How Much Cost To Develop a Video Conferencing Mobile App Like Zoom?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Video Conferencing Mobile App Like Zoom?

Right after mobile applications were introduced, we witnessed a drastic change in various landscapes. Technology-backed mobile applications have transformed various domains of our lives right from the very beginning. Of all the advancements technology has put forward, mobile applications remain the most convincible and economical ones. Mobile applications, which were a byproduct of the smartphone revolution have disrupted all of the conventional ways and have paved the way in creating a digital economy. Moreover, it has eliminated all the hassles and bustles from our lives. In a nutshell, we can conclude that mobile applications are level-shifting lives and all are for the good.

Video conferencing mobile applications are trending like anything. Especially in the event of the life-threatening pandemic COVID-19, people settled across various parts of the globe are depending on video conferencing mobile applications and software to get in touch with their friends and families. These video-conferencing mobile applications are playing a major role in maintaining our relationships as well. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail a video conferencing mobile application, known to be Zoom, its features, characteristics, and technologies integrated including its in and out features. We will also discuss the cost of developing a video conferencing mobile app like Zoom. So let us get started.

More about Zoom and how a video conferencing mobile application like Zoom works

Zoom also known to be Zoom Communication is a communications technology company popular for video conferencing tool Zoom. The company is based in the US and it is owned by Mr. Eric Yuan. He is a Chinese- American business person. Zoom mainly carries out its operations leveraging Web apps, and iOS, and Android mobile applications. The main consumers of the Zoom video conferencing tool are corporates and business persons who want to conduct meetings with employees and other professionals. The Zoom video calling mobile application has gained huge traction amid this Coronavirus and it has helped its management in generating potential revenue. Working on the Zoom video call mobile application is quite simple. Like other video calling solutions, the users need to install a mobile application on their smartphones. They can easily connect to anyone who is having the solution seamlessly. One of the main features that have enhanced the demand for Zoom video conferencing mobile applications is the number of members it can add in a single video chat. It can add up to a hundred participants which is a good number when compared to the solutions of the same kind.

how does a video conferencing mobile application like Zoom works

Need for a video conferencing mobile application like Zoom.

We all are well aware of the impact the Zoom video conferencing mobile application has had in our life recently. It is redefining the conventional ways and is giving life to the results of best industrial practices and use cases. Back in time, we were having limited resources like letters and telephone calls to get in touch with our friends who stay abroad out of the state, or in a far distant place. The conventional model of communication was tedious and has to go through a large number of processes. The advent of technology has mercilessly erupted the conventional. In a tech-savvy era, a video conferencing mobile application like Zoom has a prominent role in our lives and helps us to get connected with our friends and families.

Key features of a video conferencing app like Zoom

To meet the user requirement, a video conferencing mobile application has to have a large number of features onboard. Now we are going to see what those features in detail are.

· Sign Up/ Sign In

The mobile application should allow users to register their accounts on the mobile application. Users can make use of their email id, phone number, or even social media accounts for the same.

· User profile

Users can access their profiles under this section. They can view and edit data like personal details, communication details, and various other details that are private to them.

· Virtual background

One of the key features that make the Zoom app stand apart from the competitors is the virtual background. Users can use this facility to change their backgrounds and can enhance it with the given set of backgrounds. This feature will help them in setting up videoconferences even though they are in limited spaces.

· Calendar

Having a unique calendar feature will allow users to host the meeting in a hassle-free manner. It will help them to share the invite link with the other participants as well. Having the calendar integrated into the app can enhance the usability of the app.

· Waiting Room

As the name itself suggests, the waiting room is the place where the participants are in the queue to enter the meeting, but right after the host approves the entry. In simpler words, we can say that one cannot just enter the meeting if and only if the admin accepts the request.

· Screen share

In meetings, especially business ones, there will be a lot of documents and presentations available that need to be shared among the participants. In such an event, the app allows users to share the screen among the group members.

· Unique ID generation                          

Each meeting in Zoom is hosted by unique meeting IDs and passwords. Users who want to enter the meeting should provide the meeting ID and password. This will make the meeting free from trespassers and strangers.

· Beautification and Appearance change

In an event where the user wishes to change the way he looks, he can use the beautification features available in the app. This will enhance their physical features and make them look more pleasant and pleasing.

Factors affecting the app development cost of a video conferencing mobile application like Zoom

We have seen the major features of a video conferencing mobile application like Zoom. When we think about the cost part of the app, we ought to think about the factors that determine the app development cost. Coming to that, let us see what those factors are. The prime factor that determines the app development cost is the platform for which the mobile applications are built. Mainly there are iOS and Android for which the applications are built. The other factors that determine the app development cost are the application size, app features, app size, app location, app technology, app security, app maintenance, etc.

How much does it cost to develop a video conferencing mobile application like Zoom?

We have seen in detail the features of the video conferencing app like Zoom. Now let us see the cost of developing a video conferencing app like Zoom. With the very basic features integrated into it, the development cost of a video conferencing mobile application like Zoom will be approximately USD 10,000 to USD 50,000. The cost will vary based on the features and integrations

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