How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Game app like Ludo King

how much does it cost to develop a game app like ludo?

Ludo King Game App Development Cost

DxMinds the top Ludo game app development company in Bangalore India offering quality grade ludo app development services on Android,iOS, Windows and web platforms


Playing Games is consistently the best method to kill time. In this digital time, playing online games with remote players is an engaging path for individuals around the world. Mobile users are very eager to see the preferred board game that permits them to play it as, anywhere and anytime on their smartphone.

With mobile applications versions for an exemplary classic old school board games accessible at one’s fingertips.

Ludo, a modern version game application has held an effective track in the gaming market with its mashup of traditional and ancient game rules. Pre-packaged games, for example, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders have been very well known since decades as ‘family game’. While this quick-paced life doesn’t allow for a family to sit together and play these games, it presently comes in an advanced configuration as a portable Mobile application. 

The game adheres to the traditional guidelines and the old school look of the Ludo game. Much the same as the kings and queens of India’s golden era, your luck relies upon the roll of the Ludo’s dice and your technique of moving the tokens adequately. 

Ludo King is a cross-platform game supports Desktop, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile app platform at the same time. This game additionally supports offline mode, where players can play with Computer or, Local multiplayer (play and pass mode).

By analyzing its popularity and game revenue, most of the entrepreneurs looking to develop a similar app like Ludo or clone of ludo to achieve success heights 

How to Play?

Ludo is the cutting edge form of the imperial round of Pachisi, which was played between Indian rulers and rulers in antiquated occasions. Roll the Ludo dice and move your tokens to arrive at the focal point of the Ludo board. Beat different players, and become the Ludo King. The game version has the conventional standards and old school look of the Ludo game:

  • Users need to download Ludo game application from Google play store or Apple App store
  • Players then select the method he/she wishes to play which is either PC, neighborhood, or multiplayer.
  • When the method of the game is chosen, players will choose the shading (color).
  • As indicated by the chose shading, the 4 tokens will be conveyed to the players.
  • Users at that point roll the shakers and push their token forward the clockwise way.
  • To go into the end goal, all tokens need to complete the full turn.
  • An additional turn is gotten if a player murder’s the adversary’s token or get a “six” on the bones.
  • The player who figures out how to get every one of the tokens to the end win

Features Modes of Ludo Games

Computer Mode

At the point when you choose computer mode in the app, you have to choose the color of playing from color varieties, then begin to play with computer mode. With the help of a computer, you can play this simple model.

Local Mode

The local mode of Ludo game depends on the users who play manually on Ludo board The game application offers a color variety of (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow) that rely on user preference, with player name feature and the user likewise select player options (2 players, 3 Player, 4 Player).

The Ludo game dice will tape by a user manually and the outcome will appear with winning positions.

Multi-Player Mode

The state of this game is like beginning mode as indicated but the difference is that the user plays multiplayer Ludo game as a "Guest Login or Social media login" features. After that the user login with the social website or system server then the app server connects the online server with playing user.

In this mode, the user can play with multiplayer from any part of the world who can be friends or families. After winning the game, the server provides assigned points.

Challenge Mode

The Challenge method of the Ludo game depends on two sorts that improve user innovativeness through server-based. A user will tap on the Create Room option. In this, the user makes their gaming room tab with 8 digit code.

This 8 digit is user room join id. Then user share this code to his fellow members, by clicking on the join room button, paste the code and start playing the game

Play With Real Money

In this feature, a user has the option to play a game with real money where they simply need to choose the table amount and the winning player can withdraw the money from their account.

Admin Panel to manage smartly

Admin can manage, track, and monitor each activity within the app. Admin panel has the following feature:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Users Management
  • Game records
  • Payment Transaction
  • Payment Management
  • Notification and Updates Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Role-based Admin Panel
  • Manage Sub Admins
  • Reward Points
Multiple Themes

The game offers wide engaging themes, for example, Nature, Audio, Egypt. All these themes have some uniqueness in their qualities.

Multiple Language

As the game can be played worldwide, it accompanies an option of bilingual language with the goal that players from each locale of the world can use it without any problem.

Real-Time Chat Support

Users can associate among themselves and change the game into a drawing platform. To keep up a vital good distance from the issues of composing, they can have a live chat with each other.

Our Ludo King App Development Services We commit ourselves to Ludo King like similar app Development

DxMinds is the best Ludo game app development company in Bangalore India for both Android and iOS platforms. We offer services for mobile app development and mobile game development for all classifications such as racing games, action games, board games, and so on. 

Our main goal is to create top-notch tech games that can be played over all devices and support a huge user base. Our game stands high in terms of technology and designs. From our development team, designers, and programmers, we have expertise in everything to create the Ludo master app for Android and iOS platforms. 

