Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency wallet development are gaining huge traction these days. It has reached its glorious days as many governments including the Indian government have lifted the ban on trading cryptocurrencies. In this tech-savvy era, cryptos are becoming the buzzword and everyone is actively discussing it. It is no doubt that the future of the world completely relies upon the application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Thus, digital transformation companies are investing heavily in research to explore the unexplored domains of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The near future will be brightly leveraging the best use cases and industry applications of these technologies.

Technology, especially blockchain technology is widely been applied across various verticals of businesses for enhancing its security and transparency. Its advent has brought many advantages to the society we belong to. It has elevated our lifestyles and has transformed our entire perception. The role played by blockchain technology in transforming our entire economy into a zone where anything and everything goes digital is of huge potential. With its strong impact on our socio-economic landscapes, the apps and solutions developed leveraging blockchain technology can revamp the conventional ways, thereby constructing a digital basement of the perfect recipe.

For a cryptocurrency to get traded in a seamless way, it must get have a cryptocurrency wallet. This has led to the rising demand for developing a cryptocurrency wallet along with cryptocurrency development. This is offering extended opportunities for entrepreneurs and is a scalable and potential business opportunity. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail one such cryptocurrency wallet that is gaining huge popularity throughout. The wallet is known to be Alphawallet. We will cover the entire aspects of app development. Also, we will discuss in detail how much it costs to develop a cryptocurrency wallet like Alphawallet. So, let us get started.

More about blockchain technology

As the name suggests, blockchain technology consists of blocks linked together to form a chain. These blocks consist of a set of information piled up together. When a block is piled up with the maximum number of information it can hold, another block will be formed. This process keeps on going like this. Blockchain technology consists of a network of computers, also known to be nodes. What makes blockchain technology stand out from the internet is that it is decentralized. This means it leaves zero possibility for a hacker or someone out of the network to access the things happening within the network. This has enhanced the transparency of blockchain technology and has boosted its demand.

What is a cryptocurrency and how does it work?

Many of us might be very familiar with hearing the name cryptocurrency. It is nothing but a reward given as a token of appreciation for performing specific tasks in the blockchain network. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available in the market as of now. The process of obtaining a cryptocurrency is called mining. It is right after the advent of Bitcoin that the term mining got so much popularity. Though the term mining refers to the conventional mining of gold and other ores, crypto mining is done with the help of high-speed computers and related devices.

build a cryptocurrency wallet like Alphawallet

cryptocurrency wallet development and the need for a wallet like Alphawallet

Just like the normal fiat currency wallet, cryptocurrency wallets are used to store the available cryptocurrencies. As cryptos are digital currencies, one can never store it in physical spaces. The need for a cryptocurrency wallet emerges as a result of this. As of now, a large number of cryptocurrencies are available in the market. By having a single cryptocurrency wallet, one can store any number of cryptocurrencies in it. Wallets are protected with the help of usernames and passwords to keep the cryptos safe and secure.

More about Alphawallet, the cryptocurrency wallet

Alphawallet is the safest Ethereum wallet that came into existence with the best usage of blockchain technology. Leveraging Alphawallet, one can have access to a wide range of facilities like storage of cryptos, smart contracts, Secure asset interaction, and much more. With Alphawallet, one can have access to and interpretation of smart contracts in their original format. Alphawallet makes use of Tokenization to deliver impeccable services to its clients. It is supported by native ERC20, ERC721, and ERC875.

Major supporting

· Ethereum-based networks

· xDai

· Ethereum

· Ethereum Classic

· Artis


· Ropsten

· Goerli

· Kovan

· Rinkeby

· Sokol

Features of Cryptocurrency Wallet, Alphawallet

· Wallet Address

Every wallet comes with a unique identification number also known as the wallet address. Users can access their wallet id at any time of the day under the wallet address option.

· Add Wallet

Add wallet features allow the users to add various blockchain wallets to the account. All they must need is just go ahead with add wallet option by submitting the mandatory requirements. Users can also change their wallet details.

· Wallet Backup

This feature integrated into the Alphawallet app allows the users to back up their wallets.

· Notifications

End users will be notified of the real-time updates and details so that they won’t miss out on any of them.

· Currencies

The app facilitates features for its users to choose the currency they want to have. The available currencies in the app are USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CNY, INR, and SGD.

· Transactions

Users can stay on top of the complete details of their transactions under this option.

· In-built browser

The app has got an in-built browser integrated into it. Just like any other internet browser, users can carry out seamless search activities leveraging the same.

How much does it cost to develop a crypto wallet app like Alphawallet?

We have covered almost all aspects and features of a Crypto wallet app like Alphawallet. The demand for a cryptocurrency wallet is skyrocketing as it offers a scalable business opportunity. Because of this, entrepreneurs out there are actively looking out for opportunities to build a cryptocurrency wallet like Alphawallet. Also, the search for how much it cost to build a cryptocurrency app like Alphawallet is also trending. So we thought of clearing it here. The cost to develop a cryptocurrency wallet like Alphawallet will be approximately USD 20,000 to USD 50,000. The price is depended on various features like the size of the app, technologies used, app features, app location, app maintenance, support, etc.

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