How Much Does an app like Airbnb Cost?

The advanced technology affecting many industries massively includes the travel and hospital industry. Mobile apps are helping business peoples to reach a wider audience market to improve sales and profits, as it helps users to book and shop things online through mobile platforms.

This impact has happened due to the enormous usage of mobile apps by world users. A recent survey shows that 84% of users are using mobile apps with internet connection on average 3 hours a day. Now we can assume how Smartphone is affecting many businesses.

Coming to the travel and hotel booking industry, peoples used to travel from one place to another place on various occasions, and various reasons. People faced challenges for booking hotels and apartments before arriving. With the help of mobile app technology, users can book a hotel or room in a preferred restaurant before arriving at the place.

About Airbnb

Airbnb an online marketplace helps users to book rooms and hotels for tourism experiences and, began in 2008. The company provides a platform for hotel owners and users in one place to make booking convince. The hotel owners, homeowners can conventionally list their plots. This platform acts as an online broker service. Millions of hosts and travelers can choose to create an Airbnb account to list homes and hotels in the space at anytime and anywhere.

The business model of Airbnb is quite simple and it was available in every location. Owners can add details about cost, timings check-in and checkout and more information. Users can install the Airbnb app for accommodation, as they can use the platform to book based on their preference cost, area, and timing and they can check reviews also and can review on concern hotels.

Because of Airbnb, many enterprises arrived in the market to help users in booking hotels and homestays. Many others are looking to build a mobile app like Airbnb.

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    How does a mobile app like Airbnb work?

    Airbnb built to book rooms and hotels for accommodation in more than 190 countries across the world. Users can book a room by using this platform and can view images of the room, facilities provided by hotel and timing and costs, etc.

    The app like Airbnb provides features for user’s registration and space available for profile set-up. While setting up account users can verify the account with OTP verification. Users can explore search by using advanced search options to book a room based on various options available. Users can estimate the cost of the booking room before the payment process.

    Essential Features 

    • Admin Panel
    • Owner Panel
    • Traveler Panel

    Admin Panel

    • Registration
    • Dashboard
    • Push Notification
    • Payment Gateway
    • Manage Referral
    • Request Management
    • Real-time Reports & Analysis
    • User Management
    • User Access

    Owner Panel

    • Hotel listing
    • Listing Support
    • Manage Booking Inquiry
    • Payment Gateway
    • Purchase history

    Traveler Panel

    • Login/Sign Up
    • Search/Find
    • Pay online
    • Personalized Supplies
    • See Facilities
    • Filter/Advanced Search
    • Continue to Favorite
    • Social Sharing option
    • Transfer & Earn
    • Instant Messaging
    • Content
    • Prompts
    • Booking section
    • Reserve your service
    • Manage Booking

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      How much did it cost to build Airbnb?

      Building a mobile app needs many skills and relevant expertise in this digital space. Which needs to develop with extensive UI/UX designs, content and advanced features, etc? Developing a mobile app like Airbnb needs expertise skills and the same things the cost of building a mobile app like Airbnb comes under many factors such as app developers, location, features involved, and platform integration.

      Building mobile applications divided into stages such as research, UI/UX designs, development process, testing, and promotion. Based on the time taken frame the mobile app development company can estimate the cost, as each company costs rates per hour. Then, the number of hours calculated by a specific rate set by the company. Thus, we understand the amount that will be the amount to create an app like Airbnb.

      In this Airbnb, app development process lets segregate mobile app into various factors on how much does it take to develop an app and how long does it take to develop.

      Selection of Right Platform 

      The cost of developing an App like Airbnb depends on the selection of platforms such as Android and iOS. Compared to android, iOS charges more due to more testing methods and effective UX/UI designs. As DxMinds is one of the leading mobile app development company can deliver high-class iOS applications for the Airbnb app.

      Location of Developers

      Developing the cost of the Airbnb app depends and differs on the location of a mobile app development company location, as this is due to market prices and location taxes included. Based on location it differs on development fee, time taken and taxes applicable and these costs may be monthly. The mobile app development company in Bangalore can charge ranges from $35 to $120 per hour.

      Advanced Features

      Depending on the number of features integrated on the mobile app like Airbnb as it increases costs also. Airbnb app needs advanced features such as advanced search option, profile creation, payment integration, and OTP verification, etc. Building apps like Airbnb needs these features to attract users to download and enhance retention that leads to increase sales.

      Design and Complexity

      The cost of a mobile app like Airbnb depends on designs that influence the cost of developing the mobile app. Based on custom design the cost can be added extra. Technical complexity, testing the app before launch may implicate extra cost.

      Backend Development

      Hence, it is the hard and critical process and time taking process as the cost of developing an app like Airbnb depends on backend development. The most important process in the development frame that it is backbone as it is supportive of all app functions. It takes a minimum of 600 hours to build backend.

      How much does DxMinds cost to develop an app like Airbnb?

      DxMinds is a leading hotel booking app Development Company in India holding app developers who are experts in building such apps for small to large enterprises. The developers will take care of everything to build an app like Airbnb from scratch. We built every feature for your custom needs and business growth. We are one of the top mobile app development company provides mobility solutions with seamless operations.

      After a brief explanation about each process, it is clear that it takes around 1025 – 1300 hours. After summing with an hourly rate, it cost around $25,000 to $52,000. Finally, how much does it cost to develop will depend on the number of innovations and the purpose you require for the mobile app, and it can be diverse from this calculation.

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