How much does an online liquor delivery app like Instacart Cost?

How much does an online liquor delivery app like Instacart Cost?

How much does it cost to develop an online liquor delivery app like Instacart?

We all are a part of the tremendous revolution carried out by mobile applications. It has taken our lives from level A to level Z within a buzz of time. Gone are those days were our day to day activities took long hours to finish, for it is now just a finger click away. Thus mobile application is playing an important role in our lives without which it will be much hard to survive.

Conventional ways of purchasing liquors were like we go to the liquor shops, purchase the items and stand in a long queue for the items to get billed. Spending the quality of our times in the stores was mandatory. Not only this but also almost all practices of following things in a brick-a-mortar style were disrupted after mobile applications were introduced.

In this article, we are going to see one such app that has made our lives easy and hassle-free. This app lets us purchase liquor and related items and let’s see it in detail. This app is not only making our life easy but also offering a potential business opportunity for entrepreneurs out there. The intention behind coming up with this blog is to break down the tedious job of entrepreneurs who want to know the cost of developing an online liquor delivery app like Instacart and other aspects of app development. So let’s get started.

How does a liquor delivery app like Instacart works?

The app act as a middleman between liquor stores and end customers. While the customers go ahead with online shopping, the app assigns nearby delivery executives to dispatch the delivery. The takes its customers through an excellent buyer journey and offer them the best possible experience. It let them in skipping the long checkout queue, saving their quality time and energy.

Key features of online liquor delivery app Instacart

· Sign In/Sign Up

The app needs users to create an account before enjoying hassle-free shopping. Once the account is created, users can make use of the login credentials to sign in to their respective accounts.

· Account

One can find all of the provided details like email address, password, communication details, and personal address. This is a highly customizable zone.

· Express Delivery                                     

This is an optionable menu choosing upon which the customers will be given free and unlimited delivery above a certain quantity. This is a subscription-based service and can be renewed on an annual basis.

· Credits and Promo Codes

Users can apply their promo codes and can gain instant discounts and cash backs on products and services.

· Gift Card

Users can purchase gift cards and can present it to their dear ones. The receiver can redeem the same on their following purchases from the app.

· Shop with friends

This feature lets the app users in carrying out community shopping. Users can invite their friends, families, and colleagues to create a group to shop together.

· Payment Methods

Credit and debit cards need to be entered manually and it will be auto-saved. Every time new purchases are made, it will be debited from the card.

· Call before checkout

This is a unique feature in which a call will be given to the registered mobile number right before checkout. This will help customers to double-check their orders and payment amount.

· Cart

All the pre-purchased items will be available in the cart. It is a checkpoint right before checkout.

· Stores

A list of stores associated with the app will be displayed under this section. From a customer point of view, this is an advantage and let them in conducting comparative purchases of products and goods.

· Departments

Products are further categorized based on their nature under the department section. There are snacks, mixers, wine, beer and cider, spirits, etc.

· Delivery/ Pick Up

Users can now decide the mode of the goods delivery. They either can assign an executive for the same or can get it done manually.

Factors determining the app development cost of a liquor delivery app

There are several factors that determine the app development cost like app platform, app integrations, app size, app location, the technology used, third party integrations, app security, etc. One can try considering hybrid mobile app development if he needs to have both iOS and Android. This will let them in saving some extra penny. Never compromise even a bit in the primary factors just for the sake of saving money as it may affect your brand reputation and security.

How much will it cost to develop an online liquor delivery app like Instacart

Considering the aforementioned factors, the cost of developing an online liquor delivery app like Instacart will approximately range from USD 10,000 to USD 50,000. DxMinds Innovation Labs, the leading mobile app development company having global roots across the globe help entrepreneurs to come up with innovative mobile applications. High expertise and hands-on experience over the latest technology set DxMinds apart from any other leading mobile application development company.

Why DxMinds for developing top-notch mobile applications

DxMinds  are one of the fastest-growing mobile application development company. We have got quality experience in serving industry leaders. We are in parallel to the latest trends happening in the technology. The apps we built for our clients to meet international standards and guidelines and can take your business to new heights. Having a DxMinds developed mobile application is like having access to the best resources available. Some of the factors that make DxMinds a standalone mobile application development company.

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