How Much Does it cost to develop an app like Vigo Video?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Vigo Video?

How Much Does an App like Vigo Video Cost?

Trending video-sharing apps have gained huge popularity and dominate the social media world. Asian apps are becoming part of these video-sharing apps and contributing to transforming economics all around the world.

Overview of Vigo Video

Vigo Video is an amazing Fun based app for making short pretty videos, where you can share interesting facts about your daily activities with your friends, family, and other people from all around the world. Show off your hidden talent within a few seconds with users all around the world, whether it is dance, cooking, art, music, comedy, and other talents.

Owned by Hypstar, Launched in 2017, Vigo Video has become more popular and has expanded its international market in Asia, the United States of America, and Brazil

Highlights of Vigo Video

•    Create Vigo Video

Showcase your artistic creativity within 15 seconds, Spin your life moments with amazing and creative videos by using simple editing tools

•    Make a video with Special Effects

Create a unique video with special effects and with a variety of animated stickers. Never get boring effects to make people attracted to your video. It’s an all-in-one video editor app.

•    Get a Flawless look option

Beauty camera features in the Vigo app can supernaturally smooth your skin, adjust your skin tone, remove blemishes, and enhance your video with recording and live streaming.

•    Engage with new people

Increase your curiosity by engaging with people with similar interests and become recognized worldwide by creating a unique video that enhances your fan base.

How to use Vigo Video

  • Setup your account
  • Navigate the app
  • Filming and sharing Vigo videos
  • Music, Hashtags, and challenges
  • View, notifications, and other metrics
  • You’re ready to go

How and How much could you earn with the Vigo Video app feature?

Vigo video offers you the flames on the basis of Video popularity and creativity. More interesting videos can get up to 10-15 flames per video and 1 flame is equal to 0.0015$ and where you can credit your money to PayPal after completing 1$ in your account and you can earn unlimited money.

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    How much does it cost to develop an app like Vigo Video?

    The cost of developing an app like Vigo Video differs from one mobile app development company to another app development company depending on quality and features. The cost may vary depending on several factors such as

    App Design

    The app development cost for an app like Vigo video varies on the selected UI/UX design. User-friendly and attractive app design helps you to get users. This type of engaging app design comes with high expenses.

    App Platform

    App Platforms play a very important role in developing a mobile app. The app development cost of Vigo video depends on the chosen platform. Android app platform cost lesser is than iOS due to the many methods involved in testing

    App Size

    App size refers to the total number of features which is also the main factor that needs to consider in app development cost

    However, the cost to develop an app like Vigo Video varies from $10k to $ 30k depending on mentioned facts.DxMinds the top mobile apps development company in Australia has expertise in developing Android, iOS, and React Native app platforms, and developing impactful mobile apps.

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