How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like a Wedding Planner? Want to develop wedding planner app and to know the cost to develop wedding planner app then you are right place.

Every individual has his/ her own dreams about how their wedding should look like. For an individual, he/ she find it hard to manage all the pre and post-wedding activities such as selection to designing and printing invitation cards, purchase of jewellery, outfits and accessories, photography, decorations etc. In order to get rid of all the tensions involved in the process and to make their dream come true, a major chunk of customers depends upon event management agencies and other consultants. Wedding is a major business in India and other countries across the globe that millions and billions are pumped into it annually. A large number of event management agencies have set up across various verticals offering high-end services to the end customers.

The main reason why wedding parties outsource the entire wedding activities to other agencies is because of the fact that these agencies are highly professional at carrying out each activity with maximum attention to each detail and it will take off all the tensions from the customer side. Event management agencies try their level best to deliver pleasing services to their clients, though they have to face a lot of hurdles while serving them. The processes involved in the event

The advent of mobile applications has turned out to be a boon for event management agencies and vendors working in the same domain. Right after its integration, mobile apps are creating wonders across several of its verticals. Event management agencies are now capable of scaling like anything by eliminating all the hassles and bustles that backed them from being successful. Event management companies are aggressively integrating mobile apps into their frameworks to automate their entire operations. They are actively looking forward to hiring wedding planner mobile app development companies. Also, there is a rising demand for the answer to the question, how much does it cost to develop a wedding planner mobile app.

How Does it Work Working model of wedding planner mobile app

The working model of a wedding planner mobile app is quite simple. It will allow its users to stay on top of the entire wedding activities, thereby taking it to the next level. All a user needs to have is a wedding planner mobile app for making his wedding a grant one. It allows them enhanced planning features that too in a flawless manner. Users can set various tasks leveraging the wedding planner app and the app will be constantly reminding them about the same. Right from photography to wedding hall and menu planning, a lot of facilities are put forward by the wedding planner mobile application to assist the users. It clearly acts in such a way that it helps the clients take away all those unwanted stuff that existed in between. It opens the doors of enormous possibilities for the users to make their wedding day a memorable one. Also, it helps users in connecting with the vendors and follows up various of their activities in the best way possible.

Features of a wedding planner Mobile app Unique and must-have features of a wedding planner mobile app

Attractive UI/UX

The best wedding planner app will have an attractive user interface and offer the best experience to its users. All the design elements in the app should possess high quality and should be explained in detail. Also, the designs should be attractive, eye-candy, and has to be appealing to the customers. When it comes to determining the success of a wedding planner app, the very first thing the customer looks for is how good the app looks. So no compromise has to be done in the user interface and user experience side of a wedding planner app. He who is looking for the cost to develop a wedding planner mobile app should consider delivering the best UI/UX to the customers.

Wide variety of services

A wedding is a cluster of activities that takes place before and after the function. There involves numerous coordination exists in between and a proper association is required for its a successful takeoff. For a user to download a wedding planner mobile app, it should cover all the features that allow the user to stay on top of the entire activities such as wedding hall booking, stage decorations, illuminations, outfit selection, transportation arrangements, meal planning and much more. The app management should make sure that they never miss out on any of the activities that they can help users get throughout the entire process.

Regular reminders

The working of the app should be in such a way that it should never allow its users to miss out on any of the marriage activities as it will affect the entire function. To overcome this, the app has to have features that remind the users very often so that they will never miss out on any of them. As the marriage date gets nearer, everyone will be in a rush and reminders can help them overcome the confusion.

Enhanced Payment integration

The app should have seamless payment gateways for the users to make a safe and secure mode of cash transactions to the vendors. It will also help them in eliminating all the tensions and confusions that takes place while transferring the funds, as they will be provided the entire history of their financial dealings with particular vendors.

To DO List

A To-Do list integrated to the wedding planner mobile app will allow the users to create random tasks that get associated with their marriage functions. Marriage functions get variations based on casts and religion and the to-do list help users to list out the tasks that they can cut off after it gets done.

