How Much Does an Game App Like Candy Crush Saga Cost?

How Much Does an Game App like Candy Crush Saga Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to develop a Game App Like Candy Crush Saga?

Easygoing mobile app games such as Candy Crush and Candy Crush Saga can flaunt the greatest offer in the whole portable gaming market today. They have all the earmarks of being the well-known with users because of their simple standards and basic rules. The game specialty has a great potential from business points of view. Consequently, numerous developers wonder how to make a clone app like Candy Crush/Candy Crush saga and convey it to the intended interest group and adapt so as to make two or three bucks from it. It’s no big surprise everybody needs to build a clone app like Candy Crush!

Regardless of whether you want an application just to support your branding, or making what you expectation will be an enormous income generator, being sure about the cost of an application like Candy Crush is very important. So let’s have discussion on how to make a candy crush saga game app,its features and app development cost.

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    About Candy Crush Saga

    Candy Crush Saga is unbelievable puzzle game cherished by many players across the globe. With over a million levels played, this sweet match 3 riddle game is one of the most popular game ever. Switch and match Candies in this delicious puzzle experience to advance to the following level for that sweet winning inclination!

    Plan your moves by coordinating at least 3 confections straight, by using some boosters admirably so as to beat those extra clingy bewilders! Blast the chocolate and gather sweet candies over a huge number of levels, ensured to make them pine for additional!


    A app with best levels and Puzzles in the Candy Kingdom and more included at regular intervals your sugar fix is rarely far away!


    Inquire every day and turn the Daily Booster Wheel to get free delectable rewards, and take part in challenges, in order to procure more promoters to enable you to step up!


    Sweet approaches to play: Game modes including Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients and Order Mode.


    Get to the highest point of the leader board occasions and contrast scores with companions and contenders!

    Levels extend from simple to difficult for all grown-ups to appreciate –

    It’s easy to adjust the game among various devices and open full game highlights when associated with the Internet or Wi-Fi.

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      How Much Does it Cost To Develop an App like Candy Crush Saga?

      Considerable Factors behind Candy Crush Saga App Development Cost

      Specialists frequently call Candy Crush Saga the most far-fetched hit. It’s a great Match-3 game that expects players to make lines of indistinguishable components – for this situation, sweets. Candy Crush utilizes exemplary social media features urging users to advance the application through online life, make in app purchases and turn the app higher.

      Graphic Content

      How much does it cost to impact the viral Candy Crush game? Direct as it is by all accounts, Candy Crush includes various levels and sorts of jams (wrapped, striped, rainbow, etc.). You require no under-five distinctive game artefacts — and they should be vivified. Each 2D object ought to involve 30 scheme; by and large, the animation looks somewhat blur. So now 30 outlines, five artefacts plus five colours and five animations. That is in excess of 2 thousand pictures for only a solitary field!

      Game Graphics

      Playing field:

      An flawless game like Candy Crush includes around 9 thousand animated object including animated level foundations and rewards (promoters and charms empowering clients to open further ongoing interaction).

      Game Map:

      As per your game’s settings, you’ll need 450 vivified animation with attractive backgrounds

      Game menus, screens and HUD. Sweet Crush has more than 60 animated controls and basic, yet fluctuated screens.

      Molecule impacts. So as to improve movement illustrations, you’ll need to plan in any distinctive molecule effects supporting in-game activities.

      Sound Track

      Late reports demonstrate that music (if it supplements the interactivity) can altogether improve players’ presentation. Since all well-known app games have soundtracks these days, you need to stay top from competitors. For a Match-3 game like Candy Crush, you’ll need:

      • A menu track.
      • 7 tracks related to various game levels.
      • 30 in-game audio effects (includes clicks, taps, game over/win sounds).

      Game Development

      The structure of an easy going mobile game app includes:

      • Logic Behind the Game (true appraisal, path finding, specialist conduct, AI-fueled procedures and game conditions).
      • Game menu building (a UI that gives access to other in-game highlights).
      • Social Media Integration
      • A team of Europe based app experts, designers will charge more than $50K-$60K for the similar app work.

      UX/UI Game Design

      For your application to be fruitful, you have to give your end-users a pleasurable involvement with a UI design that is more useful. A general excellent and effective user experience plan for the development of a versatile application is indispensable to making encounters more engaging. It gives users a sensible vibe when perusing and utilizing the changes to native gate over other screens. Subsequently, with a fitting adjusting of UI and UX design, you can pull in more genuine traffic on your mobile app.

      Alright, Now let’s have look on Breakdown  development cost of an app like Candy Crush/Candy Crush Saga.

      Showcasing the above plan, DxMinds, the top game app development company in Bangalore have given a rough estimate which may go around $15k – $50k as per your requirements and app features.

      Hence, Visit DxMinds and know the exact  development cost by getting free app estimation.

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