Music Streaming Mobile App Development Cost like Gaana or Saavn?

From a start in 2008 to 100 million active subscribers in 2017, Gaana & Saavn has conquered the throne of the music streaming industry. Having a smartphone is practically synonymous with listening to music. How much does it cost to create an app like Gaana & Saavn when clients are in range so far?

Music streaming activity is on the rise as people no longer need to download anything. Record collectors are a different story in themselves. Our topic here is how much it costs to build an app like Gaana & Saavn. The music almost matches Gaana & Saavn and Andriod or iTunes for millennials. What does this mean for the mobile application development industry? Find out the cost of creating a music app.

How Does a Music Streaming App Work?

Gaana & Saavn is the best example of a music streaming application. Gaana & Saavn is a music streaming and playlist service available in 60 countries. It has over 30 million songs in its library and works on almost all devices. Users don’t have to download and save songs to a hard drive to listen to them. On Gaana & Saavn, users can easily find a song or album and instantly play them online.

You must first be a registered user to access Gaana & Saavn’s basic features for free. However, you see ads in the app and cannot listen to music offline. Gaana & Saavn’s paid subscriptions give you all the features, such as download, ad-free, or premium Hi-Fi sound quality. More questions and answers are below.

Music Streaming App Market – Present and Future

The music streaming apps category plays an important role in the app economy, with music apps becoming one of the top categories in which users are most engaged year after year. This strong demand for music streaming apps, which repeatedly included the category in the list of the most downloaded application categories, also led to an increase in consumer spending in the application category. According to App Annie’s report on global store user spending, music store spending on the Play Store was estimated to be 120%, while music spending on the iOS app store was 45%.

Type of Music Apps

If you explore mobile app stores for music streaming applications, you will come across the following types:

  • Music Streaming Apps
  • Music Editing Apps
  • Music Learning Apps
  • Apps for Music Bands
  • Music Identification apps

Top Music Streaming Mobile Application

Seeing the increasing demand for music streaming applications, some entrepreneurs are developing their activity in this category in the hope of gaining market share.

As we see new entrepreneurs in the industry every day, here are the brands that over time have established themselves as leaders in the music streaming market.

  • Gaana
  • Saavn
  • Pandora
  • Amazon Music
  • Apple Music
  • Wynk Music

There are a number of reasons that have led to increased demand for mobile music streaming apps in today’s millennial generation. This has motivated several companies around the world to develop their activities in the music streaming industry.

Some of these user-centric reasons are: – Choosing to listen to what they want and when they want it, the presence of a variety of options, the ease of discovering new artists and songs, and finally d listen to music without interruption.

While these are the reasons that have created the end-user demand, the only reason that has led companies to invest in the music streaming industry is the optimized technology stack that supports the process with which the application of the music stream created this way is Gaana & Saavn and Pandora.

Tech solutions of Music Streaming Apps

To Build an online music streaming featured mobile app you need to involve the below-listed technology term to build a perfect online free music app.

  • Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL
  • Nginx
  • php
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Kafka Software
  • Graph Walker
  • Amazon S3
  • Dataproc
  • Chromium Embedded Framework

We have now reached the point where we are interested in the features that should be available in your music streaming application and the hours it takes to develop them. And finally, the cost of developing music streaming applications.

Features & Function of Music Streaming App

An article that includes the development of music streaming application services would remain incomplete without mentioning the functionalities that should appear in the mobile application.


The inclusion of a registration function depends entirely on your business model. Although you can offer your users a free and open service that doesn’t ask your application listeners to connect with their credentials, companies often follow a freemium model.

For a freemium model to work, it is important to establish user connections in order to convert it from free users to premium users.

Search Option

The idea of ​​a music streaming app is to give listeners the freedom to search for their type of music based on their mood. To do this, it is important that companies add the search function to their application.

This feature should allow users to search for their favorite singers, albums, movie titles, etc.

Playlist Feature

What could be more enjoyable than working with your company to develop mobile applications and offer your listeners a platform where they can store all their favorite songs in a place classified according to their mood?

This is where a playlist function comes in.

Social Sharing

The saying that the success of your app is directly related to advertising on social media also applies to music streaming apps. By giving your listeners a chance to share their favorite song or their entire album with someone on social media or in a more personalized way like WhatsApp or Instagram Direct Messages, your brand only gets a good chunk of word of mouth.

Offline Mode

With this function, you give your listeners the possibility to listen to songs on the go without being dependent on an internet connection. In offline mode, the device’s local memory is used to temporarily store the audio data of the song.

Customized Music Media Player

Customers can change the theme based on their requirements such as light mode & dark mode. It helps to music player more user-friendly. When the user can also add user loyalty

How Much Does it cost to develop a Mobile App like Gaana and Saavn?

The cost of creating a music streaming mobile app like Gaana & Saavn depends on various factors. The answer to the question of how much it costs to build a music app like Gaana or SoundCloud is to analyze a number of factors, such as the features that will be included in music streaming apps, on platforms, on which they should run, and at the end of the area to which your music streaming application development company belongs.

All these factors are then broken down into hours devoted to the development of each application function. These factors are then used to create a quote for the full development of the music streaming application services.

Hence, building an online music streaming app like Gaana & Saavn costs around $ 22,000 for iOS and $ 30,000 for Android. It can not be an exact mobile app development cost & It can change based on your requirement.

How to Choose the Best Music Streaming App Development Company?

Now that we’ve looked at the current and future market scenario for music streaming apps and the features that should be present in your Gaana & Saavn-like app with trusted music streaming app development firms that can build a perfect music app for your business. DxMinds is top leading music streaming app Development Company in India. We are experts in mobile app development with the latest tech solution. Hire us today as a development partner to create a unique online music app for your business.


Hope you are now well educated from our blog online music streaming app. So if you are planning to develop a music streaming mobile application than to get a free estimated cost you can drop an email at

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