How Much does it Cost to Develop a Chatbot in India?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Chatbot?

Chatbot App Development Cost?

The age of intelligent machines has arrived and conversational interfaces are hitting the pace. Yes, Chatbots are gaining more popularity and dominating the world with the power of simple interactive conversation. Overall positive sentiments towards the technology have surpassed negative aspects, making the bots boom across the largest industries.

Conversational user technology has become one of the trending topics in businesses and most of them are looking forward to launching their own AI Enabled Chatbots.

In this blog, we have a given brief description of How Much it Costs to Develop a Chatbot and covered every aspect of the technology right from its meaning to cost.

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    Brief About Chatbot

    Chatbots are automated hardware or software machines integrated with Artificial intelligence technologies, that stimulate human-based conversations in the form of simple text, audio, video, and images. Chatbots are classified into two categories:

    Enterprise Assistants

    Enterprise assistants are bots modeled as customer service representatives and store assistants that engage with customers with a simple conversation and carry out marketing, sales, and support tasks.

    Personal Assistants

    Personal Assistants are the bots like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana which act as Human personal assistants and do personal tasks such as sending texts, playing music, taking calls, and other human-related work. These assistants can be extended in terms of capabilities and features.

    Benefits of Chatbots

    It is worthless to ask the query how much does it cost to develop a Chatbot until you are convinced with the fact that it is the most needed technology to drive your business to peak level. It has seen applied in various sectors with interactive scenarios for product marketing, brand engagement, product assistance, and support conversations.

    By seeing its bright advantages, one thing is understandable i.e Chatbots are going to be leading part of businesses across various industries with their unpredictable benefits

    So let’s have a Look at the Business benefits of Chatbot

    • 24*7 Availability

    Unlike other digital technologies, conversational Chatbots are low-cost and are available 24/7. These chatbots benefit has enhanced customer loyalty to a greater extent and there is no chance to lose leads because customers always have someone to get answers from.

    • Personalized Experience

    Chatbots provide a personalized experience through their conversational way of interaction. One-to-one conversation settings enable businesses to understand and adapt to a customer’s goals, preferences, and constraints.

    • Low Cost

    Chatbots are all-in-one digital solutions and hence offer customer support services at least 100 times cheaper than a human doing the same task.

    • Consistency

    Chatbots offer consistent services which may be difficult to achieve from human operators and may be very beneficial in certain sectors.

    • Quick Response time

    Unlike human-based systems, the response time of a Chatbot is much quicker, faster, and more effective. Users no longer have to wait for calls to be picked up, during a single conversation it has the ability to solve customer queries.

    • Greater Revenue

    Most businesses hire a Chatbot for lead generation and greater sales. Through a Chatbot, it is possible to update your customers regarding the discount and offers, therefore increasing customer engagement. Creates brand awareness by being integrated with social media platforms.

    These benefits hold true for any kind of Chatbot you want to develop.

    Ready to Build A Chatbot

    Have a look at the composition required to build a chatbot. This is a systematic process that estimates the app development cost. So, before approaching a Chatbot development company, just have a look at the approach of the company of all these components

    Backend Development

    In the backend system, the context of the conversation needs to be managed and updated. Context can be maintained by creating a local cache where the information transferred between the two dialogue partners can be stored and analyzed.

    In this section, we will explore how the conversation is recorded and utilized during a chat with the bot. Let’s take an example of finding a restaurant as part of your tour guide

    Bot: Hi There, My name is Alisa. I am your personal bot assistant. How may I help you today?

    User: Find a Restaurant

    Bot: Ok Where?

    User: In the middle city

    Bot: Ok Any Cuisine that you fancy?

    User: Indian

    Bot: Ok. Let me see

    User: ok go ahead

    Bot: I found a few Indian restaurants in the middle city.

    Here they are

    In the above conversation, until the last bot utterance, the bot needs to store information locally. When it has collected all the needed information it can go off and search the databases with appropriate parameters.

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    Creating Channels and Integrating Modules

    After a powerful backend system, the next step of Chatbot development is creating channels for integration. For every channel, the integration is specific and unique where developers can add endpoints to send and receive text messages as per tokens accessed.

    Chatbot’s UI needs to be integrated with quick replies and navigational buttons which enhances a smoother conversation with the users.

    Natural Language Processing Services

    After receiving the messages from a specific channel, they must be decoded. To understand the entities and intents of the user message you should use NPL services like Luis,, and The process includes setting up an NPL service and disposing of the messages using an SDK for straightforward services. The most challenging task will be training the NPL intent and entities to understand the human conversation.

    Conversational Intelligence

    Conversational intelligence is an essential component in the Chatbot app development process. In this step, the developer has to build an algorithm for every conversation such as pure decision trees, state workflows, slot-based logs, or some advanced deep learning algorithms. The Algorithm controls every aspect of conversion and makes the bots more interactive.

    Ensuring the integration of Chatbots with the existing system

    The foremost goal of your Chatbot is to execute processes like booking appointments, buying products, and ordering products related to your business. Integration includes factors like business logic validation, rules, and persistence of data as part of your business process.

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      How Much Does It Cost To Build a Chatbot in India?

      Above we have seen everything related to chatbot technology-Brief about Chatbot, the Benefits of Chatbots, Composition required to build a Chatbot, now it’s time to break down the cost to develop a Chatbot.

      DxMinds the top Chatbot development company, have come up with Chatbot solutions for different industries. Operated by a team of experienced developers, designers, and testers who have a great passion for developing bots by blending with advanced tools, programming languages, and technologies.

      As per DxMinds, the cost of Chatbot development may vary in between $5000-$50000, depending on various facts involved in the development processes such as design, development, and integration. To know the exact cost, we urge you to contact us and share your requirements.

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