Facial features vary from person to person. The eyes, nose, ears, foreheads, chin, cheek, and all are different in each person. Because of this individuality, the facial features are widely been an area of focus. Biometric software which makes use of these features for various technological studies is known as a Facial Recognition system or software. In today’s tech-savvy era, facial recognition has got a wide range of applications as it is not just limited to unlocking a smartphone. It is even used by global fortune companies to come up with groundbreaking solutions. When compared to Fingerprint recognition and Iris recognition accuracy level of the facial recognition system is less but still, people use it in their daily life. It is mainly because of its non-invasive method of processing. It is this particular way of processing that allows the system to identify or verify an individual from mass data. The high degree of transparency and features it facilitates have made the Facial Recognition system a much more adaptable biometric system.

The demand for facial recognition systems is skyrocketing. Countries like the USA, China, and India are investing heavily in studies and research to explore hidden opportunities in the domain of facial recognition. It is widely been adopted across various domains such as crime detection, emotion detection, attendance tracking, Behavioral Analysis, access control, and much more.

As per the studies, the human capacity to recognize faces is 97.63 percent which is 0.28 percent higher than the capacity of Facebook recognition of 97.35 percent. The capacity of Google algorithms in detecting facial features is 99.63 percent which is approximately 1 percent more than that of human capacity. Leading tech giants like Google and Facebook are making the best use of facial recognition features for delivering an exemplary experience for their end customers and studies are still going on o discover further opportunities.

Advantages of Facial Recognition

As we have discussed earlier that facial recognition varies from person to person, many of us are not still aware of the capacity it holds in real life. It can change an entire system or even change the bandwidth of operations of an entire government. The right usage of the Facial recognition system and its real-world applications has a lot of impact and advantages in our current ecosystem. The main advantages of Facial recognition are listed below


Facial recognition is best for surveillance. It can be used for personal use, business use, or for the public welfare. It can easily detect trespassers, burglars, etc. Also, the government can effectively search for criminals, terrorists using this technology. It offers a high degree in all of the domains it’s been applied to. Enhanced security features offered by facial Recognition systems has made them one of the perfect alternative to the conventional ways how organizations used to work

Swift Processing

As everyone knows the Facial recognition process doesn’t require more than a second or two. The overall operational process of the facial recognition system happens within a blink of an eye, which helps not only the beneficiaries but also the end consumers. Because of its high-speed behavior, on a high level, it helps governments to adopt various steps to prevent lethal activities and massive threats.


Facial recognition technology can be integrated easily in a hassle-free manner. It doesn’t involve any additional cost to be incurred. It is one of the major benefits for each and every company because this technology is compatible with almost all software. This advantage put forward by the system has prompted businesses to onboard the facial recognition system onto their organizational frameworks in an aggressive manner.

Cons of Facial Recognition System

Everything that exists in this nature, even if it’s a living being, processes, phenomena, or even technology comes with a few disadvantages. Likewise, Facial recognition is not free from disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of the facial recognition system are listed below

Data storage requirement

As Face recognition system makes use of machine learning technology to perform effectively and efficiently it requires a huge amount of dataset to process various activities. This set of data allows the system in delivering more accurate outcomes. For making this happens, it’s quite obvious that there is a need for a massive storage facility. This can be challenging for small and medium-sized companies because it’s simply much more difficult or not possible at all possible for them to afford.

Privacy Breach

It is one of the major concerns while the implication of this technology. Even though It allows the government to identify criminals and terrorists, it is actually paving the way for a lot of concerns over the privacy of the common man. Also, this may lead to a breach of privacy of an individual which is not right ethically. Privacy breach stands as one of the main cons of the facial recognition system.

Accuracy and Dependability

The accuracy of Face Recognition cannot be consistent or may not meet its requirements at times. In other words, it is not one hundred percent dependable all the time. We simply can’t expect it to work each and every time which points to major concern because if it didn’t work when we need it the most and it can be a major disadvantage. Sometimes it can put our life at risk also. A simple change angle of the camera or a change in hairstyle may lead to errors in facial recognition.

Comparison with Other biometric systems

When the Face recognition system is compared to other biometric systems like Fingerprint recognition and recognition the level of accuracy is less, which is a major disadvantage of the system.

Control and Safety

Providing the sample or data for something is the most important matter of all time. If once the data is been given, there is nothing you can do. It will be in the database forever. So it is essential to fully understand something before jumping right into it because there is nothing else that matters more than the safety of individuals.

How does Face Recognition work?

How Face Recognition works

Face recognition isn’t anything that identifies an individual magically. There are certain systematic processes and approaches which are followed by the pathways of technology. Every system that exists in nature is bound to certain rules and regulations. Just like that Face recognition system also follows certain steps to make it make effective, productive, and dependable.

The working of the Facial Recognition System can be complicated at times. Each and every individual changes their looks intentionally by changing their hairstyle, applying makeup, undergoing plastic surgery, etc. Even the pose and posture of a person can be changed each day. Also, there are some other factors like aging, image quality, camera quality, etc which can be challenging for detecting facial features. This may affect the Facial recognition system. But most of the time this system considers all these possibilities and tries to perform in the most efficient manner. For this, it follows certain steps which can be broken into two main stages and they are

Ø Pre-Processing stage

Ø Recognition stage

· Pre-Processing stage

This stage can be further classified into two

a) Face detection and tracking

In this stage, a sample file, a photo, or a video is brought understudy to detect or identify whether it has faced and to figure out all the facial features which can be used in the future as well. This stage of pre-processing can be termed face detection and tracking.

b) Face Alignment

When a person gives a sample, it won’t be perfect or will not meet the requirements all the time. There can be some scenarios where the sample produced may be blurred, dark, out of focus, one side faced, etc. This is where face alignment features come into the picture. It highlights the outlines of facial lines and features of a face in the given sample.

· Recognition stage

This stage can be further classified into two

· Face Extraction

In this step, the geometry of the provided samples will be analyzed in detail by the recognition technology. In order to implement a unique facial signature database like the eyes, nose, lips, chin, the distance between the eyes, distance from the forehead to the chin, etc of a particular individual will be gobbled by the algorithms and will be captured in the preferred format to perform facial recognition process.

· Features matching

At this stage, the facial features are being crosschecked and matched with the one in the database. The system search for the images with similar facial features in the entire directory and all of this takes place in just a fraction of a second. For e.g. matching our face to unlock our phone by cross-checking it with the sample we already have provided by default.

Various industries where Facial Recognition system is used

Ø Automotive manufacturers

Ø Healthcare

Ø Banking and Finance

Ø Marketing, advertising, and retail

Ø Law enforcement

Ø Aviation

Ø Hospitality

Ø Insurance

Some leading companies using face recognition

· Snapchat

· Facebook

· Apple

· Google

· Amazon

· Wal-Mart

· Gelato

Anti — Facial Recognition System

Every system has its own loopholes. No matter how much care, technology, and effort one puts forward in inventing something, to beat it someone else will come up with new ideas. Just like that to prevent facial recognition Japanese Researchers from the National Institute of Informatics created glasses called ‘Privacy Visor’ which nearly uses infrared lights to allow the people who wearing free from all such facial recognition systems.

Key Takeaways

Everything has got its good side as well as bad sides. We can’t determine anything just by looking at only one side of the matter. Each and every system is upgraded and made more dependable as days go on. The face recognition system is no exception to that factor. We have seen major changes in it thanks to changes in facial recognition technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Time may arrive soon when we all can depend on a facial recognition system with one hundred percent accuracy, without any drawbacks, or can be used to bring in the best.

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