Since 2020, our world has witnessed various phases due to the pandemic commonly known as COVID-19. To manage various phases and deal with them, the latest technologies like artificial intelligence have acted as one of the most potent weapons. It is a virus that has not only affected a part of a country or world but the entire global life has been affected and to keep an eye on such a huge number of individuals artificial intelligence was the one-stop solution. The research and production of the vaccine was itself the biggest challenge in front of us, but now that we are ready with the vaccine the actual problem faced by the vaccine producers is in the supply chain management. Now, when we are on the verge of getting rid of this pandemic with the help of vaccination, again artificial intelligence is acting as the most robust pillar to roll out the vaccination throughout the world.

As per the study conducted all across the world, the U.K. has been one of the most affected countries with 1.7 million confirmed cases and a death toll reaching the number of 60,000. Also, it is the first country to initiate vaccine distribution. The total population of the U.K. is approx. 68 Million and to make the vaccine distribution successful, the healthcare organizations need to track the results of the vaccine on each individual which is a herculean task to carry with precision.

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Artificial intelligence in the vaccine rollout measures:

To meet the solution for the rolling out of vaccines in the U.K., the healthcare regulatory of the country has partnered with a digital transformation company, named Genpact. This mobile app development company in the U.K. is helping the government to develop software backed up with the major and most powerful components of artificial intelligence to integrate it with the official COVID-19 helpline website where all the adverse effects of the pandemic have been reported.

The ultimate agenda of taking assistance of Artificial intelligence app development is to track the delivery of the vaccine. To cater to the vaccine requirement all across the country, it is being distributed at a huge scale and high pace. To track this huge number and to keep a record of each dose, artificial intelligence has given a solution that records the detail of each vaccine receiver and its after-effects.

The information tracked by the software is in several formats which is difficult to segregate manually. To codify this intense information, artificial intelligence serves with much faster and more accurate results.

Artificial Intelligence and supply chain management of COVID-19 Vaccine:

Most pharmaceutical companies are in search of innovative ways to explore the characteristics to make it lucrative for the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain management. Several aspects may affect the distribution of the vaccine, such as delivery logistics, storage, tracing of availability, and many more. It is a major concern for most of the private companies who are into vaccine distribution or willing to start with it. Here we will discuss the major elements of artificial intelligence that can make the COVID-19 vaccine rollout effective.

RPA bot, the powerful tool for vaccination rollout:

An AI bot was deployed along with the websites to track the vaccination rollout. The major contribution to develop and deploy such a potential bot was done by the NHS foundation which was initially supplying vaccination to its 14000 employees. The tracking was done manually which proved a tedious goal to achieve. To make their vaccine distribution more effective with precise tracking they collaborated with Automation Anywhere to develop a flu reporting bot backed up with the robotics automation tool, a major component of Artificial intelligence. This bot helped them speed up their vaccination process and to distribute vaccination to 10000 employees within 2000 hours. This bot has helped healthcare providers to attain higher accuracy in the data.

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Ways in which artificial intelligence can help Covid-19 vaccination:

  • Supply chain management: The producers of the Covid-19 vaccine are limited but they have to roll it out throughout the world ensuring the reception of the vaccine at the right time and right place. It is one of the major three tasks for making the work Coronavirus free. The solution for effective supply chain management is ready to be implemented. This solution will help the vaccine providers to determine the region/location based on their Covid-19 vaccination requirement. It also allows the providers to manage their supply chain dynamically with accurate results.
  • Determination of vaccine receiver: Healthcare providers are having a huge population to vaccinate and segregating them based on their health condition, age, and other factors to vaccinate is the biggest challenge. This was an unresolved issue for the human brain till the inception of artificial intelligence, but the progressive deployment of AI components in the vaccination distribution process has given a permanent solution to the problem. It allows for determining the fairness of giving vaccinations to interested people. It also helps the healthcare providers to inform the people who are still deprived of vaccination information. AI is allowing healthcare providers to fragment the data based on progressing vaccination distribution.
  • Reduced uncertainty: Uncertainty of conditions has been consistent during this pandemic issue and it has continued with the distribution of vaccination also. Artificial intelligence can’t reduce the uncertainty of this pandemic issue but can help healthcare professionals to reduce the uncertainty to the greatest level. At the initial stage of the pandemic spread, AI scientists developed certain models which were continuously tracking the spread of the pandemic. With the continuous growth, the models were able to predict the spread with more accuracy.

Artificial intelligence, a solution for lower-income countries too:

Artificial intelligence has also shown the potential to help countries with lower economies in distributing their Covid-19 vaccine. If taken statistics, approx. 80% of the world’s population is living in a country with a low or average economy.

The emergence of artificial intelligence is giving adaptive and lucrative measures to even small-scale pharmaceutical industries to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and overcome the challenging situation of Covid and successfully roll out the vaccine throughout the country.

What is limiting artificial intelligence to reach the healthcare sector?

The study conducted on the IT sector states that approx. 50% of artificial intelligence professionals are working in the IT sector and hardly 3% of total skilled professionals are contributing in the medical sector to combat the recent pandemic. The less percentage of professional assistance is becoming the biggest hurdle for the growth of AI in the medical sector and it is hampering the speed and efficiency of technological adoption in the medical industry.


Artificial intelligence has been playing the most crucial role in combating the pandemic, right from tracking the blowout of the Covid-19 pandemic to vaccination distribution. In every phase of Covid-19, this technology has proven a boon. In the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, it has emerged as the ultimate solution in various ways, such as reducing uncertainty, repetitive human assessment, determination of vaccine receivers, and management of supply chain management.

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