuals from around the globe have played and play Stick Cricket and it remains the most famous of the Stick Sports.

    Through Stick Cricket

    Rule THE WORLD

    From minnows to cutting-edge aces, just a Stick Cricket legend can effectively unlock and beat 14 countries in transit to World Domination.


    The most desired flatware in cricket is available for anyone when you open this mode. Do you have the stuff to turn into a national legend?

    Slog THE STARS FOR SIX                    

    Cushion up for your country against the greats in All-Star Slog. If their reputation doesn’t unnerve you, their furious bouncers may!


    16 teams fight it out in Bangladesh in a thrilling two-over tournament game.

    Mortify YOUR MATES

    Take on your companions through Bluetooth in a definitive fight for gloating rights.


    Get your eye in with a net session at the Academy, or take an ability test to improve your strategy.


    Glance back at all the massacre you’ve caused! Simply ensure your professional run rate is more similar to Botham than Boycott.

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      How much does it Cost to Develop an App like Stick Cricket?

      The gaming industry has had a huge scope and on the off chance that you are planning to dive into it with box new game application thought, you can consider DxMinds the top Game app development company in Bangalore having outstanding experience in developing popular apps like Stick Cricket.

      You may be waiting to know the app development cost of Stick Cricket. Before that, let’s have a look at factors influencing the stick cricket app development cost

      • Choice of Platform

      Make a decision on the platform you are looking to develop the app-iOS, Android, Windows, etc. You may be curious to know what is the cost of development to develop a stick cricket app for Android and iOS. Our team of developers suggests that IOS development takes fewer hours compared to Android. However, costs may differ for both platforms.

      • App Complexities and App Design

      It’s time for you to discuss what kind of features, functionalities, and security you want in your game app, similarly, the selection of app design(template, intermediate and excellent) plays a major role in the success of the app. Note, the choice you made to add app complexities and app design will cost high as you add or wish.

      • Development Process and Time Required

      Time and development procedure plays a crucial role in estimating the app development cost of Stick Cricket. What kind of resources, planning, and methodologies are included in your app project decides the app cost.

      First, if you want to know the cost, you need to frame out an idea about the kind of features, designs, and functions you want to integrate and make a rough calculation. If you already derive, let’s get to know How Much it Cost To Develop An Game App Like Stick Cricket.

      According to DxMinds, the cost may range from $15k-$50k as per the above-mentioned features, and it may fluctuate according to your requirements.

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