Hire our developers to build the best ludo master game, from app development, design to support, and maintenance we offer a complete ludo app development cycle.

Things we consider while designing an app like Ludo King:

Layout the base

Discuss and evaluate the idea of the game, Refine the concept dependent on Budget. Detail out the gaming structure, Create the final requirement report and Settle project objectives and milestones.

Engaging Graphic of Game

Online Gaming is totally about attracting users with an exceptional experience. If the user can’t engage with the application design, its interface, and concept then the outcome of the game is at stake.

For example, if you see the UI of Ludo king application is very user engaging, the UI is all set with amazing graphics. On the other hand, the application accompanies perfect sound chores and images for offering users with an amazing experience.

The design of the perfect game involves the required time and money. DxMinds the #1 Game app development company focuses on user attention. Our developers process skilled knowledge on the gaming industry and are capable in graphic designing offering engaging, simple and attractive templates. 

Functionalities over the various platform

Based on the platform on which the application would get launched, the designers make detailed research and study and select features. The generally utilized platforms are android, iOS, Windows and React Native.

Final Delivery

Integration of all API/features in a single game, Effective QA and Testing for each level Deploying the Game to the respective App Store. Help in marketing the game dependent on the target audience.



To support diverse mobile platforms, we utilize the advance and latest technologies to code the game application. You can get advantages such as best UX/UI design, advance features, and technologies with our game app development services.


We are skillful to make those mobile game applications like Ludo king that require just single time downloading and can be used/play unlimited time without the trouble of any changes. To keep your audience engaged for a long duration and advance your services, these applications are the best way.

Adaptable and Customized Solutions 

We team up with our customers, from time to time, to assist them with accomplishing their desire and goals. Our flexible solutions are intended to suit all your specific requirements with the most extreme adaptability.

Consistent Communication 

We elevate seamless communication to give users a more noteworthy experience and mean to furnish with progressively customized services.

Smart Solutions 

We work smart to offer an amazing solution at the time of cutting edge innovation. Our cost-effective services help in saving time and effort.

Ludo King app development cost Analysis DxMinds is a leading Mobile App Development Company meant to furnish you with the best benefits by addressing your business issues and goals expertly. Our group of qualified designers has years of experience to develop a rich game that makes a path to enter in the Gaming world. We use trending innovation to build a game app that additionally supports Desktop, Android, iOS, and different platforms. Ludo king app development cost depends on different factors such as

App Platform Cost

The basic decision is between Android, iOS, and React Native. The stages you pick vigorously influence your app development costs. For example, installment joining and other frameworks in Apple gadgets is 10-20% costlier than that for Android gadgets. Then again, Android development costs somewhat more on the off chance that you need your game to be good with more seasoned adaptations. If you choose a React Native Platform, at that point you would likely face cost hindrances from both the stages. Still, it is very advantageous to go with the react-native model as the app available on both the platforms (Android/iOS).

Game Design

UI/UX design of the Ludo king game application is very attractive and user friendly to play. The players effectively experience the fundamental menu capacity of the Ludo game, with face 4 menu work. Standards of this game have appeared in the main menu choice with sharing and rating options of the game. Hence UX/UI design is the main deciding factor in how your app going to be popular.

App Size

App size defines the app features and functionalities you want to integrate into the app. Ludo game app development includes advanced features plus technologies.

Game App Testing

When considering to develop an app like ludo king, the testing procedure is significant and imperative. Gamers almost hate the bugs in the game. No one prefers a slow game. That is the reason it is essential to ensure that the game runs easily, with no bugs, and offers a rich customer experience. DxMinds, the best ludo king app development company consider the testing phase as a major aspect of the whole development cycle.

The cost to develop an app like Ludo king will start from INR 15, 00, 000 by considering the above technical aspects. If you are looking for Ludo king app development, then approach DxMinds, the company provides you with free estimation and the exact cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without any doubt or thought contact DxMinds the leading Ludo game app development company in Bangalore India providing technology-based Gaming app services with unique and user-friendly game design.

As per DxMinds 

  • An app like Ludo King with basic features cost: starts from INR 10,00,000.
  • An app like Ludo King with advanced features: Starts from INR 15,00,000.
  • An app like Ludo king with extra tech functionality: Starts from INR 20,00,000.

Yes, you can by developing a quality grade, engaging, and features rich app without compromising on a budget to make it successful.

It is simple just approach Top Ludo app development companies in Bangalore like DxMinds and know about their Gaming app development experience in the Gaming industry.

Yes, we offer the ludo game app development services from scratch which includes a complete app development cycle such as Planning/Research, Design, Development, Testing, and Launch. Just be unique from others to reach success altitude.

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