How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Grofers?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Grofers?

How Much Cost to Develop Grocery Delivery App Like Grofers?

The online grocery store industry has boomed to such a level that millions and billions of buyers depend on it regularly. All of the industries in the current tech-savvy world demand an online space. So do the supermarkets and hypermarkets. Grofers is one such kind. Online stores and supermarkets are the core area that every entrepreneur want to give a try.

In this blog, we will take you deep through the nitty-gritty aspect of Grofers and how much will it cost you to come up with an app like Grofers.

More On Grofers:

The online grocery store Grofers is co-founded by Mr. Albinder Dhindsa and Mr. Saurabh Kumar back in 2013. The mission of the company is to deliver quality goods to the customers straight from the manufacturers at the least possible price. Grofers now associates with more than 5000 stores across various Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc, and is about to scale to more cities in the near future. Grofers not only act as an aggregator connecting buyers and sellers, but it owns a wide range of products of its own. The company now categorizes its products under 8 different brand names such as

· Grofers Happy Day

· Grofers Happy Home

· Grofers Mother’s Choice

· Grofers Happy Baby

· G Fresh

· O’Range

· Savemore and

· Havemore

How Does a Grocery Delivery App Like Grofers Work?

Currently, Grofers serves its customers via three user interfaces.

· E-Commerce Website

· Android Mobile Application

· iOS Mobile Application

Customers can have access to the wide range of products listed on Grofers via any of the three aforementioned platforms. The very next moment a customer places an order on Grofers, Grofers make sure that the order is been delivered to them at the earliest. From Grofers one can buy fruits and vegetables, Groceries, Confectionaries, Pet supplies, baby holds, spices, and much more. Grofers is a perfect alternative for its consumers in skipping their travel to their favorite marketplace. The lean and strategized supply chain management at Grofers makes it easy for them to fulfill customer orders of up to 25 million products per month at a rate of more than 2000 orders per day.

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    The grocery app comes in different phases. They are:

    · End-Customer App

    The end Customer app acts as an interface between the user and the products listed on the app. It is using this application that a customer selects the product and places his order.

    · Delivery Boy App

    This app is exclusively designed for delivery boys to pick up and deliver the goods.

    · Vendor App and Admin Panel

    The vendor app is provided to the vendors or store owners to know the details of the orders placed by the end customers.

    Key Features of an Online Grocery App Like Grofers

    An online vegetable and fruit delivery app like Grofers has many inbuilt features that offer customers hassle-free ways of shopping. Some of the key features of the Grofers app are:

    End-Customer App:

    · Sign Up– that lets customers in registering a free account on Grofers

    · Sign In– which allows users to log on to their respective account

    · Product Page– where the listed products are showcased

    · My address– where the customer can add or edit his delivery address

    · My Orders-where the customers can have access to his/her past and present   orders

    · My Cart  - where the products are added to the checkout

    · My Wallet is an inbuilt wallet, which offers users a quick and easy payment mode.

    · Offer Zone where customers can find out the best offers and discounts for them

    · Referrals where users can refer the app to their friends and relatives to earn referral points

    · Payment Gateway

    · Ratings and Reviews Etc.

    Delivery Boy App

    · Order Acceptance/ Refusal– which let them accept or reject orders

    · Store Locator– which let them aware of the vendor from whom they have to collect the order

    · Customer Details And Location– which give them access to the customer location

    · Order History– that tells them the details of orders they fulfilled

    · Delivery Status– which let them update the status of the delivery

    · Ratings, Reviews, and many other outstanding features

    Vendor App and Admin Panel

    · Product Listing/Unlisting– which let them add or remove products of their choice

    · Order Notification– which notifies them when a new order is placed

    · Online/Offline Mode- which let them stay online or offline

    · Rating, Reviews, Etc

    The aforementioned are the key features of an online grocery delivery store like Grofers. Many additional features can be integrated on top of this, which will enhance the app development cost.

    App Development Cost Of an Online Grocery App Like Grofers

    Before discussing the costing aspect of Grofers, let us discuss the factors that play an important role in determining the cost of developing an online grocery store.









    There remain many other minute factors, which determine the development cost of an app like Grofers. In general, at a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore India like DxMinds Innovation Labs, the app like Grofers development cost will fall somewhere between USD 10K to USD 50k based on the features provided. The price may vary if you are looking forward to integrating high-end features like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain on top of it.


    If you are eagerly searching to hire an app development company to develop an online grocery delivery app like Grofers, without any second thought, you can go for DxMinds Innovation Labs, a leading mobile app development and digital transformation company in India. DxMinds has vast and rich experience in developing high-end mobile apps and enterprise solution that meets international standards and parameters for companies across the globe regardless of their size and industries.

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