  • User Registration and login

To avail personalized services to a wide set of audiences to enhance the customer experience, the app should have features that allow the users to create an account on the app. They can make use of their mobile number, mail id or even social media account to get started. Right after the account registration, they are then provided with the login credentials, leveraging which they can have access to their personal space on the app.

  • Vendor access

The main purpose of the app is to connect the users with the vendors who provide services which the users are looking for. The app should make this process smooth so that both parties can get connected easily without any hassles.

  • Wedding details

The app has to have features that allow the users to select the date, type, and various other details of the wedding. It should be highly customizable and should offer an impeccable experience to the customers.

  • Diversified search features

Users will have a wide range of queries that they need to get associated with a large number of vendors. Also, they might be in need of several services, which they need to find out manually from the app. In such an event, the app should have an interactive search bar that allows the users in executing searches of their kind. Moreover, the app has to deliver precise services to the customers based on their location.

  • Vendor profile

Vendors need to list their profiles on the app along with the list of services they deliver. The users have to given the facilities to the vendor profile based on which they can finalize the vendor list. Also, it should have a facility that allows the users to share the vendor profile with their friends and families for reference purposes prior to finalizing the vendor.

  • Vendor Management

Users need to be given the complete authority over the vendors that they can manage them in a seamless manner. This helps them in availing of the best services and allows them to cooperate only with the vendors who deliver the best services. It also has to have features that help users in shortlisting vendors based on the quality of the services they deliver.

  • Checklist Management

The checklist helps the users in listing down all the things that need to be done along with the marriage function. It helps them in mentioning the tasks that need to be accomplishing and it can be stricken off once it’s get done.

  • RSVP

RSVP allows the users in getting a detailed note of the participants for the marriage. Having an RSVP feature integrated to the wedding planner mobile app helps the users in prioritizing the function based on the number of participants.

  • Review and rating

For each vendor, the app should allow the customers to deliver their feedback based on the services they have availed. This will be a benchmark for the upcoming users in figuring out the right vendor. Also, it increases the chance that all the vendors deliver standardized services as they arouse a sense of competition among them.

  • Registration and login

Just like the user app, the vendor app also needs to have a registration facility that allows the vendors to create their profile and list out the services they deliver so that the right customers will send out the inquiry.

  • Booking Management

It allows the vendor to manage all the bookings they have received. It also allows them to edit/ modify the booking and will give a detailed history of the past present and future bookings.

  • Enquiry management

The app should have the features that send out notifications to the vendors the very next time the customer fills the inquiry form. They can attend the inquiry, or give a call back; the decision of which will completely rely upon the vendors.

  • Payment facility

Having a payment facility integrated to the app will allow the vendors in claiming the payments they receive from the customers.

  • Real-time reports

The admin app has various features integrated to it, out of which the prime one is the real-time reports. The reports generated based on various data allows the admin to stay on top of the entire app activities.

  • Content Management

Content Management allows the admin to make necessary changes to the entire app content. They can add/ remove or modify existing content based on their wish.

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Cost analysis of Wedding Planner App

App Platform

The platforms for which you need to develop the app plays a major role in determining the cost of the mobile app.

App Integrations

Numerous sets of technologies are available in the market that can be integrated into the app based on the requirement. It can determine the app development cost.

Application Development Team

The cost of developing the app depends on the number of project persons gets assigned to complete the project.

  • 2 — Requirement analyst.
  • 1–2 Web developers.
  • 2 — QA engineers.
  • 2 — Android application developers
  • 2 — IOS application developers
  • 1–2 UI/UX designers

The cost of developing a wedding planner mobile app ranges from USD 10,000 to USD 50,000. Variations in the costing are bounded to the requirements and integrations of the mobile app. DxMinds, the leading digital transformation, and wedding planner mobile app development company help you build a full-fledged mobile app that helps you take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

DxMinds is a leading wedding planner mobile app development agency that constitutes of highly talented professionals and project personals.

Of course. A full-fledged marriage planner mobile app can help you build your own emporium as far as things are concerned.

It will take around five to six months to come up with a perfect marriage planner mobile app. However, the price may vary based on the requirements

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