How Much Does it Cost to Build a Chatbot?

How much does it cost to develop a chatbot?

Chatbots have become the latest talk of the town. It has become an essential part of every business. From increasing the user engagement to play a major part in the conversion process of a first-time visitor into a customer, chatbots do the magic.

After going through the benefits of enhanced user engagement, many businesses are utilizing chatbot services. Hence it has become the most important question to understand chatbot development cost. Let’s dig into the matter of “ how much does it cost to develop a chatbot?”

Factors that affect the cost of chatbot development

Several factors get affected due to the chatbot development cost. Hence, let’s dig into more details:

Factors that affect the cost of chatbot development

Business Goals

The chatbots differ according to the business requirement. A chatbot is not a common type of software, rather it is a software container. For example, an online chatbot and a simple FAQ chatbot are two different development scopes. In the case of developing a distributing chatbot, you need to take care of the payment gateway and security issues, while in the case of FAQ chatbot it requires only a conversation pattern. Chatbots are made for internal use within the company. These solutions can automate routine processes.

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    Channel Support

    Every business requirement varies from one another. It is the customer’s choice to select the right channel and build the bots which can be deployed to the website or mobile apps. The channel comes up with UI which can be easily customized according to the requirements such as SMS, e-mail, or social media. The overall cost of chatbot development depends upon the selection of a chatbot.

    Bot capabilities

    The basic task of a chatbot is to gain information about the customer. Based upon the type of information retrieved, the chatbot can also be utilized even to do complex things like book a flight or place an order, hence the cost will also vary depending upon the deeper integration with the back-end systems.


    A backend is required to manage the messages coming in from multiple channels for the development of a chatbot. It carries out the business logic and integration within the current systems. The conversational intelligence will be developed using the backend according to the type of conversation which happens with the end-users. The overall cost of a chatbot depends upon the backend development too.

    Interaction level

    The interaction level of a chatbot is completely dependent upon the features of a chatbot, for instance, if you want a basic chatbot that follows a menu-driven approach with a simple and predefined cost, the cost will be less.

    How much does it cost to develop a chatbot?

    Before you start developing the chatbot, you need to be aware of the factors which influence the final cost of chatbot development.

    The development team

    The chatbot development cost depends upon the team which handles the development work. The development task can be given to a freelancer or an offshore company or a local business.

    In addition to the price, the choice of the team depends upon the other two factors too:

    1. Technical knowledge- The development team’s technical know-how is very important as they must have the required expertise to develop any functionality.

    2. The duration of the project- The more experienced and more distributed the team, it might take less time to deliver the product.


    If you have given a thought about developing a Chabot, then you need to decide the channel on which the chatbot must be deployed.

    The other questions which are also taken into consideration are:

    1. Will the chatbot be able to engage customers on your website or any other online store?

    2. Will the chatbot be able to engage customers on social media platforms?

    3. Will the chatbot only function inside messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram?

    Make sure you have a clear idea about the cost of every additional channel since it cost around $700-$1600. Nowadays it has also become a requirement to develop a bot on voice-enabled devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.


    Chatbot MVP Features

    It is something that cannot be avoided and the best part is that there is no specific count of features that can be added to the chatbot.

    The Chabot functionality depends upon:

    1. Type- There are two types of chatbots like AI-based and rule-based chatbots. AI-based chatbots are more independent but require a lot of training, but more expensive. Rule-based bots are comparatively cheaper and simpler as it requires a ready-made conversational flow.

    2. Channels- Channels are something that cannot be included in every app. For instance, if you want to add a voice capability to a web-based chatbot, it might cost around $760.

    Language- Chatbots support many languages. AI-bots will require testing for each language( $600- $1300). These rule-based chatbots can help you chat with customers in any language.


    UI interferes with how the customer views it and interacts with it. Hence a great UI means customers will find it easy to chat with the bot and they won’t find any problems related to it.

    The other features which contribute to the UI are the color scheme, its style, the messages, their emojis, their way of conversation.

    There are some bots in which you will not be able to fix the UI. On the other hand, the chatbots in which the website template can be changed has an additional cost.


    Backend refers to the storage of messages from the customers. It is also a deciding factor while developing the chatbot. The backend also refers to the business logic and integrations.


    The final price will be heavily dependent upon the number of apps and the platforms you want to integrate your bot with( for example email, CRM, instant messaging apps, analytics, and a lot more)

    The overall development cost of a chatbot depends upon $1300- $2500.


    A chatbot is very prone to errors and becomes outdated after some time. The cost of the maintenance depends 10-15 percent upon the total development price.

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      How much time does it cost to develop a Chatbot?

      The timeframe of developing a chatbot depends upon the type of chatbot, its features, and the other components that come together to develop them. App integration takes around 40-56 hours and the business logic stage takes around 120-160 hours. In case, if you want to develop a chatbot from scratch, it takes around 160-192 hours.

      Now we have gone through the advantages of chatbots, their types, their features, and the development tools which are required to develop the best chatbot solution for your business.

      Considering every factor involved in developing a scalable business chatbot solution, the total cost of chatbot development is around $20,000 to $80,000. The overall cost includes the overall design, development, and integral part of the complete chatbot app development process.

      Ready to build a Chatbot?

      Are you planning to develop a simple chatbot for your business, then you can lookout for a readymade solution. But on the other hand, if you require a custom solution with unique or complex functionality, then it’s always advisable to get services from a full-fledged software development team.

      Your search for a chatbot development team ends here by joining hands with DxMinds, the chatbot app development company. An experienced team can help you build a custom chatbot with a great user experience which can help you develop the best chatbot which meets your business requirements and find the right solution. Our team of professionals has years of experience in the field of developing chatbots for different platforms with different features. If you want to discuss how DxMinds can help you create a great and unique chatbot, just drop us a mail.


      How much does it cost to develop a chatbot?

      There’s no particular price which meets every business. The total price depends upon the features which in turn depends upon the business requirements. Hence to meet the chatbot development cost, estimating the features of chatbots is very important.

      What are the different features of the chatbot?

      The different features of a chatbot are:

      1. Type of conversation

      2. Payment system

      3. Geolocation

      4. Personality

      5. Syncing with user accounts.

      6. AI integration

      Which best chatbots have become famous?

      Following companies follow the great chatbots:

      1. Unilever

      2. H&M

      3. Marvel

      4. Booking

      How long does it take to develop a chatbot?

      If you want to develop a chatbot with the least features, then it can be developed in a specific timeframe of 100-200 hours. But on the other hand, if you want to have a customized app depending upon the number of features and the platforms, then it might take 500 hours to build a chatbot.

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