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How Much does an app like STEPSETGO Cost?

Are you looking to develop the app like STEPSETGO? Know the cost of developing a mobile app like STEPSETGO.


Today we go to talk about India’s first app that pays you for walking. . You must know a famous fitness App called STEPSETGO that pays you for walking. STEPSETGO app launched on 10th January 2019 firstly it introduced to groups of students in Mumbai. Some of the prizes you can get through this app are Harry porter merchandize, Mi bands, playstation4 that is a long-term motivation but then the final one is iPhone.

Now we are going to discuss the calculation for each one of these, it is quite interesting.

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    This is how it works

    1. Install

    Firstly, we have to install STEPSETGO on your phone and sign up using basic information such as email-id, Name, Date of birth & gender.

    2. Earn

    For each thousand step you get 1SSG coin.”SSG” is their own currency and that is the currency that you all going to use to buy those products from their store. For every

    1000 steps = 1 SSG Coin

    1000 outdoor steps =1.25 SSG Coins

    3. Redeem

    We can use those SSG Coins to get the gift hampers and coupon code at the STEPSETGO Bazaar.

    How the App is earning:

    Now, Look at the brands, which promoted on this app is all small start-up that want to grow. They will be happy to pay this App to get their brand featured. So this app has also become an advertising platform. That is how the model of the apps works.

    Important features of STEPSETGO App

    •  Challenge your friends & Families: Now through this app you can challenge your friends and relative by competing the weekly challenge with all the users in the application.

    Inviting : Add your friends and families to STEPSETGO and compare your fitness progress.

    Earn more while Walking : By stepping outdoor, you can reedeem 1.25x coins. Whenever you walk, the app will track your location and you get the rewards.

    Regular Events: Regular completion of events gives you a high chance to win value products in a short time

    Bazaar: The products in the bazaar changes at regular interval, which gives users fresh deals, always

    Levels: Level section helps you to get into regular walking habits. You have to Level up and see the full colour of your app change

    Actual Development Cost of Fitness App like STEPSETGO

    If you’re intended to develop an app like STEPSETGO, the first and foremost things which strikes in your mind is “How much does It Cost to Develop an App like STEPSETGO”

    The development cost of such app depends on the following factors:

    Right app platform: Mobile application like STEPSETGO cost depends on the requirement of the person which platform they want to develop i.e. Android, iOS or Windows. According to that development cost will vary.

    User Interface: The main and foremost factor that App Development Company should provide is Unique and creative UI/UX design for the app. A well-planned UI/UX would cost slightly higher as compared to usual design, DxMinds provide expertise solution for your business with more customer engagement.

    Basic Features: the cost of development also depends on the number of features and functionalities, which helps in the smooth running of application.

    Development Team: The development team also plays a vital role in the process and cost of building an app like STEPSETGO. Let’s assume, It would cost higher for development if you hire developers from USA location as compared to India, Rather quality  of work would remain the same only thing is  cost would be increased.

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      The Mobile App development Cost at DxMinds to build a similar App like STEPSETGO would be approximately $10k – $50k depends on the requirement and features you want to include in the App.

      NOTE: This blog is written for information purpose. If you’re seriously looking for App Development

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