How Much does it cost to develop an app like Foodora GmbH?

How Much does it cost to develop an app like Foodora GmbH?

How Much Does an Online Food Delivery App like Foodora GmbH Cost?

What is Foodora GmbH?

A Famous online food delivery company in Germany, Berlin was founded in 2014 by Volo GmbH. They are providing meals through 9,000 selected restaurants in ten countries worldwide including Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. By using the Foodora app you will get your favorite food from any local restaurant to your doorstep.

How Foodora app works

  • Download the Foodora App from the Play Store or AppStore
  • Select your Current Location.
  • Choose your favorite local restaurant and place an order.
  • Food will be delivered by the Foodora  Delivery guy at your doorstep.

Structure of the Foodora App

  • Mobile App for users.
  • Mobile App for delivery.
  • Mobile App for Restaurants.

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    Mobile App for Users

    Using the customer dashboard users can find out nearly located restaurants and get details about the restaurant’s cuisine list, prices, special offers, and reviews.

     Mobile App For Delivery

    Here the delivery boys will get detailed information about the restaurant and the drop location. Once an order is accepted, the delivery boy can update the status like Accepted/rejected, Picked Up, or Delivered.

    Mobile App  For Restaurants

    Foodora Restaurant Admin panel is a web-based app for managing all activities like accepting, and editing all kinds of information, setting prices, and managing customers.

    Why Mobile Apps?

    Are you an entrepreneur?

    Then Mobile App is the key tool for your business growth,

    Nowadays people are searching for products and services online. Technology trends will help you to gain your business goals faster. So mobile apps are an important key for all businesses.

    There are a lot of benefits to using a business mobile app.

    Increase User Engagement

    We can see that the world is witnessing an excessive change with digitalization. Smartphone users are increasing day by day. So with the help of mobile apps, you will get a wider audience and you can move to the international market.

    Increase your visibility

    Through a mobile app, you will get higher visibility and recognition. An Attractive UI will give more customers for your business. More customers mean more are going to purchase your product and services. A business without mobile apps means you are losing a lot of opportunities.

    Reinforce your business

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    Increase your accessibility

    One of the main advantages of using Mobile Apps for your business is that will increase your accessibility. Before it was not that much easy for a customer to reach any business, but in this digital Ira, all are available at our fingertips.

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      How much does it cost to create an app like Foodora?

      Cost of Foodora App Depends upon the Multiple Factors

      App Platform

      An  App like Foodora’s cost will depend on the app platforms like Android, iOS & Windows. Here we will suggest a React Native (Hybrid) cross-platform because it will work on both iOS and Android.

       App features

      Foodora like the food app will have mainly three dashboards, mainly for users, delivery boys, and the Restaurant admin panel. The cost of a food delivery app will depend on these mobile app features.


      There are many advanced technologies are using for the development of Mobile Apps including AI, Chabot, Block Chain, IoT, AR/VR/MR, React Native, and many more. If you will use the latest technologies in your mobile apps that will give you more business achievements. So the cost of mobile app development will be based on the technologies which you are choosing.

      The cost of an app like Foodora Will Vary depending on its features and technologies. It will cost around  $10k-$60k to make an app like Foodora with DxMinds.

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