How Much Cost To Develop A Legal Marijuana Delivery Mobile App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Legal Marijuana Delivery Mobile App?

The advent of mobile application has outpaced the conventional ways. It has reduced the frictions in our lives and has made it more transparent. Though various applications of technology have been implemented in our lives over time, mobile application holds a warmth place in enhancing our lives. From the very first day it was introduced, mobile applications are gaining huge traction from the user base. For businesses, it has turned out to be the ideal tool in engaging the users. And users find it a perfect platform that is convenient and easy to use. In a nutshell, we can say that mobile applications are the key factor that drives digital transformation as a whole.

The use of Marijuana is legal in some countries. It is widely been used for medical purposes as well. A lot of next-generation startups are coming up with the most innovative ideas leveraging marijuana. Legal delivery of marijuana is the futuristic one among these innovative ideas. Marijuana delivery mobile applications like Budly, Canaris, Weedmaps are generating huge revenue. Entrepreneurs are actively looking for the cost of developing marijuana delivery mobile applications like Weedmaps. It is to serve these categories of entrepreneurs to its fullest; we are coming up with this article of marijuana delivery mobile application. Here we will discuss in detail the feature, characteristics, and ways to enhance the app. We will also discuss the cost of building a marijuana delivery mobile application. So let us get started.

Top reasons to start a marijuana delivery business

· More people are consuming marijuana for the good

· Average consumer consumes it at least twice a month

· It is used for treatment purposes, hangouts, stress buster, pain relief, an alternative to alcohol, etc.

· Premium quality marijuana usage rates are gaining global traction

· More countries are realizing the potential of marijuana and are legalizing it for the good

Why the marijuana delivery business?

The number of countries that legalize marijuana is increasing day by day. It is one of the best domains where one can try his luck. Also, when a pinch of technology also gets added to the business model, it is no doubt that the business will be taken to the next level. Researches and developments are actively taking place in the industry to figure out the hidden potentiality of marijuana. This also can pave the way for making the business a grand success. Moreover, the legal consumption rate of marijuana is skyrocketing as it’s been a perfect alternative for alcohol.

cost of developing marijuana delivery mobile applications like Weedmaps

Advantages of marijuana delivery mobile application

· Enhanced booking and delivery

· Streamlined operations

· Less manpower and more efficiency

· Ensured delivery of premium quality products

· Technology integrated solution

Features of a marijuana delivery mobile application like Canary

To meet the basic requirement, a marijuana delivery mobile application likes Canary, Budly, Weedmap, etc. has to have some features integrated into it. We are going to see in detail what those outstanding features are.

· Sign Up/ Sign In           

The mobile application should have a feature where it allows the users to create an account on the app. They can make use of their e-mail address, mobile number or even social media handle to complete the registration. Once the signup process is complete, leveraging the credentials, they can log in to the account.

· Interactive dashboard

The app should have a highly engaging dashboard that engages the customers at a high degree. The dashboard has to be integrated with eye candy designs and a stunning user interface. It has to offer exemplary user experience, which in turn decides their comebacks to the mobile application.

· Search bar

The search bar allows users to explore the wide range of weeds and related products that are listed for sale in the app. Having a search bar in the application delivers the best experience to the customers.

· Search filters

One of another feature a marijuana delivery mobile application should have is the search filters. Filters can be based on various factors. It can be of product quality, price, quantity, mode of delivery, etc.

· Map integration

The map should be readily available in the mobile application to enhance the delivery. The delivery partners can track user location based on the map integrated within the application.

· Location access

The user location should be accessed by the mobile application to improve accuracy. Based on the location, the riders can take the optimized routes to offer explicit delivery.

· Cart

The cart allows the customers to purchase multiple products by adding each one of them to the cart. This can help customers in availing of better shopping experience.

· Advanced billing system

As per the purchase, the mobile application needs to generate the bill at the time of checkout. Tax, service fees, delivery charges, etc can be added on top of the item price.

· Enhanced payment gateway

The payment gateway system has to be highly safe and secure. It needs to deliver the best in class experience to the users who wish to make online payments. Also, there has to be a COD option, where payment is done at the time of delivery.

· In-App wallet

The application should have a wallet integrated to it, recharging which can help users in making hassle-free payments. The app wallet should possess a high degree of security and transparency.

· Order Tracking

Having a regular update on the product location allows consumers in taking relevant measures at the time of product delivery.

· Rating and Review

For any business to thrive, it should consider taking the genuine feedbacks of the customers. In an event where the customers are unhappy, proper measures need to be adopted to make them happy. Rating and review system helps marijuana deliver the mobile application in understanding the level of their customer service and can make relevant updates wherever required.

Features affecting the cost of developing a marijuana delivery mobile application

One needs to have a strong awareness of the factors that affect the app development cost. We are going to see those in detail. The prime factor that determines the app development cost is the platform for which the mobile applications are been built. As of now, the two main platforms are there. And they are iOS and Android. The other factor that affects the mobile application development cost is the features that need to be enhanced on the mobile application. A large number of features can be added to enhance the app development cost and this can be a reason that determines the cost of mobile application development. The other factors are app size, app structure, app location, app security, app maintenance, etc.

Cost of developing a cannabis delivery mobile application

We have seen in detail the factors that determine the mobile application development cost. Now let us see how much will it cost to develop a cannabis delivery mobile application like Canary, Budly, Weedmap, etc. based on the aforementioned factors, the cost of developing a cannabis delivery mobile application can charge you around USD 10,000 to USD 50,000. The prize may vary based on the variation of the requirements.

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