How Much does it cost to Create TikTok like App?

How Much does it Cost to develop a Mobile App Like TikTok?

In today’s technological world everything is evolving, likewise the music industry has undergone a tremendous revolution and slaying our youth with its transformation. Now Music and Video making apps impacting the users with its tremendous features and functionalities. Gone the days, when most of us addicted towards TV shows and Music channels. At present time, our preferences and interest is grabbed by social music and video making apps. There are many music apps which have come and gone, but the one which is dominating all the ages is TikTok.

Most of the business people and marketers are influenced with its popularity and looking forward with a start-up idea to develop an application similar to that with a start-up idea to develop an application similar to that. Hence, DxMinds the top mobile app development company in India have come up with the blog to the ones who are in the plan to develop a clone app like Tiktok. We have covered every aspect related Tiktok app from its features, process to app development cost.

Before we start let’s have a look

About TikTok App

Tiktok is breaking growth’s record, as it is a foremost destination for creating, sharing and discovering short form mobile videos.The outlet to express our talent through singing, dancing, comedy and lip syncing within 15 seconds.The app was launched in 2017 by Byte Dance in China, and has experienced a huge popularity when it became available in Asia, United states and other parts of the world. The most downloaded app present over 150 markets and in 75 languages.

Users got more excited towards the app when they saw its presence is flooded in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, other social media apps.

Check the mind-blowing statistics of Tiktok app:

  • The app currently has active 500 million users
  • 6th most downloaded app in the world
  • Approximately 1 billion installations
  • $1.4 Million estimated monthly revenue

Here some of the Tiktok features:

  • User can watch millions of videos based on specific interest and preference
  • Add your favourite music or sound for future making.
  • Take your video to next level by the editing with free music clips, sounds, emoji stickers and face filters.
  • Live streaming filters with fresh, updated and creative designs.
  • Editing tools enable you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips.

Got to know about the app and its features, now I am sure you may be eager to know how much does it cost to develop an app like TikTok. For calculating the app development cost of clone app like TikTok we have to consider some factors such as app features, functionalities, resources and add on technologies. The cost may vary depending on mobile app Development Company you hire or number of advance features you want to add.

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So let’s have look on some basic features required to create a clone app like TikTok:

  • Login and Register

First and foremost important feature you have to provide is Signing up and login, which may be through email id or Social media account.

  • User Interface and App Navigation

Soon you login into account, you will see the trending videos and navigational buttons like Home, Discover, and Inbox .By which Users can switch and navigate to a screen which enables you to watch videos of the artist you follow. A quick navigational button enhances your user experience with app.

  • Hearts and Commenting

The unique feature of the app which allow the users to give a heart by double taping on button or liking the video. The more hearts on videos the more famous you become. If you like a video and want to save it, just leave a heart on it will be saved automatically.

  • Sharing

This app feature enable the users to share the liked videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger and other apps

  • Filters and Effects

Make your video more interesting by adding a special effects like Zoom, flash, slow-motion, reverse and many more. There are many face filters and effects available in app.For example it offers a specific filters depending on occasion (Independence Day filters like flag effects, Holi filters with full colorful video and so on) 

  • Notification

Notify the users in real time about new videos and update them about like, followers and tags.

  • Upload or save the videos

After making a trending video, users have an option either they can save or upload it depending on their interest.

  • Duet Option

Suppose you want to create a video with your friend on separate screens but same sound, you can utilize this feature by mentioning #duetwithme.

  • Setting

This feature allow the users to change the profile pic, password, and can choose between private or personal account, enable them to block the users.

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Technologies required to develop an app like TikTok

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology

Ai technology helps the app to understand the user interest automatically and provides amazing virtual filters and personalize the users data.

  • Server like Cloud storage or Amazon S3
  • Content delivery networks
  • Video/audio Transcoding: Media files need to transformed into different media formats
  • Database integration such as MailChimp and Cassandra
  • A Operation system
  • Video and audio transcoding
  • GWT for programming productivity

FAQ’s Related to TikTok app:

How to Use TikTok app?

  • First thing you need to do is install the app from the play store for Android app and App store on iOS
  • Create an account or login if you already have the account with username and password
  • By default you will see the trending and popular posts, after following the users you can see the post from their account
  • To Create your first tiktok post tap the plus sign at the bottom of your screen
  • To select a song for your post pick a sound at the top then look there tik tok library of songs to find one you like, tap on the song you would like to use
  • After selecting a song, start to shoot the video and post or save

Is TikTok app safe?

Using a social network can be harmful or risky.But it is possible for users to use the app safely with adult supervision. And the app is upgraded with advance features which allows you to delete   the adult’s related accounts or set the videos on private.

How does Tiktok app earns money?

The best way to make money, when a user become popular with the trending video, then they can engage with audience and tell about the brand, a worthy way to make money.

How much does it Cost to Develop an App like TikTok?

With above mentioned features, functionalities and technology used the app development cost of an app like Tiktok may range between $15k-$50K. If you have requirement for creating a music or video maker app, then visit DxMinds, the globally trusted mobile app development company in India having a team of developers assure you with a quality rich music app.

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